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Think Pink Givevaway

11 thoughts on “Think Pink Givevaway

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  1. Honoring all who have courageously battled or are currently confronting cancer and making those difficult decisions regarding care and treatment.

    1. Use a red felt tip sharpie pen and color the disk. The ink dries almost instantly and the disks will appear ‘pink’. I bring a red sharpie pen to all the classes I teach and students color their disks.

  2. I would like Honor all survivors of Breast Cancer and their families! I will include myself as a 24 years survivor.

  3. I want to honor my sister in law but when I went to share a story it just clicked off… I’d like to leave that story here.
    My sister in law Rosemary Niewolak is a breast cancer survivor. She is a mother of two girls the youngest of whom is now in college. Rosemary is a graduate of the U of Notre Dame and in addition has a Masters from Case Western Reserve U in Cleveland, Ohio. She and her husband Steve have been married for 26 years. Rosemary is the VP and general manager of the Steris corporation. She has worked during this pandemic to help facilitate a vaccine and has met with the dept of Health, Education and Welfare from Washington, DC. Rosemary has never complained when she had her mastectomy and has never missed a beat taking care of her girls and being part of their lives in their activities. She is smart, sweet, and a very strong person. I truly admire her for all she has had to go through before she turned 50 with two young girls to raise. She is truly remarkable and I’m so proud that she is my sister in law.

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