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Donelle McAdams

Quilting Industry Partner

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Westalee Design Accredited Teacher

Indiana (willing to travel anywhere in the US) (willing to travel)

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About The Instructor

Donelle McAdams is the owner of SEW BIZ, Marion, Indiana. Donelle is the designer of Quick Easy Mitered Binding and Border Tools for the Sewing and Quilting industry that are sold internationally and she is also a pattern designer. Previously a Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher, she has been a quilt store owner for 37 years. She has taught a variety of SchoolHouse and Take & Teach classes and Business Management Seminars at International Quilt Market, Husqvarna Viking Sewing Convention, Vacuum & Sewing Machine Dealers Trade Association Convention and has participated as a Quilt Store Owner/Educator on numerous panels and advisory boards. She writes a column – Profitable Promotions – for FabShop News, an industry magazine.

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As an Accredited Teacher for Westalee Design /Sew Steady, Donelle is available to teach classes and assist you as a Ruler Work demonstrator at your next Quilt Show or event. Her love and enthusiasm for sewing and quilting is infectious. Taking a class or booking an event with Donelle is guaranteed to be information-packed, inspirational and FUN!

Why Westalee Design Templates? “Quilting with templates is my therapy! I find that I so completely concentrate on my project that I don’t think about other issues of life when sewing or quilting. That’s very relaxing for me.”

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462 thoughts on “Donelle McAdams

  1. Donelle, Thank you for another wonderful class. I learn so much each time I watch one of your classes. Your instructions are always so clear. It is comforting to know I am not the only one who sometimes has “issues” while sewing. Thank you for calmly showing us how to work our way out of those issues!

  2. I have learned sew much from Donelle over the past year whether it was ruler work or her wealth of tips knowledge. I hope someday to attend a live event of hers.

  3. Love all the virtual classes I’ve taken with Donelle. She is an exceptional instructor!! Looking forward to taking more with her.

  4. Always enjoy Donelle’s classses, she’s a very inspiring instructor and she has a wealth of knowledge that she is only to happy to share. Look forward to more of her classes in the future.

  5. I love taking Donelle’s virtual classes. I can watch the video multiple times to catch anything I might have missed. She explains thing so well and when she runs into a difficulty (as we all do), she show us how to correct the problem. I look forward to taking many more virtual classes from her.
    Thank you so much, Donelle!

  6. Another great class by Donelle, doing the Marquise Wreath — I bought my templates during the class because I was so impressed. Loved the ways she showed us how to use templates in multiple ways.

  7. Donelle is a great instructor. I wish I could meet her in person. She explains everything very clearly and love her tips and tricks! She has so much good information that she freely shares to help you be successful. I am working on her beginner class and it is great! My first block is done, and it is so nice to work at my own pace with the video! Thank you Donelle!!

  8. I watched the class on the Christmas Wreath last week and was very impressed. Donelle took the time to show step by step how to do the wreath using all the tools needed to make it easy. I really liked the way she showed how to cut corners and make the project look professionally done. It was my first time watching a quilting demonstration and would watch her again. I don’t quilt but am interested in learning – I guess I have done some very minor quilting when I got my first machine many years ago – just can’t afford to purchase all the rulers and templates that are out there.

  9. Always learn so much from Donelle! She is so easy to listen to and I learn a new tip or trick every time.Thank you!

  10. I have zero experience with either free motion or ruler quilting. I am terrified of the thought of doing something free motion so when I heard Donelle say it was not her favorite either, I immediately fell in love. I just purchased the beginner ruler set, so have not tried anything, but I am looking forward to starting. I appreciate the calmness and thoroughness that Donelle demonstrates in her teaching. She reinforces what she is doing several times and also gives hints and tips that make understanding easier. Thank you Donelle.

  11. Donelle’s virtual beginner’s ruler class was excellent. She is a wonderful teacher. I have never used rulers in quilting. She covered all of the basics and gave many useful tips for quilting with rulers. Her demos were great. I now have the confidence to try ruler quilting. I have watched and rewatched some of Donelle’s classes including Live at Five. I enjoyed all of them. I plan to continue learning more with Donelle’s classes. Thank you.

  12. Thank you so much for an informative class. I learned a lot Donelle! I bought some Westalee rulers at the Bloomington Quilt Show probably 5-6 years ago, but never really got the hang of them. I’m anxious to get them back out and try them on my domestic machine. Thank you for graciously providing this great course for us!

  13. Love how Donelle explains everything. A very good teacher. Been watching as much as l can and love how you show hoe you are human. Most instructors never show mistakes but you do so l love this. I had a light bulb moment when l first started watching and very grateful for all the effort you put in so a big thank you to both you and your daughter,Keep up the Saturday night shows. Kim Myers

  14. Wow what an amazing teacher you are I really enjoy your classes and inspired me to take on a lot more quilting projects with all my rulers. I am certainly going to enroll in more courses thank you ROCK

  15. I love Donelle’s classes. Try NOT to miss any of her classes. Learned a lot from her. Thanks Donelle. Your a GREAT TEACHER

  16. Donelle is an excellent teacher. I took her next step class and am now taking her ….and beyond class. Even though I have been sewing for years, I always seem to learn something new from her. And sometimes even just a reminder of something we knew years ago but have now neglected, such as tearing fabric for the straight of grain. I love her ruler classes.

  17. I always enjoy watching Donelles classes and love how well she explains what she’s doing as well as making sure the camera is positioned well on the project.

  18. Donelle always provides thorough, understandable, “right on” instructions. She is personally responsible for my “addiction” and reason for my vast collection of templates.

  19. The Beginner Ruler virtual class was very informative, I learned a lot, thanks to Donelle and her great tips!

  20. Donelle was a great instructor and I really appreciated all of her tips and tricks. I can’t wait to watch another of her lessons.

  21. This was such a wonderful informative class. If I ever get my machine back from repairs (in and out of shop for one year) I plan to make learning by doing as my first project. Thank you so much Donelle, for a terrific learning experience.

  22. Love Donelle’s classes. I never thought I’d be able to do ruler work. She has taught me so much and I have now quilted two quilts for my sons. Will continue watching.

