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Ann Moore

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I am a free motion quilting instructor who started free motion quilting a few years ago after I sent 2 quilts out to a long arm quilter. The long arm quilter did a beautiful job with a pantograph but I felt that I could not say I made this quilt myself, that a part of that quilt belonged to someone else. My mom says my first sentence was “I do it myself.” And that holds true today. I tell people that I piece quilts so I will have something to quilt. I was blessed to attend classes with an international instructor and before I knew it I was asked to teach free motion quilting. I started using rulers in my quilting a few years ago and learned about Westalee rulers at Houston Quilt Market in 2016 and was hooked. Teaching quilting with rulers was a natural progression and many students have even indicated that they find ruler work easier and certainly more fun.

I have entered my quilts in several shows and have won several awards. My quilts have earned multiple awards including Judge’s Choice, People’s Choice , Best Machine Quilting on a Domestic Machine, and Best in Show. I have a quilt juried in to show at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in 2020!

I live outside of Houston in the community of Huntsville, Texas with my husband Andrew. We have two sons, two daughters-in-law and three of the best grandchildren ever.

I am available for teaching, demonstrating at events and also as a speaker for quilt guilds. When I travel to a store and teach I like to walk through the store picking up items that I use. I talk to my students about these items in my lecture and the next thing I know they have slipped out of class to go buy these items before they are all gone. I am willing to travel throughout the U.S. and Canada and perhaps internationally although English is my only language.

Why Westalee Design Templates: “Westalee Rulers gives me precision and perfection in my quilting. It also pairs beautifully with free motion quilting.”


57 thoughts on “Ann Moore

  1. Great information! I tried using a ruler after viewing the class and I am hooked. Ann’s instructions gave me the confidence to machine quilt.

  2. Thank you for a very enjoyable and informative class. The presentation was excellent, and the virtual aspect flowed smoothly.
    Will definitely watch for more virtual presentations.

  3. This was a great class. I have had the basic set for 5 years and never used anything but the straight edge. I did a class at the store when I bought them but it was confusing and I never felt confident to try anything else with them. Ann’s class was so clear and easy to follow. the pace was right too, not so slow that I drifted off to something else and not so fast i couldn’t follow. Having the recorded class to review the use of the thumb tack and the cross hair template was invaluable. I’d love to do more classes with Ann.

  4. Ann was excellent. I took an in person class a few years back
    walked away not gaining any knowledge of rulers that was helpful.
    Having the camera on her work and instructions is the way to go!

  5. I have had my rulers & supplies for several years & never had a class. Tried on my own & just couldn’t get it. Ann was WONDERFUL and made it look easy. I Learned so much & can’t wait to get my books to continue to play & learn. Will continue to take as many classes as I can!!

  6. Ann was a tremendous instructor. Obviously very knowledgeable, encouraging and authentic. I loved how she showed us her ‘mistakes’ and how they disappear in the entire quilting. This made me more willing to try the techniques.

  7. I enjoyed Ann’s class but I still had some basic questions so I watched Kate Quinn”s class and got them answered. Both were good teachers.

  8. I really enjoyed the ruler class/demonstration..I am a newbie to ruler work and so most of what she said was new information to me. I actually feel like i am equipped to dive in now! Of course, I need some rulers. I really liked the registration marking and the way you can work around the design. Ann did a great job for us!

  9. I have never used a ruler foot but have thought they would be wonderful to use, in place of the grid quilting system I currently use. I appreciated Ann Moore’s tips — especially the little things that someone may not think about. After having watched Ann Moore’s virtual class offered by AllBrands nearly 2 weeks ago, I am excited and am in the process obtaining the proper Westalee ruler foot for my 20-year-old Bernina and a few simple quilt rulers — to play with and attempt to use on a simple quilt. Thanks to AllBrands and Ann for providing me with such an eye-opening and possible virtual experience (I live in California) that I would not have had the opportunity to have otherwise (i.e., in-class experience).




