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Westalee Design Accredited Teachers

USA now has five Westalee Design Accredited Teachers. Many of our stores have worked with these teachers in the last couple of years. Each have shown a high level of understanding and knowledge on the Westalee Design quilting system and gone through a training program to achieve this status. 
You contract with these Accredited Teachers to help at your next event, both in person or they can assist you from afar in hosting and educating at your events. 
Why bring a Westalee Design Instructor in For your Show or Event?
Draw people to your booth/ store  - The new Westalee Design and Sew Steady products make people stop.
Sell more product  - Other items we help refer sales on during shows include machines, cabinets, chairs, and machine accessories.
Build Awareness – Residual sales from a shows bring customers back into the store with the handouts we provide.              
Show Specials – Sew Steady will offer a show special to help you offer (discounted pricing and reasons to buy at show) and still make your margin.