  23. I just recently discovered Donelle on YouTube. And WOW! I have been sewing for 58 years and I learned several tips and trips from Donelle in just one video. I am planning on watching more of her videos and attending her virtual classes whenever I can. A wonderful instructor! Keep up the great work, Donelle!

  24. I enjoyed this class by Donelle. She’s a good teacher. Gives good instructions and is easy to understand with explanations. I’ve done many classes with Donelle and always learn something new each time.

  25. I really enjoy Donelle’s classes. I always learn a great deal from her. She is an excellent teacher: very detailed instructions, wonderful easy going manner,fun and innovative, great explanations of the use of the various supplies and tools she uses besides the templates, answers our questions. She and Megan always give a wonderful presentation.

  26. I absolutely love Donelle McAdams classes. There is always some thing to learn and I have learned sew much from her, new things and also better ways of doing some things I already knew! She is very thorough in her instruction and I totally love her attitude! I appreciate all the work that goes on to planning and creating her classes. Thank you Donelle!!!

  27. Donelle does a GREAT job with all of her virtual classes. It is easy to tell that she is an experienced instructor. I really enjoy her classes and learn a lot.

  28. I have never been disappointed with a class Donelle has taught. She explains things so well, She talks in a calm way using grammar correctly (not a ton of UMs or UHs). Thank you for having her as a wonderful teacher. You have 3-4 teachers that are my all time favorites.

  29. Donnell is an excellent instructor. She explains everything in detail. Very thorough. Donnell and her daughter are a team and work so well together.

  30. A wonderful and cool teacher, her classes are always fun and full of tricks, always have a answer for the most uncommon questions, I love flake classes with Donelle, I enjoy her and Megan.

  31. Wonderful instructor. Have learned so much about ruler quilting. She also gives sewing and machine tips.

  32. I try to watch Donelle every single time she’s on live. She is an excellent teacher! She takes the time to explain things thoroughly and to answer all questions. She shows us many different ways to use the rulers, even beyond what is included in the brochures. Superb teacher!

  33. A wonderful teacher.
    A caring teacher. Would recommend her to anyone interested in ruler work. She never loses her cool.
    Thanks Donelle and Megan to for her behind the scenes work.

  34. I’m new to ruler work and love watching Donelle. She’s so down to earth and explains everything so well. I like that she’s okay with making mistakes. I haven’t asked any questions while watching yet, because she gives so much information I find I can follow her really well. Thanks for continuing to give these virtual presentations. I haven’t moved on the more extensive classes yet, but looking forward to doing so in the future.

  35. One Template Wonder was my second virtual class with Donnelle. I love her teaching style and practical tips. She explains things well and I love her designs. Looking forward to my next class!

  36. Donelle is an outstanding instructor who makes everyone feel they can tackle any project. She explains things in a manner that both experienced and inexperienced sewers can understand. I love taking her classes

  37. Donelle goes above and beyond….she’s always prompt answering email questions after a class…I definitely learn something new every class and feel empowered to
    “make it my own.” I’ve learned so much in her classes!

  38. I love watching Donelle. She has shown so much and explains things so clearly that the light bulb went off when l first started to watch her. I live in Australia and in lockdown again so these classes have kept me sane. I am about to take the plunge and have ago at the project she just released. Thanks again Donelle for beening a great instructor and getting me to move my but and not be afraid of failure.

  39. First time to watch Donelle. She is an excellent presenter- very clear, knowledgeable, just the right pace and was able to keep my interest. I look forward to watching more of her classes as so much of this is new to me.

  40. I had been scheduled to take a beginning ruler class last April and then the pandemic struck. I was very happy when Marilyn at Crazy Moose Fabrics in Greenville, Maine shared this opportunity with me. Donelle was even better than advertised! I learned so much and will watch it again this weekend because I know that I didn’t catch everything the first time around. I look forward to taking more classes with Donelle once I go part-time. She is a wonderful instructor and Have recommended her to my quilting friends. Thanks again for the instruction and the inspiration!!

  41. Enjoyed the class. Very helpful and practical hints. Have the wish table with the circle holes. Her ‘bonus’ tutorial at the beginning of the class helped it make sense.

  42. Excellent instructor!! I have taken several classes with Donelle and each time I come away with more tricks and techniques. I come away inspired to continue my ruler work journey. She does such a great job in her demonstrating and explanation of what is to be done. She is easy to listen to and does a great job with positioning of the camera. I will be taking more classes!

  43. On the Border class on August 17 was especially helpful. Connecting some designs with lines, using two sizes of Mini templates—-my mind is just a whirl. I am happy to be able to watch the video a few more times. Thank you for another inspiring class.

  44. Enjoyed Donelle’s excellent presentation on August 16, 2021. Happy to be able to watch it virtually. I had a conflict so did not watch it live. Still need to finish watching so I appreciate it being available until Sept 13, 2021 plus I can go back and start over. The free presentation encouraged people to sign up to view. Thank you for doing this.

  45. I have enjoyed learning the ‘new to me’ techniques from the live class. Donelle explains the techniques clearly and is easy to follow. The camera set up is perfect to give a clear view! Due to COVID restrictions, I have enjoyed discovering new ways to enhance & improve my quilting skills! Thank you so much for having these virtual classes.

  46. I enjoyed Donelle’s class on 8/16/21. I purchased a starter set (ruler foot and arc template) about 5 years ago and never took it out of the package. At the virtual class I was able to set up my machine right along with her. Her instructions were very clear and her camera made it easy for me to follow her actions. At this point, I’m motivated to take more classes from Donelle and ramp up my template quilting journey!

  47. The instructor is very experienced with presenting in front of a camera during the virtual class. The close up shots as she demonstrated each technique were especially helpful. She cleared up several issues I’d had in my own ruler work. Her tips were the best. Thank you so much!

  48. I enjoyed the flanged pillow project. It’s nice having a complete project. It’s quick and simple and as always with Donelle there’s something new to learn. This is a wonderful beginner class and easy to put your own spin on it.

  49. I have learned so very much from Donelle. I am so fortunate to be able to view so many of her classes. She makes quilting fun.

  50. Donelle is the one instructor that I enjoy the most- her “down-to-earth” attitude is evident as she points out the problems that could happen along the way and how to solve them. Every time I attend one of her webinars, I always learn something and have the basics reinforced as she talks her way through the steps.
    She mentioned the outer rim tool. How/where can I purchase one of those?

