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Artisan Curves & Quilting the Perfect Tote Bag


The Artisan Curves 85 Template

The Artisan Curves 85 template is a highly versatile tool by Westalee Design. Like many Westalee templates, the Artisan Curves are anchored with a rotating pin that keeps the design on track and accurate. The template features a series of regularly spaced holes for the rotating pin which allows you to layer your designs or echo the stitching to create a flower petal effect. Artisan Curves templates are especially great at being flexible in this way for the creative quilter and can create designs as complex or elegantly simple as you desire.

Any purchase of the Artisan Curves 85 Template includes a free project by Janet Collins (be sure to select the 85 template to get the correct pattern!). This great project teaches us to quilt our very own tote bag and highlights the Artisan 85 template by Westalee Design as the central decoration for the body of the bag. This is a very basic but fun tote design that has pockets to hold your phone, pens or other bits and pieces. Just send your proof of purchase (or the template in action!) to info@sewsteady.com to receive your free project download link.

Bag Project Materials

Westalee Design Ruler Foot

Westalee Design Artisan Curves Curved Marquise 85 – 2″ x 3″

Westalee Design 2″ Simple Circle from the Sampler Set

Westalee Design 12″ Arc Ruler

Westalee Design Crosshair Ruler

Westalee Design Circles on Quilts – Set 2 – (4.5″ Circle)

55cm Purple Fabric
10″ Square White Fabric
45cm (18″) Multicolored fabric for the lining
50cm (20″) x 100cm (40″) batting
1 x 18″ Square fusible webbing
Thread for quilting. We suggest 40 or 50 weight thread that is 1-2 shades darker than the top fabric.


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