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Ann Moore

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Westalee Design Accredited Teacher

Texas (willing to travel anywhere in the US or Canada) (willing to travel)

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2023 Mrs Clause Retreat

Click here to watch a  video to learn more.  3 Days of Holiday Inspired Projects by Ann Moore.  Contact Ann to get sign up details for this amazing retreat.  All  events are currently in Texas only!  Hoping to add more locations in soon.   See contact info at left.

I’m a free motion quilting instructor who started quilting several years ago after sending 2 quilts out to a long arm quilter.  The quilter did a beautiful job with a pantograph but I could not say I made this quilt myself, that a part of that project belonged to someone else.  My mom says my first sentence was “I do it myself.”  And that still holds true.  I tell people that I piece quilts so I will have something to quilt.  I was blessed to attend classes with an international instructor and before I knew it I was asked to teach free motion quilting.  A few years ago while attending Houston Quilt Festival I discovered Westalee Rulers and became hooked.  Teaching quilting with rulers was a natural progression and many students have indicated that they find ruler work easier and more fun.  Today, I incorporate free motion and ruler work into my quilts and classes.

I enter my quilts into several shows each year and have won numerous awards including Judge’s Choice, People’s Choice, Best Machine Quilting on a Domestic Machine and Best in Show along with a few 1st Place ribbons.  All of my quilting is done on domestic machines and they are my preference.

I live outside of Houston in the community of Huntsville, Texas, with my husband Andrew.  I am a happily retired insurance agent and now get to focus full time on my quilting.  We have two sons, two daughters-in-law and four of the best grandchildren ever.

I am available for teaching, demonstrating at events and am often a speaker for quilt guilds.  Through Sew Steady/Westalee, I am an Accredited National Instructor and Designer with several patterns to my credit.  You can find me and my patterns along with instructional videos on the Sew Steady website and University.  I am willing to travel throughout the U.S. and Canada and perhaps internationally although English with a Texas twang is my only language.

Why Westalee Design Rulers (templates): “Westalee Rulers give me precision and perfection in my quilting.  It also pairs beautifully with free motion quilting and can be used on pieced quilts as well as art quilts.”

Additional Patterns and Courses Available on Sew Steady University By Ann:


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  1. If you haven’t had a chance to take a class with Anne, you are missing out. She is an artist that is also a great instructor.

  2. Anne is an excellent instructor. I really enjoyed this class.
    She explains it well and goes slow enough to follow.

  3. Ann is probably my favorite teacher. I look forward to seeing her next offering. She is interesting, complete in her information and fun to watch. I always feel like “Yeah I can do that.” I love the style of designs she comes up with.

  4. I just LOVE Anne’s classes. I always learn new tips and hints. She explains things very well and has endless patience to explain things over.
    I really enjoy her classes and look forwards to all her classes.

  5. Ann- you always do such a great job of explaining things as well as demonstrating them… all with a positive attitude. Thanks so much!

  6. As usual an awesome class. Ann is such a great intructor,I always learn from her classes. Can’t wait for more.

  7. Ann is just awesome. Anytime I view a class from her I learn something new. I really like her teaching style.

  8. I look forward to each video. Can’t wait for the weather change to continue my winner Hobby

  9. I think I learn something new every time I watch another video by Ann. She certainly makes me want to own every template she demonstrates. Her presentation style is very down to earth, I like the she shows her mistakes so we can learn to correct our own.

  10. Ridiculous that we have to scroll for ever to get to leave a review! Ann is an excellent teacher. I always watch her programs and I have purchased several of her patterns.

  11. She is a natural teacher. Covers all the steps and makes no assumptions that students know what she is showing. Good class. She is a credit to your business.

  12. Ann is a 5 star instructor! Her classes are easy to follow and full of very helpful information. Her class that included her method of pin basting her quilts really inspired me to try it and finish those UFO’s. I ordered new pins and pin covers.

  13. Ann Moore is truly an asset to Sew Steady. I’ve watched many of her classes and she always demonstrates each procedure with her amazing voice. She gives me the courage to try new techniques with ease. I also love that Ann does her shows live which sometimes her machine glitches or she makes errors. I think her using these as teaching moments is an awesome use of her time as well as demonstrates more of her awesome skills.

  14. Ann’s classes are always filled with wonderful content so easily understandable. When her techniques are put into practice they are much easier to achieve. “Ask me how I know”. 😉

  15. I love Ann’s teaching method. Her pace is good, she always answers questions and takes risks to try new methods live. I highly recommend her as one of my best teachers.

  16. Ann is a very good teacher by going slow and explaining every detail. So much easier to learn that way. I will be taking her classes in the future.

  17. Ann’s teaching is so very clear. I enjoyed seeing how she is quilting a full size quilt on her home machine. I would love to take a class from her in the Dallas area!

  18. Great course learned so much . Ann is a great instructor & I enjoy her teaching methods. Great job Ann

  19. As always learned much more than I thought I would when I “signed up”. Good detailed instructions and such fun to do.

  20. I haven’t attended one of her classes before. I liked her style and approach. She was very clear and answered questions along the way. Will look into more of her classes!

  21. Very much have enjoyed the classes that I have taken from Ann Moore. She is an excellent instructor.

  22. I LOVE Anne’s lessons! She is well prepared and gives good instructions. She puts groups of rulers together so that we can get started right away.

  23. Ann is an excellent instructor! I always enjoy her classes and love her Texas accent. Totally ridiculous to have to scroll through 352 comments before finding where to comment. Sew Steady get your IT Department together!

  24. I was really impressed with Ann and her teaching style. I am still trying to learn how to use my rulers, but love watching all the classes. I hope one day to quilt something other than practice squares!

  25. As always, terrific! Love her Texas twang. Doesn’t make it difficult to understand her very clear instructions.

  26. Ann is a wonderful teacher. She demonstrates and answers all questions. I have recommended her classes to other quilters. Ann is encouraging to all levels of students.

  27. I would repeat my earlier comments but, I guess I could not find other words to describe how much I enjoyed the class and the instructor. Can’t wait for it to be offered in the University.

  28. I really enjoyed this class. I love Ann’s easy to follow instruction and the tips and tricks she provides. I loved this so much I bought all 3 templates to complete the designs I fell in love with. I hope this becomes an instruction in the University soon just in case I missed something that I forgot to include in my notes. Great class, Great Instructor.

  29. Love Ann’s approach to ruler quilting! Her easy to follow instructions and recognition of mistakes along the way make it us all believe that we can do it, too!

  30. Always enjoy Anne’s classes! She makes everything seem easy enough for a beginner and recognizes that we all make mistakes along the way. That’s called learning! Her work is exquisite and she exudes hhumility!

  31. I first found Ann on the sew steady unv. site with her free class, and was so impressed with her easy to follow instructions, that I will go out of my way to watch any of her videos. Thanks again Ann for helping us learn and have fun.

  32. Ann is a very good teacher. She gives easy to follow instructions and extra tips. The entire class is informative and makes a person want to jump right in on a project.

  33. Love Ann’s classes. I’m looking forward to her Sew Steady University Artisan Curves course that is soon to be offered. I’ve watched all of the recent videos and am excited to do the entire quilt!

  34. Hi. I just Love Anne’s classes. I make sure not to miss any of them. She is always so patient and sees problems from a student’s point of view.