  51. Donelle is one of my favorite teachers, her instructions are easy to follow and she is always available to answer any questions. Donelle is very helpful. I will assist to all the classes I can.

  52. Donelle’s classes are always so great. Learned so much from her and I have been quilting for quite a while. I would have no hesitation in taking more classes from her as soon as I save enough to buy more equipment. Five star+ I. My books.

  53. Another great class by Donelle. I watch almost every class Donelle teaches as I always learn something new. Have taken both of her virtual classes ..
    Start to finish and the next steps and look forward to her next one. . I also watch her Saturday classes. Donelle is my favourite teacher.

  54. Donelle is one of my favorite Sew Steady teachers. She has awesome ideas and she’s willing to share. If there’s a better way to do something, she will tell you. She doesn’t seem to mind if you ask a question she’s already answered. She has a wonderful cheerful personality. I missed her so very much when she was sick at the end of last year. Thank you for having such a great teacher in your lineup.

  55. You can’t beat Donelle for down to earth instruction — she has a wealth of knowledge that she readily imparts–she has a great sense of humor, and her cats are hysterical. I’d recommend any class she teaches.

  56. Another great learning session with Donelle. I enjoy Donelle’s classes very much and for many reasons. First, I always learn something new. Second, she is a great teacher, she is thorough and she gives good instructions and directions. Thank You Donelle for offering another wonderful class to your students!

  57. Like every one of Donelle’s classes I have taken, it was an interesting project, clear directions and detailed instructions. Excellent instructor.

  58. It’s a great experience to watch Donelle in action. She’s such a good teacher because she knows how to explain every tool she uses to everyone, from the “newbie” to the well experienced quilter. She loves to get questions and is very thorough in her answers. I will continue to watch every virtual class she has. Thanks Sew Steady for introducing Donelle and her daughter, Megan, to us and sharing them with us, especially on Saturday afternoons!

  59. Donelle explains techniques in easy to understand language and demonstrates how to fix common issues. I am mostly watching the Saturday videos, but, when I can, watch the others. Building confidence through small projects.

  60. Donelle is an excellent teacher and I will look forward to attending other virtual classes from her. Her instructions are easy to follow. Many tips are provided for both new and “vintage” sewers. Donelle’s enthusiasm for quilting and sewing is addicting – just when I thought I didn’t need any more tools.

  61. I took the Virtual Ruler Work Class on July 30, 2021. Donelle was fantastic. She has a very nice listening voice. She did not rush through anything. She repeated her steps when doing the ruler work, so that you could see and hear the process several times. She gave many great hints along the way. What Donelle was saying and doing and the camera was showing, both were in sync. No lag time between Donelle and the camera. She shared and explained the many tools that she demonstrated. Very clear and concise presentation. Very inspiring. Another wonderful aspect of the class was that you can review the class for another 4 weeks! Thank you, Donelle!

  62. I participated in Donelle Ruler Work 101 virtual event as well as several of her videos. Donelle is a great teacher and I have learned so much. I’m getting ready to take the plunge and buy more templates. I love her ornament placemats and can’t wait to make some for the holidays.

  63. I find Donelle McAdams to be one of the top instructors. I have seen her teach this class before, but I learn something new each time. She knows the Westalee Rulers very well and has found some unique ways to use some of the them, to show they don’t have just one use. She keeps us stimulated throughout the class and answers questions during it. Not only were we learning, but we were having a lot of fun. Keep up the great work Donelle!

  64. What a pleasure and fantastic experience taking a class with Donelle. She is an amazing instructor.

  65. Donelle does a great job explaining how to use the templates and basic ideas. She also has lots of samples of other ideas and I appreciate that a lot.

  66. Donella does a great job. I love that she shows samples of other things she has made with the templates.

  67. I’ve done the 101 class with many instructors, always learning something new. Donelle seems to be able to throw in more and more interesting ways of using templates and lots of new ideas for all of us. I always enjoy her classes. Definitely 5 star rating.

  68. I took Donelle’s Beginner to Quilt class in April and May. I have had my beginner set for years, but was afraid to use them. Donelle is a great teacher. She explains everything from marking your fabric to the last step of putting your quilt together. She makes the whole process easy. I will be taking more classes from Donelle. Thank you Donelle for this wonderful class !

  69. I recently completed Donelle’s B2Q class. She is a fabulous instructor! I had my rulers for over a year and was not having much success. Donelle was very informative on not just the rulers, but also on several tips and tricks for general quilting. I had a problem at the beginning of the class with the live links and emailed her. She was very quick to respond and helped solve the problem. Definitely money well spent.

  70. I signed up to take the virtual ruler class thru The Little Shop of Stitches this past week (June, 2021)& wow! I loved this class! I had been playing around with a ruler just a wee bit on my own, but finding it a little frustrating. Now I know why. Donelle is such a good instructor. I learned exactly what I was doing wrong & more importantly, how to correct it & make it work! I have been happily free motion quilting for a few years now, but this really opened up another avenue for me! Her calm demeanor & explicit instructions really made that 2 hour class go quickly. So, yes, I was very pleased. 🙂

  71. I listened to the virtual class tonight, Donelle did a great job of explaining everything! I am taking a beginner course in the nearest local quilt shop, but picked up so many helpful hints! Her encouragement to continue to practice and the stitches will improve was well timed. I enjoyed hearing about her personal tips and other uses for the rulers, especially for doing borders. I would definitely take another class from her!

  72. I enjoyed the class featuring beginning ruler work. The topics and tools were well chosen and the demonstrations were clear and inspirational. I loved seeing how the rulers can be used in more than one way during the short time allocated for each. I have purchased the basic set several years ago, but never gotten to use them due to time and other projects being a priority. I am now ready to play with them and discovered additional tools that I would like through the demonstration and discussion in this class. I can’t wait to get started. Thank you Donnelle!

  73. I recently took the beginner class with Donelle and had such a great time. She is an excellent instructor; explains everything very clearly and offers valuable tips and ideas along the way. I also liked he fact that the lessons were live(although I had to watch them afterwards due to my work schedule) and when a glitch happened she worked through it and we could see how to problem solve if/when we ran into that same issue. I learned such a lot and I’m not scared of my rulers anymore! Highly recommend the beginner class to anyone starting out.

