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Quilted Star Block Project Featuring the Westalee Design Sampler Set

The Quilted Star Project

The Quilted Star block design was created by Leonie West herself and is a perfect introduction to the world of ruler work with Westalee Design templates. In this project we will be learning to work with two basic but versatile templates as well as a few very important other tools. By the end of the project you should feel familiar with using the Spacing Gauge, Crosshair Square and getting a little creative with how you place and stitch around your templates.

As you can see from these drawings we will be building out a design from the center of the block. Starting with the Spinning Wheel 36 Template we can create a nice centering pattern to work around on the way to the edge of the block.

After completing the center pattern Leonie uses the 12″ Arc Template to create multiple echoes that give the inner star a rippling effect. The 12″ Arc is such a versatile tool that is perfect for adding emphasis to other templates as seen below in addition to standalone use for crosshatching or other straight line texturing.

Speaking of the versatility of the Arc Ruler, Leonie then uses the other side of the tool to add curves to the block and even creates a circular border around the inner design. It’s always fun to push the limits of your creativity to see just how much you can create with only a few templates. The amazing variety of possibilities is why the Sampler Set has remained one of the most popular purchases for quilters interested in ruler work.

The best part of this project is that you can get it for free! What better way to sink your needle into quilting with templates than learning from the original pioneer of the tools? All you need to do is buy your very own 6 Piece Sampler Set by Westalee Design from your local dealer (visit our Find a Retailer page to find one near you). If you’ve already made your purchase, and are still interested in a copy of this pattern, just email info@sewsteady.com and we’ll be happy to assist you in obtaining a copy.

Materials and Templates

Westalee Design Ruler Foot
Westalee Design 12″ Arc (that comes with your Westalee Ruler Foot)
Westalee Design “Circles on Quilts” Spinning Wheel 36 (from the Westalee Design Sampler Set)
Westalee Design Spacing Gauge (recommended)
Westalee Design Crosshair Ruler for marking crosshair reference lines (recommended)
Westalee Design Stable Tape (recommended)
Thread for quilting
Marking tool
Scissors or snips
Needles machine
Needles hand – self threading
Fabric of choice

6 thoughts on “Quilted Star Block Project Featuring the Westalee Design Sampler Set

  1. I purchased the Starter Set at the Houston Quilt show. How do I get the free Quilted Star Project. Thanks.

  2. HELLO
    I have purchased the sampler set from Hillside Quilting in Australia and wish to access the Free Project Quilted Star Pattern. Can you please provide the link.

    Thanking you

  3. Hi Nerillie,
    Thank you for reaching out. You can access the free project on our Sew Steady University. Visit https://sew-steady-university.teachable.com/ or https://sew-steady-university.teachable.com/p/quilted-star-block-project-by-leonie-west. Hit Enroll in Course, and there will be a “Apply Coupon Code” section where you will type in the code above to access the project. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance.
    ~ The Sew Steady Team

    1. I purchased the Template Sampler Set and wish to access the free Free Quilted Star Project Pattern. There is no code in my Template Sampler Set materials. Can you please email a code for the Project?

  4. have just purchased template sampler set. note inside says free project quilted star project .
    how do I download. says use code QUILYSTARFULL.

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