  11. Thoroughly enjoyed Ann’s class. She obviously knows how to get the best out of the rulers, which I find a little challenging at times. She explained what she was doing and why, the camera captured her movements very well. She’s gracious about sharing her knowledge. It was an excellent presentation on a good topic. Thank you! love getting your emails and have enjoyed all your webinars. Keep them coming!

  12. This was a great class with a lot of information in a short time. Very informative and inspirational. I would like to see her do another class where there was more time to cover everything in more detail and show more of the templates and different ways to use them.

  13. I loved the way Ann taught the class from her home and let us know that even professionals make oopsies now and then! LOL! I can’t go to on site classes, so having the option of watching a virtual class is great for me and even if the time zone is too late, the class is usually available the next day on you tube or facebook. I appreciate Sew Steady and AllBrands for making these classes available. I’m just a beginning quilter and already had the starter template set for awhile, but was afraid to use it. Ann helped a lot for me to get started with ruler work! Thanks Ann!

  14. Ann’s class was very good giving very good tips and especially making quilting with rulers less intimidating. I am trying it my rulers and look forward to another class.

  15. Just watched Ann Moore’s ruler class (recorded). If you can ever take her classes in person, you will love them (no techno glitches!). She is a great teacher, very patient, and really wants you to “get it”. Her work is extraordinary!

  16. Ann is a wonderful teacher. So thorough and doesn’t mind getting questions in the middle of a project, she will stop and answer to make you understand what she is doing. I really enjoy watching her videos.

  17. I have now watched three webcasts on using rulers. This was by far the best. She did a great job explaining all the tricks in using the various rulers

  18. I have been quilting for some time now. Have machines from domestic to mid arm and a LA. Love all aspects of this craft. I live very remote so watching instructors via internet is my favorite source of new ideas and lessons. Ann is a wealth of information and very through in her presentation. I plan to watch all of her lessons that I can find. I also orders some of her rulers.

  19. Ann is a favorite of mine, so patient and informative. I like that she uses gloves, cause that’s how I have to do it. Explains everything well and takes time to answer our many questions. Can’t wait for next class

  20. I thoroughly enjoyed this class. I am a novice quilter with big ambitions and her demonstration of using the templates was a great help. I had purchased the starter set a while back, but was having some trouble making designs. Now I know why! I wasn’t using the thumb tack. Any time Ann wants to teach me more, I am more than ready.

  21. Ann is an awesome instructor/educator. She really knows her stuff& her work is incredible! Looking forward to more classes with her.

  22. Newly purchased the Westalee set and yet to use it! And thought the class was very good and informative. Would love to see more classes as i feel this is a lot to learn. But thought the instructor was excellent!!
    Thank you 😊

  23. I have taken a few classes from Ann. She is extremely knowledgeable and very sharing of her time and talents. I have taken both free motion and ruler classes from her. She is a professional in her teaching with a calm and unflappable demeanor. I would highly recommend her as an instructor.

  24. I love Ann! I have taken several classes from her and have enjoyed them so much! Ann is a wonderful teacher, very patient, knowledgeable, and talented. She has inspired me to not be afraid to try new techniques. Thank you Ann!

  25. I have taken a few classes from Ann and she is the most patient teacher I have ever had. She is so talented it was a blessing to learn from her. She has so many new ideas to present to her students. I am excited to learn more from her when she is back to my area to teach.

  26. I had the opportunity of taking a class with Ann in the beginning of 2020, it was great and she was very knowledgeable! It was a great start to ruler work, which I now love to do!

  27. I have taken several classes from Ann. She is a wonderful instructor – patient and kind. My skills have improved tremendously from her instruction. I hope to take more classes from her in the future!

  28. I have taken several classes with Ann. She is an excellent instructor and super talented quilter. She is patient and really takes time with her students. She is the best!!

  29. I had pieced but never quilted one of my quilts. I loved taking Anne’s classes. She is so patient and has such wonderful way of helping when you feel like you aren’t getting it. The quilt I made in her class taught me so much and is one of my favorites.

