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Get Charmed with Sew Steady!

Get Charmed! is a new initiative that we are rolling out to thank our loyal Sew Steady customers.

Each month we will be creating a collectible charm made from a similar shiny acrylic as our Sew Steady Tables. We will also be highlighting a specific Sew Steady or Westalee Design product in our store and including the charm of the month with the purchase of that item. Already own the highlighted product of the month? No problem! You can still get your charm by sending us a picture related to the theme of the month via e-mail or tagging us in a picture on Facebook or Instagram and adding the hashtag #sewcharmed.


Collect all 12 charms and we will send you one of our brand new Sew Steady Travel Bags to safely store and travel with your Sew Steady Table and all of your quilting essentials!




The first four charms are available now to start your collection:



The “A Steady Heart” charm comes with the purchase of the Westalee Design Heart Templates or showing off your favorite heart themed quilting.





The “Sew Steady Table” charm honors National Quilting Month and comes with the purchase of any Sew Steady Table or by showing us your Sew Steady quilting set up.





The “Smiles for Spring” charm sparkles with the feelings of spring and comes with the Westalee Design Sampler Set or can be earned by sending us inspiration created with a Sampler Set template.




The “May Flowers” charm blossoms from the purchase of any Spin-E-Fex Template or can be earned by showing us inspiration created with a Spin-E-Fex ruler.




The “Versa Bag” charm comes with the purchase of any Sew Steady Travel Bag or can be earn by showing us yours in action!





The Wreath Charm is helping us celebrate Christmas in July and can be all yours with the purchase of any Wreath Template by Westalee Design. Alternatively, you can earn the charm by sending some inspiration created with a Wreath Template!




Afterall, a Sew Steady life is a charmed one!

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    1. The April charm comes with the Sampler Set or can be earned with inspiration featuring the Sampler Set templates.

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