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Simple Circles Pattern with the Westalee Design Circle Template

Simple but stylish circles


Last August, our wonderful quilt-a-long instructor did a Facebook Live event to create a place mat with various Westalee Design Template ruler work patterns. We wanted to highlight some of our favorite moments from the event and create some simplified instructional videos on using each of the templates Donelle used. First up is the Simple Circles Template which allows a creative quilter to create surprisingly complex and elegant patterns.

In the following video Donelle uses the already stitched edged of the circle to create embellishments in a string of connected circles without having to stop and secure each one. The “eyelash” pattern adds some very nice depth to the design and creates a perfect accent to the plain fabric than Donelle is quilting on.

Necessary supplies:

Westalee Design Simple Circles Template

Ruler Work Foot

Fabric and thread of your choice

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