  35. This was my first ever video re: ruler work with Ann as instructor, using this ruler system…I thoroughly enjoyed it and have been inspired to learn more about these rulers and ruler work as a whole. Ann is a great instructor, with a calm presentation…even with a “thoughtful departure” from the original plan! I loved that! Will be looking to take more of her classes soon.

  36. Ann’s pattern was beautiful and her instructions were clear. Like how she focuses on a specific template or two and shows you all the possibilities for shapes within that template.

  37. Ann’s classes are easy to follow. She gives great tips and tricks to help you along the way. I can’t wait to start the Artisan curves set and I hope to someday be as confident and comfortable as she is. I am in love with her designs! They are so creative and inspiring. Thanks Ann

  38. I enjoyed the class! Ann is wonderful instructor with great presentation skills. I will definitely take more of her classes.
    I purchased the Flower Power templates and look forward to completing the project.

  39. Hi.
    I LOVE Anne’s lessons!! I always get a lot out of her lessons. I live in South Africa so it’s impossible to attend in person. Her views of the sewing is perfect!
    I always register for her classes.

  40. As always great class. Even when you’ve been quilting for a while there’s always something to be learned so thankyou Ann I had a great time and I learned a few new things.

  41. Ann gets 5 Stars from me! Ann is a wonderful teacher, Ann is well-spoken which makes it so easy to lessen and learn from her. She knows how to give instructions so that you can follow right along with ease. Rarely do I have any questions while she is teaching, and that is because she is so through and that comes from knowing her product and what can be done with it. I so enjoy lessening and learning from her! Thank you Ann for the gift you give us quilters – your knowledge to help us all develop the skills we all long for.

  42. I would note Ann Moore as a 5-star educator. Ann not only knows her products, but she also demonstrates products in her classes in a professional way that students can understand and apply to their personal projects. We all have machines acting up at some point, threads break, etc, but Ann lets it roll off her back, and explains why it’s happened and how to fix it when possible. She explains how she arrives at a change on the fly but why she made the decision. Usually, these changes actually make the design better. Ann always answers questions in an understandable way that students can apply to their own design using templates she’s.

  43. Ann is an excellent teacher. She is the one that got me hooked on ruler work. My first class was flower power. I had never even tried faq but she was able to talk you through it. I then tried the templee and just loved the results.

  44. Anne is really a great teacher. She really makes you believe that you can do this. I hope that as I teach different classes that I can teach the way Ann does. Very excellent teacher.

  45. Love the cool ideas for Templee quilting!!! Always new ways to use the templates!!👍🏻

  46. I watch Ann again today and picked up more quilting tips as well as a great project. I’m inspired! Now to get in gear and get sewing. Of course I discovered another ruler I need…..make that want. 😉

  47. Very concise instr and easy to understand. Makes it look easy to do but with very good directions great teacher

  48. Ann does a thorough job explaining what she is doing and how she will accomplish it. She gives you the confidence that you can make beautiful quilts.

  49. I love Ann’s classes! She is an excellent teacher. She also presents the kind of vibrant, colorful designs that I love! Thanks Ann!

  50. As always I thoroughly enjoyed Ann’s informative class and I’m looking forward to the next.

  51. Ann is a great teacher. She takes it slow and that is what I need in order to follow. Thanks Ann

  52. I love watching Ann’s demos. She always has an informative piece of information. Ann exudes confidence in her gorgeous work. Ann is one of my many favorite instructors. I always give Ann a 10!

  53. Excellent instructor. Very knowledgeable. Well prepared. Clear instructions. Very inspiring. I look forward to taking more
    Classes from Ann Thank you

  54. I enjoyed doing your Flower Power quilt class ! I sure hope your coming up with a new session, I am ready for another project ! Thanks Ann

  55. My brain is exploding like fireworks. Watching Ann’s class was such a learning experience and gave me so many wonderful ideas. I also loved seeing ways of turning the “oops” into a design element. Her class also made me feel like I could do something similar with the rulers I had as I did not have what she was using. She is definitely one of my favorite teachers.

  56. I purchased a Westalee beginning ruler work kit but hadn’t used it until after Ann’s class. Ann’s demonstration and teaching gave me the confidence I needed! Her teaching style is clear, concise, and encouraging . I am looking forward to learning more!

  57. Always learn new tips from every class that Ann teaches. Excellent instructor. Watch her videos multiple times and learn something new each time.

  58. Wow what a great instructor. She is through without being redundant and a “real person” in that she shows how to fix an error and isn’t such a perfectionist. Very engaging

  59. Ann is such a great instructor. She has a calming voice I enjoy hearing. I have seen several of her classes. She explains steps very well.

  60. Ann is a wonderful teacher. She teaches the lesson is a pace that I can keep up with. I have learned so much. I plan to watch all of her videos and purchase the pointsettia and the galaxy classes. I am just starting out right now and am concentrating on my free motion at the moment, but will then progress to the rulers. Thank you Ann

  61. Really enjoyed the class by Ann. She is an excellent teacher. This if the first time I watched a class that she taught.

  62. Ann Moore is a fabulous instructor. Informative, patient, and never flustered by everyday mishaps when live. She actually teaches us how to fix our lemons into lemonade. I always enjoy watching and learning from Ann.

  63. I love the Flower Power Quilt blocks. Ann is a very assuring and talented teacher. Thanks for all the tips.

  64. Excellant class learned alot & instr very clear & concise enjoyed the class very much & look forward to the next one.

  65. Ann is a good teacher, patient and keeps her classes interesting. Thank you Ann! I’ve learned a lot from you!

  66. Anne is a very professional and knowledgeable teacher, right now I’m taking a class and I will sign for the next, she answered my questions and always have a encouragement world , I like Anne way of teaching!

  67. I’m lookin’ for someone to make a baby quilt for me. I have EVERYTHING that is needed for the quilt, I just need the crafty work done. Do you do this sort of thing or do you know someone that does? I’m also here in Huntsville. I believe the blanket is 31 x 60.

  68. Ann has taught me a skill that I would have never thought I could accomplish, and she made it easy. She is a great educator!

  69. Another great class from Ann! She is a wonderful instructor and I enjoy all of her classes and always learn something new. Thanks Ann!!!

  70. I have enjoyed the Annie’s Sampler series class!! It is nicely paced, giving time between classes to keep caught up! Anne has a soothing voice, and never seems to get stressed when something goes awry in class!!

  71. Ann does a really nice job with the flower power templates and TempLee quilting I really enjoy her showing and doing the FMQ background fills using her method of e’s and n’s and gingerbread men …I say it all the time to myself when doing it – Really helpful ! I’m enjoying watching her demos and have begun trying more of her TempLee quilting too using these rulers I’m looking forward to attempting more Thanks Ann and See Steady

  72. Great teacher and I have learned so much from her. One of the very best. Looking forward for more classes. Really a five

  73. Ann is awesome. She is very particular with all of her work. She takes her time explaining what she is doing.
    I need that since I’m new to ruler work. I will definitely take more classes from her.

  74. If I were giving Ann stars it’s definitely 5! Ann is thoroughly articulate in explaining the projects she’s demonstrating with great detail. We all have machine problems from time to time but Ann just takes it, fixes it and on she goes. We to learn from lessons like that. I never hesitate to find projects Ann is demonstrating and have learned a great deal.

