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Educator Of The Month: DIANE RUSSELL!


In the realm of stitches, where creativity blooms,

There’s a quilter extraordinaire, breaking all the looms.

Diane Russell, our educator of the month,

Guiding us through the world of threads, both bright and blunt. 


With her nimble fingers and a heart full of glee,

She weaves tales of fabric, setting our spirits free.

Like a skilled seamstress, she threads knowledge with ease,

Transforming novices into experts with expertise. 

Her classes are a treasure trove, a vibrant array,

Unlocking the secrets of quilting in a delightful way.

From patchwork wonders to precision piecing techniques,

Diane Russell teaches us how to stitch dreams and peaks. 

Visit Sew Steady University, a place of great renown,

Where Diane’s wisdom and talent astound.

Her courses are a tapestry of quilting delight,

Where novice and seasoned sewers unite. 

From the Beginner’s Bliss to the Quilter’s Quest,

Diane’s lessons bring joy, putting skills to the test.

Discover the joy of creating with needle and thread,

Under Diane Russell’s guidance, you’ll be well-led.


So join the sewing brigade, let your creativity soar,

Under Diane’s tutelage, you’ll forever want more.

Head over to Sew Steady, where her talents unfurl,

And experience the magic of quilting like a precious pearl. 

Diane Russell, our educator of the month,

With your passion for sewing, you truly enthral.

In the realm of stitches, you reign supreme,

Spreading the love of quilting like a vivid dream. 

Diane Russell is a true sewing superstar! With her infectious energy and expert skills, she’s an absolute delight to learn from. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Diane’s classes at Sew Steady University are a must-attend. Her knowledge of quilting and sewing is boundless, and she has a special talent for making complex techniques feel accessible and fun. Head over to her instructor page at Sew Steady to discover the magic she brings to the world of fabric and stitches. And don’t miss out on the incredible range of courses she offers, each one designed to ignite your creativity and take your sewing skills to new heights. Prepare to be inspired and join Diane Russell’s vibrant sewing community today! 

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