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Carol Ockerman

Promoted Instructor

San Antonio, TX (willing to travel)
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About The Instructor

My name is Carol Ockerman, owner and operator of Sew Ease, which provides personalized
sewing and quilting lessons for individuals who want to learn the basics to those who are
amazing and want to enhance the skills they already have. This includes quilting ruler work
using the Westalee Design / Sew Steady products.

I cannot remember a time in my childhood where I was not sitting at the sewing tables of my
mother or grandmother. Having learned from them the skill of fabric piecing and apparel
making, I completed – and wore to school – my first outfit when I was only 9 years old! Yes,
I’ve been sewing ever since and it is one of my great passions.

I have sewn countless bridal and evening gowns, hand-crafted veils, sewn for entire bridal
parties, crafted infant and baby crib ensembles, sewn heirloom christening gowns, ballet and
recital costumes. For more than a decade I’ve embraced and love sharing the art of quilting.
Proficient in a variety of quilting methods, I especially favor patchwork and hand-appliqué
Having found the Westalee Design / Sew Steady product line and techniques has been a true
blessing. I endeavor to share my knowledge and skills in this field when and where I can. I
enjoy teaching people of all skill levels, and want to encourage promotion of this proud and
historic art.

One thought on “Carol Ockerman

  1. Hi, Carol, I am the Program Coordinator for 2021 for the New Braunfels Area Quilt Guild. I am just getting started with the planning for 2021 and wonder if you do presentations for quilt guilds and teach classes for guilds. NBAQG has monthly meetings with presentations from artists and teachers during the meeting. We have the capability for full day 6 hour or half day 4 hour classes. I’m excited to find someone locally and look forward to hearing from you.
    Regards, Jackie Bevilacqua

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