  30. I met Ann at a retreat and she made learning new techniques a joy because she lowered my stress level, talked me through my decisions and increased my confidence. Since then I have taken other classes with her and would recommend taking a class from her even if you had rearrange your schedule! You won’t be sorry.

  31. Ann Moore is an awesome instructor! I have taken several different classes from her in the past. She is patient and helps you feel at ease when working with rulers

  32. I have taken several classes with Ann Moore. Even though I’ve known her awhile, I still go into a class feeling all insecure and she instantly makes you feel welcome. She encourages her students at whatever place they are at. Throughout her presentation, she works one-on-one to assure everyone understands. She shares many helpful tips that make sewing fun and much easier. I love taking classes with Ann Moore as the instructor. I look forward to my next class with her.

  33. I just love how Ann teaches. She is so calm and soothing when she talks while guiding you thru the work. I made the design she showed us using the Artisan Curve Marquise #85 template and had no trouble after watching her video!! She is a wonderful teacher, and I can’t wait to learn more from her!

  34. I have taken lots of classes through the years and Ann Moore is one of the best instructors. She has tremendous patience and is so knowledgeable about all things quilting. I was struggling with ruler work and her class really helped me break through my “fear” of rulers. I am off and running now thanks to her!! Thank you Ann!

  35. I have taken several classes with Ann. She is an amazing teacher. Ann truly LOVES what she does and that is reflected in how she teaches. For those “fumble-fingers” like me, she has amazing patience and helps us achieve incredible results first time around. She has tons of helpful hints and shares all her award winning techniques. I highly recommend her for guilds and retreats.

  36. Wonderful teacher. I have had two classes with her and learned a lot. Can’t wait to have another. You can,l go wrong having as a teacher.

  37. Ann is a very patient and knowledgeable teacher. She inspires and encourages those who aren’t too sure of their ability to keeping trying and she has some really helpful tips and suggestions to make the projects turn out even nicer than I thought I would be able to do! I am looking forward to the next time I can take one of her classes, and learning more ways to use my ruler system.

  38. Ann Moore taught at our shop earlier this year. She is an excellent teacher and we can’t wait to have her back. We enjoy seeing the progress her students have made as they continue to build on the skills taught by Ann.

  39. I have taken several classes with Ann. Whenever she is in my area I will definitely sign up again. She is an awesome instructor. She has sparked a real interest in quilting with rulers for me!

  40. Ann is a fabulous instructor who never gets flustered and really helps you understand how to quilt and then how you can use your new found skills in a number of ways. Ann taught me how to quilt… something I am forever grateful for!

  41. Ann is a wonderful instructor. I learned more in her 3 days of instruction than I have in the last couple of years. I like the style of teaching she uses. I was able to finish my projects and I am excited to try out more of my templates. I would definately take another class from her.

  42. Of all the instructors I’ve met in classes over the last 15 years, Ann ranks at the top, #1! Her knowledge and teaching methods for ruler work are second to none! Ann is more than willing to explain a second or third time, whatever it takes!! Ann is calming about students feelings of apprehension of ruler work! She makes you feel good and self-confident in your endeavors as a student!!

  43. Ann Moore is an extraordinary instructor. She is an incredible, extremely knowledgeable instructor. I had never done any ruler work and she made it so easy to understand. Just loved her and her class. Will take more classes from her. I feel blessed to take a class from Ann Moore.

  44. Ann is such an awesome educator! I have watched her videos more than once. I can’t wait for her return and for the remainder of Annie’s Sampler to be posted so I can continue my quilt. If I ever get the opportunity to take a class in person with her, I hope to be able to do so. Ann is a fantastic teacher and I highly recommend her!

  45. Ann is a fantastic Instructor! She is so calm and thorough. She will help you with the trouble spots and help you overcome them! She’s so soft spoken and gentle and calm and always encourages you!

  46. Ann is a great instructor. Learned a lot about Quilting with Rulers and love it. Hope she comes back so I can go to another one of her classes.

    1. Ann is wonderful. She is informative and patient. Love her classes. Her work is stunning. I learned alot from her and am more confident now.

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