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So enjoy your classes and your hints sometimes called “ tricks of the trade. Thank you

These are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing all of the videos Really super work!!!

I had to adjust my bobbin on my M7 to do ruler work. I think it was for the good because even my straight stitch looks better.

Thanks for the double stitching tips, it does make it stand out better.

i need to make a list of rulers for my Christmas wishlist. Great instructions! Many many thanks.

It's now 00:10AM . I think I watch this vidoe tomorrow again. Good night Kate.

Those samples are beautiful! So many terrific ideas!

There are always new tips in Kate’s beginning classes

Thanks so much for your tips and tricks! Very helpful!๐Ÿ‘

Machine cutter makes a birds nest under neath when you start again, you need to hold your threads as you start.

Lots of great ideas.You do a wonderful job explaining everything.

What a great way to do a whole cloth quilt. Thanks. Will be on my to do list.

Another informative video. Great job. ๐Ÿ˜Š I've been practicing with new Fun & Fancy.

Always need to get both sets of the COQ —I found that out the hard way!

I love that you call your threads “him”. All my machines are named after the women in my life.

I can’t wait to practice this. I am such a newby, perseverance pays off.

Me to such a newbie!!! She does make it look so easy !!!!

What is micro quilting .?terri Stratford Victoria Australia

Thanks so much for the video! Learnt lots. Time to play with my rulers!

Are you having issues with the internet. The video is breaking up

Love all the Ideas as to how to use the rulers in a different way

Great ideas and equipment terri vic aus

Move the camera toward the sewing area

Hi, I am watching from Nottingham, UK ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง really enjoyed the demonstration today, I have learnt a lot, thank you so much.๐Ÿ‘

Sorry I have to go to bed, it’s midnight soon, I will look at the rest tomorrow, you are fantastic teacher, good night ๐Ÿ˜ด

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Join us tomorrow at 2PM PST for Facebook LIVE: Host Kate Quinn of FabriKated Quilts will be showing you more of her Fun & Fancy projects.


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Aussie girls, have sold these for years and swear by them. Love them.

I just had my Bernina 750QE cleaned and he add the Ruler Work to the upgrade.

I purchased one of the 2-piece sets a few years ago, not knowing that there were more. I finally got the other set ordered last week and should have them soon :)

Thank you for so much information. Always love your live feeds.

Thanks for showing us the ruler stickers! Love your tips.

I have those needles on the way too. I've been wanting to try these because I find that the threads often slip out of the end threading ones.

I think this would be so pretty with dark blue thread to bring out the darker blue in the fabric.

I bought stickers after watching you on another video. You help us with so many issues. Thanks

I never have used the foot pedal on my machine since getting it.

Introducing me to this needle was a huge help!!

Tried real hard today to get the ladies at my quilt store to check out Sew Steady products and instructions. The piece but do not quilt.

Omg! Why haven’t I’ve known how to do it that way. Thank you.

That's a brilliant idea to put the thumbnail on top like that with the tape!

I now use frixion pens, and Donelle is correct leaves no Mark's at all, they are fab.

There I have bought my sewing machine told me that you can’t high the foot at only right stitching, that’s true!

You don't have to have one of those machines that you were referring to I just have a brother LB7000. Can I use that or do I have to buy a special foot

I have the fine line frixion pen. But I seem to get a double line when I use the cross hair.

Yes try echo, so I had to use the other foot and it work at topaz too

I was wondering about the price of the circles on quilts price for that set ?

Thanks to both of you for your help with my Viking and the great demo/lesson.

I have the template for marking- I am curious about the pen

So every time you do a circle you have to tie off the thread

I’m soooo late this morning. Good morning from Victoria Australia

What is the name of the marker you are using

oh I'm late but gdmorning - Coffee in hand"

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Join us tomorrow at 2PM PST for Facebook LIVE: Host Donelle McAdams will be showing you more fun with the Westalee Design product line.


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I just now got the notification what’s up with Facebook lately!!๐Ÿคฆ‍♀๏ธ

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