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Learn to Quilt Texture with Mini Fills Templates by Westalee Design

Mini Fills Templates by Westalee Design


Mini Fills are the perfect tool to add lovely textures to your quilting. Whether you are texturing an entire block with these repeating patterns or accenting already existing stitching, the Mini Fills are incredibly easy to use. These templates will help you create a consistent look while increasing the speed at which you can fill a quilt block. The Mini Fills Template set comes with 5 different shapes that create distinct and versatile effects on your quilts.

Let’s get to know the Mini Fill Templates.

1. Center Reference Line: This will be used to line up in the outside edges of the previous stitched line or markings on the quilt top. It also is a place of reference for back tracking.
2. Horizontal Stitching Line: This is the horizontal placement line of your design. There is one on both the left and right.
3. Previously Stitched Reference: This line is a way to make sure you stitch straight. There is one on both the left and right side.
4. Width of Design: This is another way to stay straight. Use it as a reference both while stitching and to measure the size of your design.

All the Mini Fills have similar markings.

You can even use the Mini Fill Templates to texture other materials like leather. These are truly the crafty quilter’s best friend!

Get your choice of 2 bonus projects with purchase of the Mini Fill Template Set.

Pocket Wallet Project by Pam Damour. Or Sun Bonnet Sue a 22″ simple square patchwork and applique project by Pam Varner. Please specify which printed project you would like when you send in proof of purchase or your Mini Fills Templates in action!

Templates used:
Mini Fills Template Set
2” Simple Circle from the Sampler Set (optional)
Clam Shell from the Sampler Set (optional)
.5” Echo Guide (optional)
Other tools:
Free Motion Glider
Marking pen/pencil/chalk
Ruler for marking reference lines

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