  75. This is for the Edge to Edge Virtual Event. Ann is a very good teacher. She is clear and precise in her instruction. The subject of this is very helpful as it can be applied to so many quilts. I love the assortment of templates available in this set as they will fit just about any area. I appreciate we are able to access this information on line as I would not be able to see it anywhere close to where I live. Good Job Ann Moore and Sew Steady! 5 Stars

  76. I thoroughly enjoyed the class. I loved how she showed us how the marks on the ruler templates line up to keep us where we need to be.

  77. Love Ann’s classes. She is informative and a great instructor. Her work is gorgeous.Learn so much from her classes.

    1. Ann, you are fabulous and it makes me want to start quilting with rulers. Now I just need to get with someone that has a foot for one of my machines. If there is only a rating of 5, then you are a 10. It will not let me rate your performance. Sorry.

  78. What an informative class! Ann explained everything so well and answered questions thoroughly. Will definitely be looking to take more classes with her.

  79. Ann’s teaching is a true blessing. Everything is made clear with her instruction. I also enjoy listening to her. 😊

  80. I have thoroughly enjoyed each of Ann’s lessons. She is so easy to follow and pleasant to listen to. What a gift we are being given through this instruction. Thank you!

  81. Great class on using rulers on Christmas stocking! Lots of tips for working on a different fabric and space. Enjoyed the templates she used. She made the challenges seem easy and doable! Fun class.

  82. Ann is a excellent instructor, her calm voice and way of explaining how to do things and her encouragement to explore to do it the way you will like are unique. I will take more classes with her, her vibrant colors wake up your imagination!!!

  83. This is the first class I’ve taken with Ann. It is refreshing that Ann takes her time explaining her designs and how to create them. She is very artistic and encourages the sewers to think outside of the box. She is very open to questions and provides helpful information. I have enjoyed her calm, confident manner in teaching. More information about marking fabric squares before class would be helpful to me.

  84. This is a review of the Borders Class. It is a very informative class, since most quilts do get a border and often no ideas or instructions are given for the quilting. Ann Moore is a good instructor, she is patient and through in her instructions and encourages you to try ideas. This class shows how you can make a border that is custom made for your quilt and the examples are beautiful.

  85. Absolutely fantastic online class! Great instructor. Very detailed and covered everything I expected and more.

  86. Ann is a excellent instructor. You can tell she has thought thru the process and has experience using these tools. I didn’t know anything about this type of quilting with rulers and learned quite a bit. I don’t know that I have a Bernina that will work with the templates etc. but found the tools very interesting. Ann’s tips were invaluable as she showed us in real time, very clearly, what the rulers can do. Her experiences shared during the presentation provided additional input from just the ruler directions. Thanks.

  87. I thought the 2 hour introductory ruler class was great. I learned so much, even though I’ve attended other basic ruler classes. I especially liked the instructions on how to use the spacer tool. It’s going to make a difference in how to get more exact results. My only negative comment was that the picture quality was poor and made it difficult to see what Anne was doing at times.

  88. Very detailed, which is so important! Patient and a “forgiving “ sense portrayed throughout her presentation. Made it look easy but realizes not everyone is as practiced as she is!

  89. And is a very patient, detailed instructor. She gives you all the information you need to do the project and demonstrate how to do it so that even beginners can see just what Hass to be done. Well a lot of her things are projects I would never ever want to do or at least I don’t think I would ever want to do them I always learn a lot watching her teach

  90. Ann is another great Sew Steady instructor. She is very thorough in her teaching, has great ideas and designs.

  91. One of my favorite teachers. She is very informative. She inspires me to put my spin on her ideas. I always learn alot and look forward to any and all her classes

  92. Ann is a great teacher. I enjoy her classes and her designs that she creates. I look forward to attending more of her virtual classes.

  93. Ann is a fantastic teacher. Her calming way of presenting instructions yet in a very encouraging way. She’s great for giving lots of hints. Encourages questions for others to learn something others might not know. She’s so calm with “bon-bon” time and lets you know even the most experienced can make a mistake also, learn from it and not dwell on it. I’d recommend any of Ann’s classes.

  94. I Thoroughly enjoy Ann’s classes, she takes the time to make sure she gives students a lot of clear and concise information which for me as a visual learner is really great to see the steps of a project coming to life as she goes through them. I look forward to more of her classes.

  95. Ann way of teaching is very calming. You feel like she’s right there in the room standing with her soft voice helping you at your machine. Very nice way to learn.

  96. Ann is a wonderful instructor. This was one of the best classes I’ve ever taken and I have taken many! Ann explains the process so thoroughly. I look forward to taking more classes from Ann.

  97. Best Sew Steady instructor I’ve seen so far. Thoroughly enjoyed the Intro session sponsored by Prairie Quilts. Says alot about the instructor and the store. Look forward to more virtual events.

  98. Ann gives nice instructions in a quiet and unrushed way so it’s easy to follow and understand what she is doing. And her designs are amazing. Even if I don’t do the project she presents, I always learn a lot that I can use in my quilting.

  99. Ann is a wonderful teacher. I am brand new to ruler work and my first class ever, and my first time ever using rulers was through a class she taught called Flower Power. I learned soooooo much and am now addicted to ruler work! Thanks Ann for all you are doing to teach us!

  100. Anne gives clear instructions and lots of helpful hints. I have watched 2 of her classes now and always come away with new knowledge that gives me more confidence to use my rulers. Thank you so much.
    Christine Rodriguez

  101. Very informative. Great teacher! I’m excited to try these out…she made it look fun. Look forward to watching the next video.

  102. Very informative. Great teacher! I’m now motivated to try these out. Look forward to watching the nect video.

  103. Ann does a great job explaining and demonstrating so that even beginners (like me) can successfully use Templates for Ruler Quilting!

  104. I loved Ann’s Classes. She’s a great teacher. Explain everything in detail for you and showcase her beautiful work.

  105. I love this class and I hope Diane continues teach us how to do more of the quilt blocks in Quilt in a Bag. I am anxious to see how you sew the blocks together. Diane was clear with her instructions. She does everything so that it is easy to follow.

  106. I really enjoyed Diane’s class. I got a lot of great ideas. I had no idea that a template/ruler that looks so strange could do some amazing designs.

  107. I loved the class and would like to be part of more of Ann’s classes. I felt really inspired and confident to try adding my own spin on my blocks. Thankyou Ann, Hope to see more classes in the future.

  108. Ann is very creative and I love that she will try something new she has not done before. I am looking forward to a second class on the Continuum Quilt class, I love to have many options for each ruler. My only complaint is the camera is often not showing what needs to be shown, but she is getting better with each class.

  109. I really enjoyed Ann’s ruler work event. She did a great job of explaining the different rulers and gave great tips on how to be successful in using them. I would definitely attend another one of Ann’s classes. Thank you, Ann!

  110. Another great class from Anne! Full of insoiration. In fact I just put an order in for the template she used in this class.

  111. Ann does a wonderful job teaching Ruler Work. She takes her time and is very thorough with instructions. Ann’s work is beautiful and I enjoy learning from her every time I take one of her classes. Thanks Ann for another wonderful class.

