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Introducing the Jewel Series Templates by Westalee Design

Stitches that Sparkle

The Jewel Series of templates by Westalee Design is a fun way to add a bit of extra sparkle to any quilt block. Each template features a different repeating shape that links together to form a circle and utilizes the Crosshair Ruler to maintain perfect spacing throughout. The entire Jewel Series functions in a very simple stitch and rotate pattern around a centering pin.

This is especially useful because the shapes highlighted by these templates are relatively difficult to freehand consistently.

Current Templates in the Jewel Series by Westalee Design:

The Jewel Series templates are great for creating an embellished border around another stitching or embroidery pattern. They can also be the main focus of a design if you decide to create a concentric effect by using the different radius sizes in the set. As always, there are plenty of handy reference lines etched into each template to help keep you on track and ensure that the design lines up correctly. Leonie West has really outdone herself with this series and we are thrilled to bring them to our global sewing & quilting family.

We hope you enjoy the new Jewel Series by Westalee Design.
Happy quilting!

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