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Jewel of a Pillow Project

It is easy to see why everyone was excited when Westalee Design released the Jewel Series of templates. The template set enables the quilter to create some of our favorite shapes in a consistent, repeating pattern. With the Hearts, Pearls and Diamonds now available, Pam Varner from My Sassy Notions has created a fun project that highlights the potential of these new tools.

Pam Varner is a Sew Steady Promoted Instructor and Westalee Design Accredited Teacher, who is known for creatively combining a wide variety of templates and techniques to create fun home décor projects that are easy to jump into for quilters of all skill levels. We are pleased to be able to bring you some information on a new project by Pam in this short interview. Be sure to check out Pam’s blog for more detailed instructions on creating the Jewel of a Pillow!


Whenever I start with new templates, I almost always work the design out on paper first. The Jewel Series was an exception as I couldn’t wait to see the results. The Pearls with alternating inside and outside rings started as a mistake; most of my designs happen that way. By switching from Diamonds, to Pearls, to Hearts I was able to play with them all at once and before I knew it, I had this great design. It needed a worthy project to go with it. Sewing “perfect” circles is often a challenge and with the ruffles, I knew the Circle Sewing Tool on my Wish Table would come to the rescue.

This is a fun quick project using the Circle Sewing Tool on the Wish Table and the Grid Glider. If you haven’t tried the Grid Glider, put it on your wish list. I can easily switch from regular sewing to ruler work; I absolutely love that feature.

Supply List:


I started by stitching out the design. I did not use a backing fabric and had no problems moving the fabric.


Keeping the Grid Glider in place and switching feet, made making the ruffle a breeze. With the help of my Westalee Locking Ruler and using the ¼” guide on the Grid Glider, I was able to gather up the ruffle in no time. Using 3 pins on the Circle Sewing Tool, I first stitched a placement line for the raw edge of the ruffle: yellow line on picture. It really helped to mark the pin hole with painter’s tape. Moving the pin, I attached the ruffle.

When all was done, I felt the center needed something. You could easily add another ruler design or even bling it with crystals. Luckily, I had the perfect button; a sapphire jewel!

A big thanks to Pam Varner for the wonderful inspiration and showcasing the potential of the Jewel Series templates by Westalee Design. For more information on how to quilt with the Jewel Series Templates check out the quick tutorial videos below!

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