  112. Loved the class! Ann was easy to understand and fun to watch! The camera sometimes needed to be adjusted to focus correctly… but that was only a couple times and quickly handled. Thank you so much!

  113. Love her classes. She is a great teacher. Explain the steps in detail. I learned alot from her classes.

  114. I enjoy Ann’s classes. I hope that there is enough interest in this class that she will be teaching the rest of the Continuum Quilt in July.

  115. Ann does a great job! She has an excellent sense of humor, which I love. Thanks Ann, and I can’t wait to start on the next project!

  116. I have enjoyed and learned so many things from Ann Moore. She is a very good instructor. Ann is well organized, takes her time showing you the different processes and is always willing to demonstrate things a second time, if there is a need.

  117. Enjoyed every minute of the informative,fun class. Ann is a delightful,knowledgable instructor.
    Looking forward to many more classes

  118. Anne is special! She is a wonderful teacher. Her creativity is astounding and she is so generous in sharing her techniques.

  119. I enjoy very much taking Ann Moore’s classes. In this particular class I learned so many things. I learned that it is OK to make mistakes, because we all do. What was really great about Ann’s class was that she made a few mistakes and she showed us how to correct them. Ann does a wonderful job teaching. She is full of instruction, she displays things she is discussing, she speaks clearly and at a very easy pace to understand and she gives you direction. Thank You Ann for a great class!

  120. Ann is an asset go Sew Steady and Westalee templates. Ann is relaxed, cool, calm, and collected even with oopsies during virtual classes. Precise teacher.

  121. I enjoyed Anne’s class very much. She makes it look so easy. I need to do a lot of practice, but I am determined to use the rulers as I cannot do free motion.

  122. She was clear and concise. I had a different idea of what ruler quilting was,and wasn’t interested in learning. However, after watching Ann and her explanations I can’t wait to get started using the ruler quilting method. Can’t wait for next weeks class!

  123. I have enjoyed adding on to and improving my quilting skills. Thankyou Ann, I look forward to taking more of your classes in the future.

  124. A great teacher. Will take plenty more of her classes if on line as I am not close to a store.
    Keep up the great work. Sew Steady, thanks for all your classes both paid and free.

  125. Ann is a fabulous teacher! Very positive attitude and continuously encourages her students to dig in and try all the new things she teaches. Definitely love her teaching style.

  126. Great instructor, I enjoyed the class. I’m hoping to start doing ruler work and all the information I received here will help with that.

  127. Very clear. Good course, good tips. I really like the cautions she brought up, as knowing what can go wrong can help prevent it.

  128. Ann’s voice is pleasant to listen to and helped keep my stress level low as I began trying out ruler work. She offers clear, precise instructions and makes it all sound like fun – which it is!

  129. This was a great beginner class. Ann’s explanations and demonstrations are thorough and easy to follow. She offered some good tips and her enthusiasm is catchy. I look forward to more learning with her.

  130. Ann was great. I watched the video a couple of days after it was live and I am very glad I did. I learned a lot from Ann. She was very informative and has a nice calming voice. I’m going to watch it again. I hope someday I get to take a class with her in person.

  131. Loved the Quilting with Rulers virtual class! Ann was very informative and very detailed at demonstrating. I have the confidence to try ruler work as soon as they get here! I loved that questions were answered through out the class. By far, one of the best online classes I have attended.

  132. I loved the beginning Ruler Work Class. I had taken several live classes at a quilt shop years ago and then put the rulers aside. This was a perfect refresher and I loved working along with her as she taught. The pacing was perfect for participation and she answered participant’s questions. I loved the design and can’t wait to take future classes.

  133. What a wonderful class. I enjoy it. Ann is also a great instructor. Looking forward to her other classes

  134. Another great class by Ann. I struggled making circles, but the way Ann did them in this class combining the template with the outer rim tool was genius! I can’t wait for the next set of classes. I would highly recommend Ann as an instructor. I have taken both virtual and in person classes with her and they are always so inspiring and I have learned so much!

  135. This is the first ruler works class I have taken. I enjoy how Ann teaches. she shows a technique once or twice, then goes to a block that has that technique finished so she can go on to the next technique. she makes mistakes and shows her mistakes, and explains that all of us will make mistakes and that is okay. She takes time to explain if a flower is supposed to be done 9 times, here is where the 9 flowers will go – and goes back to a marked sample to make sure everyone knows what she is talking about. she works methodically, and uses her time wisely during the class. Would enjoy taking more classes from Ann.

  136. Ann is very knowledgeable and thorough in her instruction. She is also calm and kind. I feel like she is a friend I have yet to meet in person. I enjoy her classes and learn a lot each time.

  137. I have loved the flower power classes. 3 of my 4 blocks are done just waiting on the outer rim tool to finish. I am very much a newbie but have enjoyed it. Ann’s instructions have been great.

  138. I love the designs Ann is showing us how to do. She is a very good teacher as she takes her time with things and is detailed about explanations. She also goes back a re-explains or explains in a something in a different way until we all understand. She is very patient and very pleasant. Great classes.

  139. Ann explains things in many different ways – since we all learn differently, that is really helpful. I loved that she showed how to use the templates for quilting and for Templee Applique. Thoroughly this virtual class and have more knowledge on not only choosing fabrics but how to look at areas to decide quilting them.

  140. Ann is very clear in her instructions. She patiently repeats answers to the same questions, and always thanks people for their questions. I took a live class from Ann in Loveland, Colorado and enjoyed it very much. I am also enjoying the virtual class Flower Power Galaxy that Ann is teaching.

  141. Easy to follow instructions and love that I can watch over and over…..cause I need it!! Thanks!!

  142. I am taking Ann Moore’s Flower Piwer class online and loving it! She talks so slow and soft it’s soothing. I can’t wait from one month to the next to learn from her.

  143. I signed up for at least six of the classes and am enjoying them very much. The instruction is excellent and very easy to understand.

  144. Ann is a terrific instructor. I joined the Flower Power Series because she was so easy to listen to and follow along. She’s also from Texas, which is a plus:)

  145. This was my first on-line class. I loved it! Ann is an amazing teacher. She knows her technology and how to fix technical problems on the spot. Her voice is extremely pleasant to listen to and she is easy to follow. I am also impressed at her patience and experience that she shares. I am encouraged that I will be able to make this quilt using rulers, which I have never tried. Looking forward to the complete set of instructions for the Flower Power series.

  146. Ann has such amazing ideas for designs and how to accomplish them! Her instructions were clear and if there was a question she stopped and explained things further. She was also not only very skilled in what she was teaching, but she herself was very pleasant and it was enjoyable to take her calss.

  147. I’m taking the Orbit quilt block class from Ann. I thought her instructions and demonstration was clear and worthwhile. I’m confident that I can reproduce the blocks for February per her instructions. I appreciated that she was able to answer detail questions during the presentation.

  148. Ann is an Awesome teacher. I have taken both in person an virtual classes from her and no matter the format her classes are amazing. I can’t wait for the next one!

  149. I’m learning so much from Ann’s wonderful classes ! Can’t wait to get all the Flower Power blocks done. Ann is a very good teacher, visual and audio. Thanks so much 😊

  150. Am doing her Flower Power Series classes and they are wonderful! They are beautiful and creative and she does an excellent job of showing exactly how its done

  151. I love her classes. She is very clear in her directions, takes her time and makes sure we all understand. A pleasure to watch.

