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Flying Bell Curves and TempLee Technique Project

Flying Bell Curves and TempLee Technique designed by Leonie West

The Flying Bell Curve is a 5 template set with 7 different sizes of the design shape (one of the templates has 3 sizes on it). The Template Set also includes the cut out acrylic shapes that are removed in manufacturing the template itself and this shape can be used as an additional guide for echoing the stitching or in other creative ways. The possibilities with this template set are vast as the unique shape and simple nature of the stitching pattern allow for wild experimentation. The project that comes with the Flying Bell Curve Template Set introduces quilters to utilizing the templates in a variety of ways to create different effects on the fabric.

The template is incredibly versatile due to a few small design decisions. The curve on each side of the bell shape are slightly asymmetrical which allows you to create all sorts of shapes through partial sewing and rotation of the template. You can even use the templates to create borders and sashing!

In this great video, Leonie West, the founder of Westalee Design and designer of all the templates, explains how many options are available to any quilter with nothing more than the set of Flying Bell Curve templates.

This is also a template set that Leonie likes to incorporate her TempLee Quilting Technique into for some amazing results. You can see her method of quilting high contrast fabric with the Bell Curve shape and the reverse appliqué to remove portions of the top layer to create a beautiful effect. You can get your hands on a free project when you buy your very own Flying Bell Curve Template Set by Westalee Design from your local dealer (visit our Find a Retailer page to find one near you). If you’ve already made your purchase and are still interested in a copy of this pattern, just email info@sewsteady.com and we’ll be happy to assist you in obtaining a copy.

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