  74. My favorite instructor! So creative and innovative! And her tips are so useful! If I see Donelle is teaching a class, I know I’ll want to take it! Thank you, Donelle!

  75. Donelle is a very great teacher!!! Well she made a living teaching at home economics!!!! And who better qualified then a homect teacher!!!! She is very kind and is always happy to help you and kindly give you an answer!!!!! I would love meet her one day!!! Maybe she could come to my quilting shop I always go to???? It’s in Leonardtown, Maryland, in southern Maryland home of the Maryland blue crabs!!! Of course we or I would have a spread of Maryland blue crabs and all the trimmings and of course I also would love to meet Megan her daughter and also Stacy!!!! The phone number to the quilt shop is 240-309-4019, and of course my number is +12405778569!!! I really hope they would come for a visit a little class and some down home southern cooking!!!!! Thanks for everything you do Donelle 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  76. I’ve watched a 101 class before but believe me I’ve not seen one this involved before. Donelle has a great mind, is inspiring, and is easy to follow. I’d only wish classes like these would be shown indefinitely as each time I watch them I find another tip that’s given, another use for a template. I watch once, then go back several more times to watch so I can make notes for things I really liked and write down how something was done. I love Donelle showing the “egg and dart” border, which in my mind would be great for a sashing or when joining blocks together using a 1″ strip, front and back. I’ve never loved the look of block joining on the back because it just didn’t “float my boat” but this is something I could live with and learning to like joiniing blocks. Thanks so much Donelle.

  77. I’ve done the basic class before but always find something new each time. Donnelle is a great teacher. Inspires creativity.

  78. Really enjoyed taking the Beginner ruler course. I learned a lot snd looking forward to expanding my creative side. The written instructions are detailed and easy to follow, but watching the hands pn videos is even better. Donnell is a terrific onstructor.

  79. What an amazing teacher! I bought these templates years ago. My local quilt shop had a class but I was so nervous and lost through the whole class. The instructor was fine but my lack of self confidence kept me from succeeding. I just put the templates away and forgot about them until April this year I happened to see Donnell on Facebook and watched a free live class she was teaching. I was hooked! I have taken a couple of her online classes now and am building up my confidence in order to be a better quilter. Thank you Donnell! You show us how easy it can be.

  80. Donelle is a fantastic instructor!! I have taken her B2Q class & & watch Saturdays with Donelle. Her classes & handouts are extremely well prepared. She answers every question & explains each step thoroughly to ensure everyone understands. The classes are always enjoyable. Donelle is an inspiration & instills confidence.

  81. What a great class…this is my introduction to westalee rulers and I was very intimidated….I ended up paying for two classes because I couldn’t get thru the whole class in time…LOL…well worth the $$ I actually didn’t think I would enjoy this kind of quilting but once I completed a few blocks I was hooked. Donelle is a great instructor, she has a way to explain directions that a new quilter can understand. I definitely will take another class with her

  82. Enjoyed the B2Q Virtual class and learned so much. My first attempt at rulers and I am hooked. Ability to replay the sessions, pausing, and rewinding allowed me go at my own pace. It was as if Donelle was in my sewing room with me, encouraging me to not give up. Her instructions and suggestions to set up my machine “for success” were spot on. Watching her at her machine and hearing her repeat the process numerous times was great and helped reinforce these new skills.

  83. I am relatively new to ruler work. Donelle makes it look so easy. I learned a great deal from her class and hope to take more in the future. Now I don’t have to rely on embroidery patterns to quilt my quilts, I can just do my own.

  84. Donelle is a fantastic teacher! Her classes are well thought out, and her instructions and handouts are extremely well done. Her class has given me the confidence to continue to use rulers in my quilting. I highly recommend taking any one of her classes! Thank you Donelle!

  85. I have just finished the From Beginner to Quilt class. I’d had my templates for some time and was struggling to use them. Donelle’s teaching has helped me enormously and given me lots of confidence to continue to use the templates and even to make up my own designs. She is a wonderfully clear teacher with lots of useful tips.. She is very generous in answering questions and never makes us feel foolish in asking questions .I learnt a lot and really enjoyed the class. She is a lovely teacher.

  86. Donelle is a great instructor. She realizes everyone is at a different level of ruler knowledge, Therefore is sure of giving the most basic information while continuing with the instructions. Her courses have not been a disappointment. I am looking forward to the Next Steps course.

  87. I have learned so much from Donelle. She is a terrific teacher and I look forward to taking more classes with her.

  88. Donelle is one of the best instructors I’ve had the pleasure to experience. Her classes are well thought out and proceed in a very organized manner. She’s easy to follow and has tips and tricks that accompany every facet of quilt making, not only template work. I’ve been quilting for 30 years and sewing for 55 years and have picked up much more than template quilting from watching Donelle. The other thing that makes her so very special is her willingness to help everyone be successful. She makes her email and phone number readily available and encourages students to reach out with their individual issues along with pictures so she can give personal attention. That means so much when someone is struggling and maybe doesn’t understand why. She’s A+ in my book and I watch anything Donelle that comes my way! I’d give her 10 stars if I could!

  89. This is the 1st virtual ruler class. I have pretty much taught myself. I absolutely loved my class. I have learned so much. Thank you Donelle for your excellent class. I can’t wait for Next Steps class.

  90. I thoroughly enjoyed Donelle’s classes. She answered everyone’s questions in a calm manner and provided so much information !
    I’m looking forward to taking more of her classes! It was easy to see that she loves her work and wants all her students to
    be successful!
    Thank you!!

  91. I enjoyed and learned so much from Donelle McAdams in this class, “From Beginner to Quilt”. She is a very good instructor who takes her time, gives complete instructions and feedback and is willing to work with her students as a class or individually. I have almost completed my very first “Ruler Work” quilt and I love it. Thank You Donelle for teaching me how to become familiar with and use ruler work templates. Can’t wait for your next class!

  92. Well what can I say except Wow what an excellent teacher Donelle is and the way she explains everything in a manner we can all understand, and also who will wait until we all catch or or understand the patterns. thankyou muchly Donelle and sew Steady for a fantastic teacher an exciting classes can’t wait to see
    more 😉

  93. Donelle is an amazing teacher — she is so knowledgeable, yet not intimidating. She has pearls of wisdom that she shares throughout the classes. As a lifelong educator myself, I recognize good teaching and you could define it as Donelle McAdams. Thank you so much for a wonderful class. I look forward to the Next Steps.

