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Barbara Dierolf - Promoted Instructor

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Barbara Dierolf

Location:  Stratford, CT

Availability: Varies

About: Barbara Dierolf, Sew Steady Promoted Instructor


I found Westalee ruler template quilting videos while searching YouTube for channels about free motion quilting. This technique so intrigued me, I immediately ordered the Westalee Foot and template starter set. The day my Westalee order arrived, I began using it and ruler template quilting quickly became my passion. I am addicted to quilting with templates, but particularly the Westalee template system. The variety and precision, the videos and idea books Sew Steady makes available, the social media interaction with other Westalee quilters all contribute to why I believe Westalee Design is the best choice any ruler template quilter could make.  

For twenty years my life revolved around building and running a highly successful insurance agency. My success earned me many awards and recognition, yet I longed to have the freedom to be artistically creative. I received my first sewing machine (a toy Singer with a crank-wheel) when I was eight years old. My mother taught me to make doll clothes. Once I retired as an agency owner, my real sewing adventures began. I learned to tailor from a nun at a local convent, how to smock and do heirloom sewing which lead me to make an heirloom style quilt. My mother was a member of the local quilt guild and invited me to one of her meetings. Thus began my quilt journey to the point where for six years I ran my own quilt shop, Jigglestitch. My favorite activity was teaching beginner quilting and free motion quilting.

It is that same quilt guild my mother introduced me to, where I have been showing and sharing my adventure with Westalee Design ruler template quilting. My enthusiasm for this product line and technique is contagious, resulting in my being asked to teach at multiple venues. Nothing is more fun than sharing and teaching ruler template quilting skills so more quilters can enjoy the satisfaction of getting beautiful quilting results on their domestic sewing machines without the need to invest thousands of dollars into a longarm machine. As a quilter and a former shop owner, I understand both the quilters’ need to be comfortable quilting with ruler templates, and the shop owner’s need to know how to help their customers understand a new product line and how to use and enjoy it. As a former shop owner, I became familiar with quite a few brands of sewing machines. This experience makes it easier for me to help new students with first time set up on their own machines.  

I am available to travel almost anywhere. I would especially enjoy traveling the east coast, the northern west coast, the New York Tri-State area, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Canada. 

Daily Rate: Varies based on type of event

Store pays all transportation and related fees (toll, parking, taxi etc.)

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