  152. I just have to ditto all of the positive comments already made. I am so excited to be a part of the flower power series.

  153. Ann did a spectacular job on the first of the Mandala series! Her explanations are easy to follow and she has a wonderful voice for virtual lessons! Can’t wait for the rest of the series.

  154. Ann was so knowledgeable and shared tips that will make this new-to-me technique so much easier. I believe that with her guidance, I will be successful in this beautiful project.

  155. Ann has such gentle quiet manner of teaching that she puts everyone at ease right from the start! She explains every aspect of her class and project so that she makes everyone want to make the same one! Ann is such a wonderful teacher and she makes you want to be her friend!

  156. The class was information but I wish she had covered all the rulers in the introduction set rather than showing the feathers. I wanted to learn more about the rulers in the set I purchased.

  157. She is a terrific instructor. She gives extra help for each of the various types of rulers. Very knowledgeable in this field.

  158. I really enjoyed the class. Ann inspired me to pull out my rulers and do some practicing with them. I want to use the rulers on my next quilt.

  159. Clear and concise directions given in a calm relaxed manner. I will be looking for more virtual classes byAnn.

  160. Ann is one of my favorite instructors. Her patient and steady approach is really appreciated. She works hard to make sure you can see everything and never hesitates to answer questions

  161. Loved the class. I am a template newbie and found her instruction very easy to follow. Will be watching again now that I have more templates to try.

  162. I really enjoyed watching Ann. She has such a nice demeanor and explains things beautifully. Her use of rulers is such an inspiration and makes me want to rush to my machines and try out the designs!

  163. her class was great and I learned a lot of new tricks she is a great teacher and I am looking forward to taking more classes from her
    thanks so much for giving us this education.

  164. I have really enjoyed watching Ann and her Flower Power blocks. She is a very encouraging and assuring educator. I love her designs and she makes the free motion parts look easy, but I still struggle with that part. It’s easy to see Ann’s passion for quilting and teaching!

  165. Ann is an amazing instructor. Her explanations are very clear and she makes you feel like you are a part of her class. I attended a virtual class, but it felt like she was sitting beside me and guiding me through the process. I have learned so much from her and I’d live to tale other classes from her again. My confidence, as a beginning ruler quilter, has grown immensely after attending her class!

  166. It was a stunning class. Very informativeand well presented. Really wish we had Sew Steady help in South Africa. Really loved the information. Will be watching when ever I can. Thank you.

  167. Quiet and confident in her approach. Doesn’t rush but gives you plenty of info to do this yourself. Creative. I wasn’t really interested in this. It wanted to know how it was done. Now can’t wait to try it.

  168. Ann was wonderful! She is an excellent teacher. She I was very calm and encouraging, taking each step and breaking down the process and explaining it very well. The block she created was beautiful and intricate, but her instructions were clear and precise, making even a beginner like me feel, “I can do this!”
    I ordered the template set and the wish table, I can’t wait to get all of it so I can try this. Thank you Ann!

  169. Ann did an excellent job in the class, very informative, very calm, excellent voice quality. Even though I don’t have the Flower Power rulers, I think I can incorporate lots of ones that I have.

  170. The class was so informative. I learned so much and definitely intend to try what I learned. Ann is a great teacher. The pace she took was perfect. The class filled a lot of blanks I had in my education. THANK YOU!

  171. I enjoyed Ann’s introduction to the Flower Power series of classes. She was thorough in her explanations of what to expect in the up-coming classes. I enjoyed her enthusiasm and her sense of humor. I’m looking forward to the classes.

  172. Ann is an incredible designer and a wonderful instructor. Her designs are amazing! She has a way of explaining things the makes you comfortable and confident to say YES I can do that. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  173. I have watched a couple virtual presentations from Ann related to her Flower Power template set and have found myself quite intrigued with the variation she has done with the same set of templates. Her new quilt is stunning! Ann is very easy to follow and understand her directions or instructions. I love how easy Ann, and man other instructors, makes ruler work seem. So helpful in building my confidence in myself.

  174. I love this quilt. Anne does a great job in explaining on how the project is done. I love seeing the projects she creates with these rulers.

  175. Love to watch Ann teach, she is so knowledgeable. She is patient and friendly. Explaining everything and answering our multiple questions. Can’t wait for her next class

  176. Ann is such a wonderful teacher. Her teaching style is easy does it and no worries, while teaching us lots of skills. Will definitely take more of Ann’s classes.

  177. Ann is a great teacher. I took her Continuum BOM class when she was still able to travel and she was very patient and was able to answer everyone’s questions that came up. She brought great samples & we were all able to quickly learn the blocks she taught, even beginner quilters. I look forward to taking even more classes with Ann.

  178. Ann gave clear instructions at a good pace. I really appreciated her giving potential pitfalls and how to avoid them. If I saw a class where she was teaching I wouldn’t hesitate to sign up.

    1. Love how Ann is so precise in her teaching. Just a very delightful Teacher!
      Would love to take some in person classes at Fabric Carousel with Ann.

  179. I enjoyed the lesson very much. I just got my machine back from the shop and can’t wait to try the instructions given. I especially liked that questions were answered as the lesson progressed, often answering what I was thinking I needed to know. Thank you very much.

    ps I enjoyed the ‘mistakes’ that were made and how to correct them. That gives me even more encouragement to try myself. cg

  180. Very good intro/beginner class. She went slowly, explained things in detail, pointing out little things w=newbies may not even know they need to know and pay attention to.

  181. Ann is a great instructor/teacher. I learned so much in this class, time just flew by. She is so informative. I am pretty new with templates but have a huge desire to learn more. It’s more exciting to quilt than to piece. Thank you so much Ann for your class.

  182. Loved her! Ann was so down to earth – it was like spending time with one of my friends. She paces the material slow enough to understand and fast enough to keep you interested. This was my first introduction to ruler work. I enjoyed the class.

  183. Ann Moore did a great job of explaining the process of ruler work for beginner. As always, there were hidden nuggets for intermediate/advance ruler quilters. The training was well organized. Ann answered all the viewer questions with information that was easy to digest. I will look for other trainings from Ann through Sew Steady.

  184. I attended an online ruler class and Ann was very informative. I really liked how to use the rulers to create really intricate designs. She was really good at pointing out on the rulers where to start and stop, locking your threads, etc. I really enjoyed it.

  185. The class I attended on December 30th was very informative. I had always wanted to learn how to quilt using templates and this gave me the confidence to get started. She gave a lot of helpful hints and presented tools that can be used to make quilting easier. Very easy to follow.

  186. Ann is such a knowledgeable and easy to listen and follow instructor. My first experience and thoroughly enjoyed this class and am so grateful Jones sew AndVac made it available to us in Boise, Idaho. Can’t wait to try these techniques. Thank you. No talking at first was worrisome but stayed with it and it did work out ok! Look forward to more, keep them coming!,

  187. Ann was calm, explained the method, as well as points. She answered the questions, which happened to be excellent, in a timely manner with equal professionalism.

  188. Ann does a beautiful job explaining clearly what she is doing and how to use the ruler she is demonstrating. She also answered questions patiently. These virtual lessons have really allowed me to explore ruler work better and improve my skills tremendously. Please keep having them!!