  94. I thoroughly enjoyed Donelle’s latest beginner to quilt classes, she is very thorough with instructions and being a visual learner myself it was great to see those instructions demonstrated step by step. I enjoyed the classes so much that I have signed up for the next steps. I’m not a beginner but there are always something to be learned and I did learn and improve in areas that I was shaky on so thankyou Donelle for all the tips and for sharing your knowledge.

  95. Donelle is a wonderful teacher. There would be a lot more people sewing, and quilting, if there were more people like Donelle teaching all types of sewing.

  96. Donelle, your class is amazing. You are so willing with your time, offering support for all questions and problems. I will look for your classes when I’m ready to expand my ability in ruler work. Thanks for offering to share your expertise.

  97. Donelle is an excellent instructor. She provides detailed handouts, she has a great presentation style. She is human and an” it’s alright”sewer/quilter like I am, tho’ her work is excellent. Donelle offers us to reach out to her with any questions and is very prompt in her responses. I would 100% recommend any class she is offering!

  98. Donelle is a great instructor, easy to understand and thorough. I’d take another class with her for sure.

  99. Again, Donelle is a fabulous teacher!!!! She cares so much about her students! Making sure they really learn from what she is teaching them!!!! She is excellent at ruler quilting, what better person to learn from!!!! I so look forward to her classes!!!!! Thank you Donelle for everything that you do!!!!🥰🥰🥰

  100. I think Donella is the very best instructor. She explains everything well and has a very special way of presenting the class. I look forward to more sessions with her.

    Mary Wallace

  101. Donelle is by far one of favorite Westalee instructors. She is knowledgable, creative, professional and so much fun! Her teaching skills along with her infectious personality make learning new skills enjoyable and most of all DOABLE! I was a little disheartened to have so much difficulty getting the live show to play. However, her assistant (sorry I forgot her name) explained the technical issue and gave us all clear instructions on how to eventually find it. Even though I wasn’t part of the LIVE Conversation, I learned so much and am now excited to try yet another Westalee skill!

  102. Donelle is truly an amazing teacher. I have attended many of her classes and I am always impressed by her knowledge, creativity, skill and most of all her patience! I feel very lucky that she is so willing to share her talents. I have learned so much from her! Thank you, Donelle!

  103. Donelle is a great instructor. I have learned so much from her. Her extra tips are always spot-on. I began learning about template quilting when Sew Steady started the classes at the beginning of the pandemic. Saturday nights were class nights, a way of learning a possible new skill. The classes were a source of community for a group of quilters that were lost at having to stay at home. As time went on, I was determined to learn how to develop my quilting skills. When the opportunity to take the class for Beginner to Quilt became available, I had to register. Donelle, thank you for knowledge and your ability to transfer your skills through this class.

  104. Excellent teacher, willingly shared tips and tricks and recommendations during class. She is good at explaining process so that it is easier than you thought. I have learned a lot in this series and look forward to The Next Step. Thanks for taking time to share with us .

  105. I try to watch anything she does. I learn something every time. She is the best teacher sew steady has. Thank you Donelle for everything you do.

  106. I’ve wanted to take a ruler course for a while. Donelle was the perfect teacher to make me understand how to use them. Can’t wait to take her next class.

  107. Super instructor. Love her approach and calm demeanour. Starting second course in June and can’t wait.♥️

  108. Donelle really helped me to understand why I was having problems with my sewing machine – it was just a simple setting and I got this information from her very informative video that was pre-work for the Beginner to Quilt Series. This was only my 4th quilt I have made and my first with quilt-as-you-go. I loved the class!! I loved the quality instruction Donelle provided. The written instructions and her verbal teaching and demonstration in the videos were so easy to follow. I learned about different products and their uses. I actually learned about threads and needles. When I was finished with binding my quilt, I was able to stand back and say – ‘I did this!’ I liked how Donelle would personally help individuals if they were struggling with the tools, machine or just how to better use the templates. I love the templates. I felt this class helped me to understand how to maximize and utilize my templates. I am looking forward to the Next Step. Thank you, Donelle, for helping me to learn so much in your course.

  109. Oh my, Donelle is an inspiration to me. We apparently think of things in the same way.
    I am a trained technical illustrator and drafter and spent most of my life not fitting into the standard secretary, nurse, teacher, way girls were to do.
    When I starting sewing quilts and clothing I found myself. Now I’m learning a great skill to quilt my own quilts!
    She has given me the inspiration to relax and don’t try to be perfect! This statement makes me smile with relief.
    I just want to thank Donelle for sharing her skills, knowledge and her great way of look at life.
    I have always wanted to quilt my own quilts and now I can, I can and I do!!
    As she says: “Quilting with templates is my therapy!”

  110. Donelle is an exceptional teacher. She eased my fears of attempting ruler work and gave me the confidence to keep going as she reinforced not to expect perfection. I love how she will use her own glitches to demonstrate how to fix those things which are less than perfect. She is able to show and talk at the same time which is helpful. I am so excited that I can look forward to next steps with Donelle.

  111. Donelle is one of my favorites. Her instructions are easy to follow after class when doing on your own.

  112. Donelle, is not only a great teacher, also a wonderful caring person!!! During her classes, she cares whether you are learning or not!!!!! She. Really wants you to learn!!! She always wants you to learn!! Does anyone have a question, mows the time for a question!!!!! She will do it over until you get it!!!Even when you are at home you can text here a question!!! She is great!!!!!🥰

  113. It is always a joy to be part of classes with Donelle as educator. She uses terms that are easy to understand, does not mind repeating instructions if asked, lets everyone see that even educators can make mistakes and shows how to fix them when they happen. It’s easy to tell that she enjoys what she is teaching an has a thorough knowledge of how to help students learn and also enjoy what they are doing. I watch many of her classes and also her Saturday FB-Live sessions. There is always something to learn and it’s easy to do with Donelle!

