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Learn How to Quilt Wreath Designs

9 Patch Wall Quilt Project Designed by Geraldine Wilkins

Wreaths are one of those beautiful traditional quilting designs that require a lot of skill to create. Keeping a symmetrical balance on the design while also ensuring that the stitching lines meet up properly can be very time consuming to draw out and involves a not so insignificant amount of math. The Westalee Design Wreath Templates have made quilting wreaths a much simpler process. You only need to mark the Crosshair Reference Lines on your block, place the Locating Pin at the center and use the “Stitch and Rotate Technique” to quilt. This project will help you dive right into the core of why Westalee Design ruler work is such an amazing tool for the aspiring quilter.

The project focuses on how to design with the Westalee Design Circles On Quilts Wreath Templates. The final design (pictured above) utilizes four main wreath templates (WT-COQW5, WT-COQW11, WTCOQW13 + WT-COQW17) but you can substitute any wreath you like to create your own unique look.

You can get this project for free with the purchase of any of the Wreath Templates and make your very own, high contrast, 9-patch design. The whole thing is possible to piece and quilt in just one day and provides a nice introduction to planning out where you would like to utilize rulers to enhance the individual blocks that you create. Just send your proof of purchase of any Wreath Template (or the template in action!) to info@sewsteady.com to receive your free project download link.

Whether you opt for a single wreath or pull out your full palette of Westalee rulers, you are sure to get a beautiful and bold piece of art.













Sewing & Quilting Supplies

• A machine capable of free motion quilting

• Quality thread for piecing and quilting – 50wt for piecing, 50wt/40wt for quilting

• Topstitch needle 80/12 for 50wt thread, 90/14 for 40wt thread

Westalee Design Ruler foot

Fabric Requirements:
Two contrasting fabrics that are 1/4 yard or 18 inches X 22 inches or two fat quarters

Recommended Additional Supplies:
Westalee Design 4-Piece Feather Set or one 2-inch Feather template
Westalee Design 12-Inch Arc ruler
Westalee Design Circle on Quilts 4-Piece Wreath Set
Westalee Design Circles on Quilts 4-Piece Set

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