  189. Ann was great at explaining and demonstrating. She didn’t go too fast or too slow. I am excited to try what I learned. Thank you for the virtual class.

  190. Ann was fabulous!!!!! I recently took another virtual Ruler Work class and Ann was by far a better instructor. She made me feel that I could learn to do ruler work, and that I wanted to learn to do ruler work. I would love to take an in person class from her in the future. Thank you Ann…

  191. I took the December 4th beginner class. It was terrific. My husband purchased the ruler set for me two years ago for Christmas. I have been terrified to use it. Not anymore!! Ordered additional supplies and I am on my way to quilting quilt tops I have done years ago. Thank you for the concise easy to follow instructions.

  192. Ann is an amazing instructor. She is clear with her directions, patient with questions, and adaptable when the technology goes awry. I learned so much in the virtual class on Dec. 4, and my confidence has increased.

  193. Ann did a fantastic job teaching ruler work. She spoke clearly and carefully so every instruction could be understood. I hope she offers more online classes!

  194. Ann was incredible. The class was organized well, and her clear, well-paced instruction was very informative. This is one case where virtual lesson may be better than in class because I could easily see ruler placement, etc. without having to look over someone’s shoulder in class. Because of the potential mail delay in receiving the rulers I ordered, I hope you will consider having the video available longer

  195. She is a great instructor. Give her students confidence that they can do it too. So after her classes its off to the machine to practice. I’m improving and now really enjoying ruler work. Thanks to all and especially Ann for these classes.

  196. I think Ann does a wonderful job explaining ruler work! She is very patient when she teaches.I am thankful for teachers like Ann who are great at what she teaches and loves teaching it!!!😊

  197. Excellent instructor with concise instructions and excellent tips. Video gives a very good up close view of the techniques. Thank you.

  198. I enjoyed Ann’s clear instructions and tips for success. I attended virtually. The camera angle and Ann’s turning of the fabric made it easy see what was being explained. It was like I was standing right there looking over her shoulder. I’ll definitely attend more of Ann’s classes.

  199. I enjoyed Ann’s teaching style and explanations. She is able to convey her information in an easy and understandable way. I feel confident that I can use the rulers and quilt at home after her virtual class. I can’t wait to begin-just have to wait on my rulers to arrive!

  200. I was very impressed. I can’t wait until Christmas and fingers crossed the rulers and foot will be under the tree. I’ve given my husband a not so subtle hint!!

  201. Anne is a fabulous instructor. I was very impressed. She keep everything interesting. I could watch her over and over.

  202. Great instructor…very clear, informative, anticipated possible questions and gave explanations. I learned a lot from her!

  203. I throughly enjoyed the class. I had been interested in the rulers but thought it would be to hard. After the class I decided I could do it after all. Thanks

  204. This was a good introduction to quilting with rulers. Thank you to Silver Thimble quilt shop for providing the opportunity to view the class.

  205. I enjoyed watching the class and am so happy that I can watch it over again.
    Thanks to Ann for being such a great teacher and a special thanks to The Silver Thimble for hosting it!

  206. I have been curious about quilting with rulers, so this class was something I immediately signed up for. I havent been able to take any classes in the past year because of illness in the family, followed immediately by the pandemic. I thought the class was very informative. Gave me the opportunity to purchase the starter set at a great price along with classes to support starting out! I’m forward to trying this! Thanks Ann for your careful instruction!

  207. She’s pleasant and easy to learn from. I love the way she makes it clear on how to use the rulers.She doesn’t rush.

  208. I have a little experience with ruler work, but took the beginner class to see what more I could learn. Ann obviously has great ruler work skills, but for beginners, I would have expected more basic information up front on getting prepared to do ruler work, such as machine prep, needles, thread selection, etc. She did, however, cover some of that randomly during the class. Also, I would have liked more demos with the rulers in the beginner’s basic set since that is most likely the first purchase of many new quilters. Feathers could be saved for more advanced classes.
    An unfortunate camera malfunction was a distraction during the class. But on a positive note, Ann’s casual style of delivery was pleasant and I feel sure she provided enough information and encouragement to inspire many new quilters.

  209. Anne is a fabulous instructor. I was very impressed. She keep everything interesting and was very thorough. She had a way of explaining everything in great detail so you could completely understand all the instructions! I’m going to follow her classes, she’s amazing!

  210. This was my first experience with the virtual ruler work class and I felt it was amazing. The instructions were clearly explained and the demonstrations were great also. I look forward to participating in more virtual classes.

  211. Ann’s class was so informative! She made ruler work look so easy, with clear explanations and great modeling. She inspired me to get started with rulers — I can’t wait for my new tools to arrive!

  212. Ann Moore is such a good teacher. Her gentle speaking style just makes you relax from the start to the finish. She also encourages you all along the way, making you feel like you can accomplish anything you just try. She also makes you not fret over any mistakes along the way. Just keep moving. I will definitely continue to watch her classes.

  213. I really enjoyed the ruler work class Ann presented and I learned alot! Her explanations were very clear and this is my first introduction, but I understood it with her great explanations. I am thinking about ordering some starting materials, but I am not sure if I want to tackle a large quilt at this time. I would like to have seen some finishhed projects using the rulers and tools presented in class. Is there somewhere on your website that I can do this? I was so glad that Barnes Sewing Center offered this class.

  214. I am so grateful to have discovered Ann and Westalee rulers. She is so patient and thorough in her demonstrations. My only problem is that I want more!!!
    Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  215. Sewing since I was 8 but never did any thing free motion. This was a good introduction. Ann was a great instructor. Like that it was virtual and was able to rewatch . Looks like I have lots of ideas for Birthday and Christmas. I would like to be able to watch it again if Santa is good to me.

  216. Thank you Sew Steady and Ann.
    What a wonderful class.
    Ann is an excellent instructor.
    Her explanation and instruction were very clear to understand.

  217. I enjoyed the class. I have not attempted to try this type of quilting yet. She is an excellent instructor.

  218. Very informative and helpful. Motivated me to get my rulers back out and at least look to see if I had anything like what you used. No, need to order more. LOL But will practice with what I have before I do that. Do want that wish table and circle maker though!! Thanks, keep em coming.

  219. Ann was wonderful! Very easy to see her demo virtually and she really knew her information well. Enjoyed the class so much that I’m interested in having her speak to our guild!

  220. It was a wonderful class. Leaned so much and so excited to try out my rulers. My level of confidence has grown just my attending this very informative class.

  221. Anne is a fantastic instructer. I really enjoy her virtual classes. I loved the Winter Collection, so I have ordered and can’t wait for it to come so that I can try using it. She is full of knowledge and never hesitates to answer class questions. I hope that one day I can meet her and take one of her classes .

  222. I enjoyed the virtual class with Ann and Barnes Sewing very much! I had previously purchased the set of rulers Ann used, tried them a bit, but got discouraged. Seeing Ann demonstrate and talk through the steps was so helpful and encouraging to me! I tried a couple and now have the confidence to get going with them! Thank you, Ann, for your clear, concise teaching!

  223. Ann is a wonderful, patient and thorough instructor who conveys her extensive knowledge with kindness and encouragement!

  224. Ann is a wonderful teacher! She does a wonderful job of explaining everything. I am a beginner with ruler work and this helped with my confidence. Looking forward to more of her classes. Thank you for these virtual classes!