  114. I took my first ruler work class with Donelle through my local quilt shop. My shop isn’t geographically local but the pandemic made it so that it didn’t matter. I have taken many more classes with Donelle as well as several other Sew Steady instructors. All of the Sew Steady instructors are very knowledgeable. But I think Donelle is the BEST. I was also fortunate to be able to take several “in person” classes with Donelle recently. Donelle is one of the very best instructors I’ve had the privilege to learn from. She knows how to teach beginners but also keep those more advanced engaged. She explains the “why” of doing things – not just “because I said so”. THANK YOU DONELLE – for helping to make the pandemic survivable.

  115. Such an informed, educated, instructor who gives us guidance with great attention to detail. She is a well-seasoned teacher and it shows. Look forward to each weekend to spend time with her and her daughter. I have learned so much. Thank you for your time.

  116. Donelle is a great teacher. She goes about the instructions step by step so that everyone can learn. She knows so much and is very creative!

  117. Absolutely love Donelle’s classes. Have taken quite. Few nd lways watch and partake in her Saturday free classes. Would most definiteltz recommend Donelle’s classes

  118. Absolutely love Donelle’s classes. Have taken quite. Few nd lways watch and partake in her Saturday free classes.

  119. There is so much to say about Donelle, she is an excellent person, teacher, and I can tell an excellent friend. She helps you in any way she can, nothing is to much for Donelle. She is not only is she an excellent teacher, you can tell she loves teaching!!! She cares about every student she teaches!!! A wonderful pert!!! I would love to meet her one day!!!! Thanks Donelle for everything!!!🥰

  120. Great teacher. Love her classes. She explain in detail for you what to do and answer any questions

  121. Donelle is my favorite instructor. She is so thorough in her classes. She makes sure that you understand everything, goes slow, gives lots of helpful tips, and shows you all of the tools that she uses. I love watching her classes. I learn something new everything. Keep up the great teaching Donelle.

  122. Donelle is an excellent instructor. She explains the what and why if each step in her process. Her directions are clear and easy to understand. She is very personable and willing to answer question and provide help when asked. I have learned sew much from the many classes I have watched in the past year and plan to continue.

  123. Donelle is an excellent instructor! She is a wealth of information and has a calm and east going way about her. She is so creative with her designs. I love taking her classes. You can also ask her a question and she responds! Watching her makes my week! 🙂

  124. Donnelly always gives complete directions for every step of the project. It’s easy to take notes and try the project on my own.

  125. Excellent instructor, great class. I especially enjoyed that it was a completed project for this one. The technique classes are good, but showing all steps to complete and finish and opportunity to get the pattern was great.

    1. Donelle is an excellent instructor! She is a wealth of information and has a calm and east going way about her. She is so creative with her designs. I love taking her classes. You can also ask her a question and she responds! Watching her makes my week! 🙂

  126. Donelle is a superb educator! She mixes common sense, humor, and excellent tips and the result is a great deal of learning and tons of fun! I’m currently taking her Beginner to Quilt class and learning even more. Loved the Bless Your Hearts class and already have a recipient in mind. Thank you, Donelle.

  127. Donelle is always a great instructor, I love how she presents the class. She always answers questions, is very knowledgeable in each template she is using. Meghan is also a great help.

  128. Loved the intro instruction class Donelle gave April 30th. I wish my rulers were here already so I could try doing it all. Loved all the tips and very clear instructions she gave. Will be looking forward to taking more classes with her.

  129. Donelle is my favorite instructor. Took a class with her at Amy Baughmans a couple of years age and have been following her Sat class during the Pandemic. Love everything she does.

  130. Donelle is by far the best instructor I’ve ever had! She is detailed enough so that it’s easy to understand what I should be doing, and she explains things very well so that beginners can understand. Her illustrations in the hand outs are very helpful also. I am SO enjoying this class!

  131. The border class that just finished was wonderful. I picked up quite a few pointers and new ways to use the templates to achieve the design you want and how to fit it into your space. She makes things very clear and easy to follow the instructions.,

  132. I think Donelle is the best!!! Best teacher, friend, person I have meant in a long time!!!! Not that I actually meant her in person but just texting, email and phone calls, I can tell she is a genuine good person! I am so blessed that I found all you guys to help me be a better quilter!!’Now I have a question- how can I get Donelle to do a class at my little quilt shop here in southern Maryland! Thank you, Donelle your the best! And thank you Stacy for all the work you do behind the scenes! I am sure it’s a lot to keep up with! Thank you both🥰👏👏👏👏👏👏

  133. Another great class with Donelle! She is one of the best Sew Steady Class instructors. What inspiration she provides with all the different ways she uses the rulers. Her desire for us all to be successful resonates throughout her class. Her humor and “welcome to a mistake” attitude, makes it so much more fun and easy to comprehend, understand, and execute! Thanks Donelle! Will keep on watching and learning from you!

  134. Love Donelle’s classes. I’ve learned so much and she explained in detail for you how things go. An excellent teacher

  135. Oh wow, my first class with Donelle. She is great. She is full of ideas, and loved the border class, although I missed part and must go watch the whole class. Donelle is a patient instructor, and would be great to be in person with, if I were ever so lucky. Keep up the good work, I am sure I will take more of Donelle’s classes. She is a keeperQ

  136. Donelle is a great teacher. She explains things very well. Really enjoyed her class and learned a lot. Thank you!

  137. Donelle is an excellent instructor. I’ve watched many videos from Sew Steady, and many of those have been with Donelle. Even though I might be seeing the same material, I always learn something new. She never makes anyone feel foolish or that they’re incapable of learning anything. She has a great sense of humor and I love that she owns her mistakes and tells us how to fix that mistake if/when it happens to us. I’m sure she is great in an in-person classroom, but I know she is great virtually.

  138. Donelle well where do I begin? Donelle is the best! All around teacher, business woman and you can just tell all around person!!! You know she cares about teaching you, she wants you to learn! And goes out of her way to make sure you learn! You can tell she loves what she’s doing so much she wants to share it!!!she is so patient when she teaches you and wants to make sure you are getting it! I am getting ready to take her class a second time only because I was sick! Can’t wait! I watch every class she does! I have been watching the bra over and over and I learn something different every time! I just love her! You can tell she is a great person and so talented in quilting!!!!! Thank you Donelle

  139. I ALWAYS learn something new from Donelle! The only problem is by watching her I find I need another ruler. I’m going broke but boy, you should see my current collection! It just keeps getting bigger with more ideas in ways to use them. I will watch whatever Donelle instructs from very beginner to advanced. Keep up the good, make that great job Donelle!

