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Caring For Your Sew Steady Table

A Sew Steady Table is a great piece of equipment to have in your sewing arsenal, and like any investment it does require a little bit of special care.  Our tables are made of high-grade acrylic, so we recommend using our Sew Steady Polish Kit to clean them.  You can also use Turtle Wax Paste or Goo Gone Gel.  Use a soft micro fiber towel or soft cloth that does not have any fabric softener or anything else that will leave a residue, and buff until the table is smooth. This works very well and will give the table a nice shine, allowing the fabric to slide easily. Any other harsh cleaners (like glass cleaner) will damage the surface and void your warranty.

Even though we ask that you DON’T use glass cleaner to polish your table, we do recommend that you treat your table like glass!  Dropping your table, banging the edges against a hard surface, storing it with items on top of it, or storing it flat may result in damage to your table.  We recommend storing it upright in the back of a closet, either in the original shipping box or one of our padded Travel Bags.  Just make sure that other items are not pressing up against it.

With proper cleaning and care, your Sew Steady Table should last a very long time!

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    1. Hi Marilyn,
      Thank you for reaching out. Our Sew Steady Table Polish works really well to fill in and smooth over small scratches. I would recommend trying this if you haven’t already. We also have our Sew Steady Gliders (Ruler Work, Grid Gliders) that work really well in giving a nice smooth surface for sewing and quilting and also providing protection. You can find these on our website under accessories. ~ The Sew Steady Team

    1. Hi Lucy,
      It depends on how well you rubbed in the polish… if you keep using the cloth until the cloth slides nicely back and forth on the table and is smooth and feels dry to the touch you should be good to go. If it feels a little sticky or the cloth does not slide nicely, polish it a little more. You don’t want any streaks, or to visibly see the polish. You want to make sure it is all rubbed in. ~ The Sew Steady Team.

  1. I absolutely love my new table. One of the best purchases I have ever made. I’ve been wishing for a long time that my Janome had a quilting table. What a surprise to find this and at an excellent price. It came really fast too. Thank you for the wonderful product.

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