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Embroidery & Ruler Work Party

Embroidery & Ruler Work Party

One of the newest and exciting classes we are looking forward to bringing to a quilt shop near you is the unique marriage of the world renown Westalee Design templates and embroidery.


Students start out by familiarizing themselves with using Westalee templates on their machine (a Sew Steady extension table is highly recommended!). Many of the patterns created with tempaltes begin with using a Crosshair Square to mark out reference lines to keep the design precise.

Beginning in the center of the block, students will then start to quilt their pattern and build upon it out towards the edges of the quilt sandwich. Depending on the class and templates used these designs can be varying degrees of complexity.

With the template quilting complete, students will have a chance to try out the art of machine-controlled embroidery using a one of the store’s provided machines. This extra layer to the pattern adds a unique flair and can create some beautiful works of art.

To finalize the project, we also introduce students to the circle sewing tool which integrates with many of our Sew Steady tables to create a perfect circular border to the stitching created during the class. Each student will get to leave the class with a tangible example of their learning and hopefully the inspiration to continue playing with their new found skills.

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