  140. I really enjoyed the borders class Donelle put on. I now have even more uses for the sampler pack, not just the border pack I want to order. I think borders can be some of the toughest things on how to quilt and it was fun to learn new ideas. And she’s just such a good teacher 🙂

  141. It was a fantastic educational event. I felt very entertained and when I learn best by watching and practicing, I sat and drew. I love all the great videos with guides and great advice.

  142. Donelle is a great instructor. She always teaches you how to use a ruler, but then expands your horizon with other ways to use it. I watch her Saturday classes religiously. I’m planning to take her Beginner to Quilt class in May and will always be eager for another Donelle class.

  143. Donelle is an excellent instructor. She tries to include as much as possible in the time allowed. Lots of wonderful ideas and new things to try. She answers the questions that pop up & gives more than adequate explanations for all of us. It is so exciting to see how many uses our templates have! My pocketbook is definitely suffering from all the items I’ve bought & will suffer more with those I’d like to have!

  144. I love Donelles classes. I have taken one in person class with her and watch all the ones that I can virtually. She is a great instructor and I learn something every time I watch. Thanks Donelle.

  145. I’m fairly new to making quilts & totally new to ruler quilting, so I’ve been watching as many tutorials as I can. For me, Donelle is the best teacher for absolute beginners, and, I’m sure, for more experienced template users. I’ve learned so much and enjoy her videos. She is so knowledgeable and never talks down to newbies. She is funny, too, so even the 2 hour tutorials go so fast! I’m glad she loves what she does, so we’ll be seeing her for a long time to come.

  146. I love Donelle’s classes! I am learning a lot from this fabulous teacher. Will be looking forward to more classes and more template purchases!

  147. I appreciate all of Donelle’s classes and I sign up for all of them. I have learned much about template quilting and piecing. She is knowledgeable and prepared and shows many ways to quilt the same piece. She encourages questions and I never feel that my questions are not worthwhile. Thanks for her classes!

  148. I love the way Donelle teaches. She is patient, she is kind, and most of all she is so helpful and loves to share her knowledge and experience with all of us!! I try to never miss any of her classes!

  149. I accidentally discovered the sew steady sight and the free demos by many teachers. I was brand new to templates. I am a big fan of Donelle McAdams and took her B2Q course. She is an excellent teacher and I have learned so much. I want to carry on.

  150. I love Donelle’s classes. I try to watch every class I can that Donelle teaches. She is an excellent teacher. She is very thorough and has an abundance of patience.

  151. It has been over 26 years since I started quilting and Donelle has taught me more than I ever thought I would learn from this one class- “From Beginner to Quilt”. Being a non free motion quilter as well, I have always been frustrated with not being able to add quilting to my finished quilts. Donelle taught me that even I can give a quilt away that I did it from start to finish, with beautiful motifs and designs.
    I was a technical illustrator and drafter in my former life and now I make charity quilts for people in need though a Seattle Puget sound area charity quilting organization.
    Donelle taught me things that I haven’t learned with any other instructor, not about just about quilting, but about so many sewing techniques and advice.
    I love her attitude and easy manor. She doesn’t get impatient with the people.
    I did have problems with setting up my sewing machine so I couldn’t keep up with the classes, but watched them anyway. But since the video and handouts will be available after the class, I will be able to just work though as if the class was being given as I work.
    Thanks so much to Sew Steady for offering this and other classes. Great products too!! Looking forward to the next class by Donelle McAdams.

  152. Enjoy Donelle’s classes. She explains things very well and in such a way that you understand her directions very well. Love her way of teaching.

    Excellent instructor and a great inspiration.

    Donelle is a great wealth of knowledge and explains things for everyone to understand.

    I love watching all the virtual classes and picking up tips to be able quilt with the rulers even better.

    The Beginner To Quilt Series has been a great class and worth every penny.

    I have learned so much more and can’t wait for the Next Steps classes to begin.

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

  154. My favorite Sew Steady/Westalee instructor. Very clear, well thought out presentations. Printed handouts are outstanding. She obviously loves what she’s doing.

  155. Just completed the Beginner to Quilt class, what a great experience! Donelle is an awesome teacher and there were things I even learned about my older sewing machine that I wasn’t aware of! Learning rulerwork has been a lot of fun and this class was a great primer on how to use all the rulers from the sampler set and learning “quilt as you go”. I will definitely be using this technique in the future! I enjoy her Saturday Facebook Lives and hope she continues to teach for Sew Steady for a long time!

  156. I really enjoyed the beginning quilting with rulers. Donelle is a very patient and detailed instructor.

  157. Donelle is a wonderful instructor-very clear, concise instructions on each step. Will definitely take another one of her classes!

  158. Donelle is a fantastic instructor. She explains things in clear and simple ways that make it easy to understand. She shares her mistakes so we can learn from them. I actually am finishing up my first quilt using the Westalee rulers because she taught so well and inspired me to finish a quilt. I will definitely take more classes from her. She is AMAZING!

  159. enjoyed the class very much. this is the first one i have ever taken. i am so far behind right now i should be taking it over again, but this time it is 2 classes per week and that would not be worth it for me. I have arthritus in my left arm so it is hard to move the rulers around but hopefully i will learn. Thank you for your knowledge i will let you know how i do in the future.

  160. I always learn something new whenever I watch Donelle. She is a wealth of information and I try to catch her classes and lives whenever I can!

  161. Donelle McAdams is an amazing teacher. She is very thorough and with organized. With the help of Sarah or Meagan, she could concentrate on the lessons and not the technology. I’ve seen others teaching but they are not camera/computer literate and the lesson was lost before it started in some cases.

    Even though I have an embroidery machine I tried the virtual lessons with templates. I’m so glad I did! The lessons were videoed so I could watch them repeatedly to understand the instruction. Donelle also provided written instructions which I printed off for future reference. She was always encouraging and anticipated problems we could have in a number of areas and discussed how to deal with them. She provided her email address so we could get one on one help, especially with setting up the sewing machine and choosing the appropriate thread, equipment and materials.

