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Geraldine’s Pillow Project

A while back, we shared this fabulous pillow by Geraldine Wilkins, the Living Water Quilter, on our Facebook page. We mostly focused on the front of the pillow, where she used the Westalee Decorative Ruler Foot, and also a Westalee Design Spin-E-Fex template to accentuate that striking geometric fabric.

Today however, since we’ve been posting about the Westalee Design Snowflake Templates on Facebook, we thought we’d talk about what Geraldine did to the back of her pillow. Of course, she used a Westalee Design Snowflake template!

We love how the quilting design emphasizes the snowflake print pattern, instead of overpowering it. Simple, yet striking.

Beautiful job Geraldine!  To read more about how Geraldine crafted this pillow, check out her blog post here: Modern Decor Pillow

Geraldine Wilkins is a Westalee Accredited teacher and enjoys teaching and sharing her passion for quilting. Her blog can be found at http://livingwaterquilter.com/

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