  225. Enjoyed the class and like it being virtual so I can watch it many times. I really like doing ruler work and hope to do more of it soon.
    It is a good idea with the COVID virus and bad weather coming-don’t have to worry about bad roads.

  226. I thought the instructor was very knowledgeable. The biggest challenge I had with the course is that it was supposed to be for Beginners. It would have been helpful if the instructor first went over the supplies needed — in particular an explanation of shanks.

    I will be reviewing the class again as I think it was really good introduction to ruler quilting.

  227. This was my first Westlalee ruler class and Ann did an excellent job presenting the information. She went slowly and clearly explained everything that she was doing along with personal experiences that she had using the various materials. I ordered some of the supplies and can’t wait to get started. Taking the virtual presentation worked very well for me, especially now, during the pandemic. I appreciate the class being offered from the Gloversville Sewing Center. I would love to take more classes from Ann

  228. Ann is a great instructor. I like to see a variety of designs that can be made with each template and combinations of templates. This class was great!

  229. Ann was a wonderful teacher! Her verbal information was paced just right and her attitude was so encouraging. The visual was spectacular. Never could you have seen so much so clearly in an in-person class. My husband watched part of it with me and asked how soon I would be purchasing the needed equipment. I had never previously know what ruler work was, and now I am hooked. Thank you so much!

  230. I enjoyed Ann’s presentation. I have contemplated using rulers with my long arm, but wanted more information. Ann answered many of my questions during the class. Thank you!

  231. My first time watching a rulers webinar instruction class. Was truly amazing and provided a lot of helpful info to help me get started. She is a very clear on her instructions and goes beyond just providing the basics. Thx!

  232. Ann is a great instructor, she is patient, calm and has so many tip9s to offer from her experience. I have enjoyed using rulers in the past, in fact am hooked on them, but still I watched and learned new techniques etc that will enhance my quilting experience. Thanks so much for these classes.

  233. This was my first ruler class. I thought the class was very informative and Ann is an excellent teacher. I liked the virtual aspect of the class because I could pause and rewind too. I would be interested in more classes. Thank you!

  234. I thought the class on ruler work was very informative. I have not done this kind of quilting before and would have preferred some basic introduction first

  235. Excellent instructor. Went slowly and thoroughly explained every step. I bought the starter ruler set and now have the confidence to practice using them. Thank you!

  236. Ann was wonderful. She was organized, clear and concise in her instructions, and her gentle, pleasant voice made it easy to follow her instructions. She is definitely a talented person in many areas.

  237. Ann is a very knowledgeable instructor and covered a lot of information very capably in her ZOOM class. I have a set of rulers but did not have the confidence to use them until I saw her presentation. I learned about other tools/templates that will be helpful in creating wonderful machine quilting designs. Hope to take more of her ZOOM classes!

  238. Ann is an amazing teacher. You can tell she likes to teach. I learned a lot from her class and I am ready to give it another try. thanks

  239. Class was very informative. Ann is an excellent teacher. I liked the virtual class because I could pause if necessary and rewind too. I would be interested in more classes. Thank you!

  240. I just love Ann’s method of teaching. She is very talented and is great at encouraging us students and helping us believe “we can do it”. I first learned about Ann when Sew Steady started doing daily live broadcasts in April. Ann has a very warm welcoming spirit and I may never have the privilège of meeting her, but I sure am glad there is the internet so I can continue learning from her.

  241. What I liked best about Ann was that she was calm and confident. She slowly showed us, step-by-step, how to use the rulers. And even if she made a mistake, she didn’t get anxious. She simply showed us how easy it was to fix it and reminded us that these mistakes are part of what makes our quilts handmade. Ann was unflappable!

  242. Great information! I tried using a ruler after viewing the class and I am hooked. Ann’s instructions gave me the confidence to machine quilt.

  243. Thank you for a very enjoyable and informative class. The presentation was excellent, and the virtual aspect flowed smoothly.
    Will definitely watch for more virtual presentations.

  244. This was a great class. I have had the basic set for 5 years and never used anything but the straight edge. I did a class at the store when I bought them but it was confusing and I never felt confident to try anything else with them. Ann’s class was so clear and easy to follow. the pace was right too, not so slow that I drifted off to something else and not so fast i couldn’t follow. Having the recorded class to review the use of the thumb tack and the cross hair template was invaluable. I’d love to do more classes with Ann.

  245. Ann was excellent. I took an in person class a few years back
    walked away not gaining any knowledge of rulers that was helpful.
    Having the camera on her work and instructions is the way to go!

  246. I have had my rulers & supplies for several years & never had a class. Tried on my own & just couldn’t get it. Ann was WONDERFUL and made it look easy. I Learned so much & can’t wait to get my books to continue to play & learn. Will continue to take as many classes as I can!!

  247. Ann was a tremendous instructor. Obviously very knowledgeable, encouraging and authentic. I loved how she showed us her ‘mistakes’ and how they disappear in the entire quilting. This made me more willing to try the techniques.

  248. I enjoyed Ann’s class but I still had some basic questions so I watched Kate Quinn”s class and got them answered. Both were good teachers.

  249. I really enjoyed the ruler class/demonstration..I am a newbie to ruler work and so most of what she said was new information to me. I actually feel like i am equipped to dive in now! Of course, I need some rulers. I really liked the registration marking and the way you can work around the design. Ann did a great job for us!

  250. I have never used a ruler foot but have thought they would be wonderful to use, in place of the grid quilting system I currently use. I appreciated Ann Moore’s tips — especially the little things that someone may not think about. After having watched Ann Moore’s virtual class offered by AllBrands nearly 2 weeks ago, I am excited and am in the process obtaining the proper Westalee ruler foot for my 20-year-old Bernina and a few simple quilt rulers — to play with and attempt to use on a simple quilt. Thanks to AllBrands and Ann for providing me with such an eye-opening and possible virtual experience (I live in California) that I would not have had the opportunity to have otherwise (i.e., in-class experience).




  252. Thoroughly enjoyed Ann’s class. She obviously knows how to get the best out of the rulers, which I find a little challenging at times. She explained what she was doing and why, the camera captured her movements very well. She’s gracious about sharing her knowledge. It was an excellent presentation on a good topic. Thank you! love getting your emails and have enjoyed all your webinars. Keep them coming!

  253. This was a great class with a lot of information in a short time. Very informative and inspirational. I would like to see her do another class where there was more time to cover everything in more detail and show more of the templates and different ways to use them.

  254. I loved the way Ann taught the class from her home and let us know that even professionals make oopsies now and then! LOL! I can’t go to on site classes, so having the option of watching a virtual class is great for me and even if the time zone is too late, the class is usually available the next day on you tube or facebook. I appreciate Sew Steady and AllBrands for making these classes available. I’m just a beginning quilter and already had the starter template set for awhile, but was afraid to use it. Ann helped a lot for me to get started with ruler work! Thanks Ann!

  255. Ann’s class was very good giving very good tips and especially making quilting with rulers less intimidating. I am trying it my rulers and look forward to another class.

  256. Ann’s class was very good making me feel that I can do quilting with rulers. I look forward to more classes.

  257. Just watched Ann Moore’s ruler class (recorded). If you can ever take her classes in person, you will love them (no techno glitches!). She is a great teacher, very patient, and really wants you to “get it”. Her work is extraordinary!

