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Level Up With The Westalee Design Ruler Work Accessory Set!


Hello to our creative community! We are excited to share our Westalee Design Ruler Work Accessory Set – 4 Best Selling Ruler Work Accessories in one single set! From ruler work accessories to stitching line discs and crafting notions, this kit has the perfect tools to elevate your sewing game to new heights.  

What’s in this Set? 

Westalee Design Ruler Foot Echo Guide Set: Do more with your rulers.  Get ready to add an extra touch of charm to your stitching projects! Create mesmerizing echo quilting designs and add stunning texture to your quilts! 

Westalee Design Stitching Line Discs: Use Stitching Line Discs to draw out the designs before you stitch them.   These little gems are like potions of precision, allowing you to effortlessly trace the stitching line of your templates and get perfectly curved designs. Say farewell to wonky stitches and hello to flawless quilting patterns! 

Westalee Design Spacing GaugeUse spacing Gauge to create designs with accuracy.   Attention to detail is the key to sewing success, and the Spacing Gauge is here to help you master it. This nifty tool is your secret weapon for perfect spacing in your quilting designs. Achieve consistent stitch distances, evenly spaced motifs, and impeccable precision! 

Notion Necklace Use the Notions necklace to keep everything close.   This is not just a stylish accessory – it’s a treasure trove of sewing essentials. From a spacing gauge, mini scissors to thread cutters and seam rippers, this necklace keeps your tools close at hand while showcasing your sewing spirit! 


The Westalee Design Ruler Work Accessory Set is your ultimate companion! Unleash your imagination, achieve precision effortlessly, embrace versatility, and experience a new level of quilting efficiency. Don’t wait any longer – get your hands on the Westalee Design Ruler Work Accessory Set HERE!

Please help us congratulate our winner of the NEW Ruler Work Accessory Set this week!!! Debby Given we hope you enjoy using your set on “A new quilt”! 

22 thoughts on “Level Up With The Westalee Design Ruler Work Accessory Set!

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  1. Do enjoy your projects and withnewcolor won’t be wasting so much time trying to locate the clear ones.

  2. I look forward to all the education shared. I am always thrilled to see what can be done with existing simple tools and amazed to see what can be accomplished with paring teplates together.
    Thank you for for leading us to stretch our imagination and used the templates in way not initially thought.

  3. I always, always, always learn something new when I tune in to the videos. Thank you for keeping them coming!

  4. I love the You tube video and the classes. EVerythig I watch one I remember something new. Wish rhere were mpre hours in the day to quilt.

  5. I really need to make myself practice. Since viewing the class today the samples shown and explanations on how to do designs was awesome. I ordered the starter set a few years back but always did something wrong. Now I know how to use the rulers…

  6. I found out recently on a project that the echo Guides were a great help. Anything to make your quilting easier and fun is always a YAH, this was fun!

    1. Hello! We ask for your birthday so we can celebrate you during your birthday month with special offers and gifts!

  7. This is all new to me!! Signed up for the online class tomorrow, June 2nd,just super excited to learn all about this technique of quilting with these rulers!

  8. I e been practicing with the stitching line discs and using the space gauge ( yes color is a great addition). I haven’t tried echo guides yet but I need to. I’m new to all of this!

  9. I use my stitching line disks all the time and my spacing guage. These are essential to help you produce a good design and placement

  10. I use the stitching line discs whenever I am checking out a project and don’t quite understand it. They work great. Color is good too. I love color!

  11. I use the stitching line discs and spacing gauge when planning a design. I like the new color, I always seem to misplace my clear items.

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