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Snowflakes Can Make Flowers Bloom!

We’ve all heard the expression “April showers bring May flowers”, but did you know that snowflakes can make flowers bloom too? This pretty quilt by Donna McCauley proves it!

Donna used the Westalee Design oval Snowflake template from their Spin-E-Fex Snowflake Template Set to make fabrics from her stash bloom into hexagon hydrangeas!

It just goes to show you, snowflakes aren’t just for winter anymore – they’re a year-round occurrence!  We’re giving away a set of these versatile templates on our Facebook page. Check it out here:  Snowflake Giveaway

Donna McCauley is  a Westalee Accredited Teacher and owns and operates DONNA McCAULEY QUILTING.  Her focus is primarily on education related to various sewing and quilting techniques, and she especially enjoys Ruler Work.  

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