  258. Ann is a wonderful teacher. So thorough and doesn’t mind getting questions in the middle of a project, she will stop and answer to make you understand what she is doing. I really enjoy watching her videos.

  259. I have now watched three webcasts on using rulers. This was by far the best. She did a great job explaining all the tricks in using the various rulers

  260. I have been quilting for some time now. Have machines from domestic to mid arm and a LA. Love all aspects of this craft. I live very remote so watching instructors via internet is my favorite source of new ideas and lessons. Ann is a wealth of information and very through in her presentation. I plan to watch all of her lessons that I can find. I also orders some of her rulers.

  261. Ann is a favorite of mine, so patient and informative. I like that she uses gloves, cause that’s how I have to do it. Explains everything well and takes time to answer our many questions. Can’t wait for next class

  262. I thoroughly enjoyed this class. I am a novice quilter with big ambitions and her demonstration of using the templates was a great help. I had purchased the starter set a while back, but was having some trouble making designs. Now I know why! I wasn’t using the thumb tack. Any time Ann wants to teach me more, I am more than ready.

  263. Ann is an awesome instructor/educator. She really knows her stuff& her work is incredible! Looking forward to more classes with her.

  264. Newly purchased the Westalee set and yet to use it! And thought the class was very good and informative. Would love to see more classes as i feel this is a lot to learn. But thought the instructor was excellent!!
    Thank you 😊

  265. I have taken a few classes from Ann. She is extremely knowledgeable and very sharing of her time and talents. I have taken both free motion and ruler classes from her. She is a professional in her teaching with a calm and unflappable demeanor. I would highly recommend her as an instructor.

  266. I love Ann! I have taken several classes from her and have enjoyed them so much! Ann is a wonderful teacher, very patient, knowledgeable, and talented. She has inspired me to not be afraid to try new techniques. Thank you Ann!

  267. I have taken a few classes from Ann and she is the most patient teacher I have ever had. She is so talented it was a blessing to learn from her. She has so many new ideas to present to her students. I am excited to learn more from her when she is back to my area to teach.

  268. I had the opportunity of taking a class with Ann in the beginning of 2020, it was great and she was very knowledgeable! It was a great start to ruler work, which I now love to do!

  269. I have taken several classes from Ann. She is a wonderful instructor – patient and kind. My skills have improved tremendously from her instruction. I hope to take more classes from her in the future!

  270. I have taken several classes with Ann. She is an excellent instructor and super talented quilter. She is patient and really takes time with her students. She is the best!!

  271. I had pieced but never quilted one of my quilts. I loved taking Anne’s classes. She is so patient and has such wonderful way of helping when you feel like you aren’t getting it. The quilt I made in her class taught me so much and is one of my favorites.

  272. I met Ann at a retreat and she made learning new techniques a joy because she lowered my stress level, talked me through my decisions and increased my confidence. Since then I have taken other classes with her and would recommend taking a class from her even if you had rearrange your schedule! You won’t be sorry.

  273. Ann Moore is an awesome instructor! I have taken several different classes from her in the past. She is patient and helps you feel at ease when working with rulers

  274. I have taken several classes with Ann Moore. Even though I’ve known her awhile, I still go into a class feeling all insecure and she instantly makes you feel welcome. She encourages her students at whatever place they are at. Throughout her presentation, she works one-on-one to assure everyone understands. She shares many helpful tips that make sewing fun and much easier. I love taking classes with Ann Moore as the instructor. I look forward to my next class with her.

  275. I just love how Ann teaches. She is so calm and soothing when she talks while guiding you thru the work. I made the design she showed us using the Artisan Curve Marquise #85 template and had no trouble after watching her video!! She is a wonderful teacher, and I can’t wait to learn more from her!

  276. I have taken lots of classes through the years and Ann Moore is one of the best instructors. She has tremendous patience and is so knowledgeable about all things quilting. I was struggling with ruler work and her class really helped me break through my “fear” of rulers. I am off and running now thanks to her!! Thank you Ann!

  277. I have taken several classes with Ann. She is an amazing teacher. Ann truly LOVES what she does and that is reflected in how she teaches. For those “fumble-fingers” like me, she has amazing patience and helps us achieve incredible results first time around. She has tons of helpful hints and shares all her award winning techniques. I highly recommend her for guilds and retreats.

  278. Wonderful teacher. I have had two classes with her and learned a lot. Can’t wait to have another. You can,l go wrong having as a teacher.

  279. Ann is a very patient and knowledgeable teacher. She inspires and encourages those who aren’t too sure of their ability to keeping trying and she has some really helpful tips and suggestions to make the projects turn out even nicer than I thought I would be able to do! I am looking forward to the next time I can take one of her classes, and learning more ways to use my ruler system.

  280. Ann Moore taught at our shop earlier this year. She is an excellent teacher and we can’t wait to have her back. We enjoy seeing the progress her students have made as they continue to build on the skills taught by Ann.

  281. I have taken several classes with Ann. Whenever she is in my area I will definitely sign up again. She is an awesome instructor. She has sparked a real interest in quilting with rulers for me!

  282. Ann is a fabulous instructor who never gets flustered and really helps you understand how to quilt and then how you can use your new found skills in a number of ways. Ann taught me how to quilt… something I am forever grateful for!

  283. Ann is a wonderful instructor. I learned more in her 3 days of instruction than I have in the last couple of years. I like the style of teaching she uses. I was able to finish my projects and I am excited to try out more of my templates. I would definately take another class from her.

  284. Of all the instructors I’ve met in classes over the last 15 years, Ann ranks at the top, #1! Her knowledge and teaching methods for ruler work are second to none! Ann is more than willing to explain a second or third time, whatever it takes!! Ann is calming about students feelings of apprehension of ruler work! She makes you feel good and self-confident in your endeavors as a student!!

  285. Ann Moore is an extraordinary instructor. She is an incredible, extremely knowledgeable instructor. I had never done any ruler work and she made it so easy to understand. Just loved her and her class. Will take more classes from her. I feel blessed to take a class from Ann Moore.

  286. Ann is such an awesome educator! I have watched her videos more than once. I can’t wait for her return and for the remainder of Annie’s Sampler to be posted so I can continue my quilt. If I ever get the opportunity to take a class in person with her, I hope to be able to do so. Ann is a fantastic teacher and I highly recommend her!

  287. Ann is a fantastic Instructor! She is so calm and thorough. She will help you with the trouble spots and help you overcome them! She’s so soft spoken and gentle and calm and always encourages you!

    1. Ann is a really great teacher. I love learning from her. She is so patient and very good at explaining things.

  288. Ann is a great instructor. Learned a lot about Quilting with Rulers and love it. Hope she comes back so I can go to another one of her classes.

    1. Ann is wonderful. She is informative and patient. Love her classes. Her work is stunning. I learned alot from her and am more confident now.

      1. Truly enjoyed Ann’s Artisan curves classes. I love the effects and have ordered two of the rulers so I can try these! Ann was easy to listen to and demonstrated the rulers in an easy to understand way. Now I just want to try a ruler and do the cutout to make a pillow! I hav the fabric th rulers are on order and I going to check to see if she has a class instructing on the cutout designs!

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