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Congratulations to our new Level 1 & 2 Home Quilters!

We would like to announce to the world that the quilters below have reached our Sew Steady Home Quilter Level 1 or 2 Status, by completing courses from our Sew Steady University.
-Deb Brandt (Level 2)
-Dawn Kaisen (Level 1)
-Patricia Daly (Level 1)
-Sandy Feldman (Level 1)

If youd like to join in the fun, please check out the link below to learn more!

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Congrats ladies


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Thank you for the class. I joined a little late but will go back to watch again. Are there bundles on rulers available?

Does Sew Steady still offer the percentage off when you watch a video and to order template as they did before the Holidays

It would be better to put the hole in the enter of the spacing guage instead of next to the 1/4".

Okay, I have to go to bed right now, it’s midnight here in Sweden, look at you after I slept.....

What about the pens that mark the template lines

Please ignore my stupid picture response entries. That's what happens when you try to watch football and quilting at the same time! Sorry!

I have 4 spacing gauges that came with different sets I bought.

In ruler work (I am a newbie) is the point to use ruler and then free motion with fill?

Does Sew Steady have a list of all their templates & rulers so I can keep better track of what I have..ha ha!!

Why do you still pull the bobbin thread to the top of you already backtracked.

Not edge to edge. Just more visual ideas that can be made with these rulers

Did you explain why they are called inside outside curves and I missed it?

I use that little 4” arc all the time. It’s great.

So glad I found you. This class has been fantastic. I will definitely watch again. Thank you.

I have had several sets for about 2 years, so glad I found you, NOW maybe I can learn how to use these rulers.

I've never used rulers, a complete blank canvas trying to learn! Thanks for so much info.

What size circle on quilts did you use with the first design please Kate?

much, much better with YOUR sound ,,,, thank you, dear.'

I really like seeing different ways to use the rulers that I already have - thank you!

You don’t vote the whir stickers grip

Thanks so much! Always enjoy learning how to use my rulers different. Now on to make more quilts.

Thank You for the inspiring ideas. Your classes are fabulous.

Sets are always a good choice. I tend to consider the sizes of blocks I usually sew to pick my templates.

I from Western Australia. I have these templates and love them

Love watching live video. Then I can go play with my Westalee Ruler's after the video has stopped..

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Join us tomorrow at 2PM PST for Facebook LIVE: Host Kate Quinn of FabriKated Quilts will be showing you more of her Fun & Fancy projects.


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Facebook live here πŸ“² https://web.facebook.com/See-Ruler-Work-Virtual-Event-Here-106552978112524

Would like to know what I look for Kate the temples and the blue thing that you used

Um can not connect to video

Is it on yet?


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The diagonal you stitch goes top right to bottom left and you were doing it top left to bottom right- I think that is what happened.

Thanks everyone for letting me know we were off camera! I was focused on answering questions. 😁

I’ve even wrapped it around a water bottle. My longarmer got a kick out of that.

I bought a Sew Steady slider months ago from your sight, I am guessing before the lined one came out since mine is unlined. Looks like I need to go shopping.

I have to turn the quilt so the edge is at the top, and then lay the fabric

I love when you teach using my machine. I get personalized tips.

Amazing the use of the spacing gauge. Who knew! Great tips and hints. Thank you.

I use PVC pipes to roll my king size quilts by myself. Can get in any length

Very helpful thank you, if you have any tip on cutting that would be helpful to me, thanks for great night,

I take a clip to pinch the quilt to have more room to finish the binding.

I place my right side piece on top from top down, not bottom up and it usually work

I have those scissors but they seem dull now. Can they be sharpened?

The direction of the diagonal seam makes a differnce When you cross the two ends think of it a s a pair of pants and don't sew up the crotch

I don't like hand stitching the backside, but I don't like having a loose edge on the binding even more.. I do the hand stitching.

Great need some tips on quilting to get a better finish.

I use Color Catchers on all my donation quilts for kids.

I have found they are not a sharp as regular pins. Is there a technique for putting them in the fabric

If you do it with the binding at the top and then pin it. It will work. When you work with it at the bottom it’s difficult to do as your working upside down

The sasher is cool. Looks like it's be very useful and fingers don't have to go get to close to Iron@

I open the left and open right side on top right side of left fabric.

They are the best tools from Pauline Rogers I I use mine all the time . Also some for making your bias

It might help if you line up vertical, it is easier to keep in line!

Thank you Donelle and Megan! Lots of good information tonight. I'll be going back to watch the beginning that I missed. 😊

I always cut my binding down the length of the fabric so it does not have any stretch

I don’t know why but on my table runnner I could not get the binding right. Took several times!

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Join us tomorrow at 2PM PST for Facebook LIVE: Host Donelle McAdams will be showing you more fun with the Westalee Design product line.


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Is this one going to be available under the video tab?? I am assuming that it is different from the one titled Bits n Pieces or are they one in the same?? I need to set a reminder, had hoped to watch it live!!!

Fantastic tutorials

Facebook live here πŸ“² https://web.facebook.com/See-Ruler-Work-Virtual-Event-Here-106552978112524


how do I see it

I will be watching!

Looking forward to your class as always

I’ll be there! πŸ‘πŸΌ

Love to watch!

Great can’t wait

I love being part of these! I'm gonna be there!

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