    We used all of the suggested notions and templates. I hate it when an instructor says you need something for the class and then you never use it. I appreciated the instructions for the Quilt As You Go method to finish off the quilt. I can use this technique on other quilts as well as the designs on the blocks we used the templates on.

    Thank You Donelle!! 🌷 I hope to take your advanced beginner class.

  162. Donelle has a great deal of knowledge which she was able to impart in easily understandable terms. Her demonstrations were accompanied by dos and donts which are very helpful. I loved hearing her tips about using the Westalee rulers. It was worth my time. I had taken a ruler class a few years ago but Donelle was better than the class that I took. Thanks to Fiberology lab for the chance to take this virtual class!

  163. I am so happy to have discovered Donelle at this time in my life! With restrictions to socialization and interaction with others, her videos have provided such inspirational insights and instructions. She is a phenomenal teacher, so practical and informative. Her circle projects have inspired my quilting and I lave used her technique for binding many times already. Thank you for sharing your talent!

  164. Donelle’s classes are delightful. She gives all kinds of great tips to viewers and inspires us with her creativity.

  165. OMG! What a wealth of knowledge Donelle has and I am sooo thankful she shares that knowledge. I did not get to watch the live show but I watched it on the reply and will be doing it again and again. One thing I know that I am working desperately to overcome is, I am a perfectionist. Being that way creates put entirely too much pressure on myself and much unneeded stress. I love sewing/quilting but I get frustrated with myself if it isn’t just perfect. One thing Donelle said that stuck with me is quilting should be fun. So my mantra has become, “fun, not stressful!” Thank you Toni for finding this gem and sharing her with us. Be blessed.

  166. Donelle is a fabulous instructor ! She has So much knowledge that she easily shares and makes it fun to do ruler work. I purchased my beginner ruler work set a few years back and it has been setting in the bag for a long time. I was uncomfortable and did not have success on my own but with the course “ From beginner to quilt “ class I am finally seeing success and confidence! I can’t thank her enough for all the detailed written directions , measurements and drawings ! Donelle you are such a Gem ! Looking forward to taking more of your classes Highly recommended teacher, instructor and friend with all the virtual classes. I don’t know her personally but welcoming all her classes into my home especially during the pandemic has been such a joy for me. Thank you for sharing your talent❤️

  167. Donelle I want to thank you so much for the class. You are a great instructor. I overcame my fears and also learned to not be such a perfectionist. I watched mostly but finally got the nerve to actually sit down and tackle a sample block. Now I am working on the actual blocks for the class and am excited to do the class again. I also want to take the advanced class.

  168. I learned so much more than I thought I would. The first hour alone was a lot of new information, and I took lots of notes. I am more than ready to jump in and learn/practice ruler work. Thank you so much for this great class.

  169. I am SEW happy I discovered the world of Sew Steady & Westalee templates! Donelle is one of my favorite instructors! Always an interesting and educational session with Donelle! Her knowledge and lighthearted approach to teaching is greatly appreciated. As a long time quilter (nearly 50 years) I have never mastered the art of Free Motion Quilting (FMQ). Then came Westalee templates — I’m hooked and with the invaluable education videos and instructors as passionate as Donelle, I have been able to do some pretty remarkable (not perfect) quilting on my simple BabyLock machine! Thank you, Donelle, for the passion, inspiration, and very clear instruction!

  170. Participated in the Ruler Work 101 class, Donelle is an excellent teacher who goes at just the right pace. Explains everything well. I felt like I could easily do the work myself when completed. So glad I took the time to do this course.

  171. This was a great video for beginners like me. I’ve been quilting for years but have been doing basic quilting stitches by machine. This has opened a whole new world for me. There was so much information in this video! I’m excited to start using the rulers for finishing the quilting. Donelle did an amazing job covering so much!

  172. I so appreciate Donelle’s way of sharing her wealth of information. Her way of demonstrating the many ways to use the rulers is amazing. Naturally I find the need to order something new after each lesson.

  173. With audio and video in sync this is a fabulous learning program.
    thank you for repeating.
    Molly Haney-Burleigh

  174. Donelle is a terrific teacher. She thoroughly explains the quilt preparation and offers suggestions for thread and supplies. She answers all questions and even offers to take calls if someone needs help. Thanks to Donelle I am using the templates I own and planning on purchasing more. She has made quilting enjoyable again. 👏🏻👏🏻

  175. Donelle is an outstanding instructor. I have watched several of her classes now and learn some new detail each time. I am slowly but surely getting much better at ruler. I appreciate the classes you offer.

  176. Donelle is a great instructor. She gives clear instructions on the techniques and also gives lots of extra tips.

  177. A friend recommended Donelle to me and told me she’s the best! I agree. She’s an excellent teacher, and I look forward to taking more classes with her.

  178. Donelle did a wonderful job. Her instructions were clear. Her examples were easy to follow. The only improvement I could suggest is to add more time and more examples – I can’t get enough of her instruction!

  179. Donelle is such a wonderful instructor. I learn something new every time I watch classes that she does. She inspires confidence in this newbie’s abilities to quilt with rulers. Thank you for offering these instructional on line experiences.

  180. I cannot praise Donelle’s method of teaching enough. I am fortunate to have taken a 3 day class live with her. Now that the video teaching is available it reinforces what I have learned as well as ALWAYS providing new tips, tricks and ideas. Donelle is the reason behind my already huge and growing collection of rulerwork tools. After all, aren’t we supposed to spend our stimulus money? 😉

  181. I’ve been ruler quilting for almost a year and every time I watch a Donelle McAdams video/live on Facebook demonstration I learn something new. She is an outstanding teacher; clearly she knows the techniques and the materials, but additionally, she has a warmth about her that draws viewers in. She’s a great representative for Sew Steady.

  182. I learn new things each time I watch Donelle doing a class or project. The instructions are very clear. And- it doesn’t matter how many times she has probably told the same things… they are all clear and with confidence and no one ever made to think they are asking silly or dumb questions. She makes each class lots of fun! I keep coming back for more and have no plans to stop!

    1. I learn how to actually space the ruler. She was very clear all aspect of the ruler. I can’t wait to get myself started. I plan to attend more classes. I am truly hooked.

  183. Watched Ruler work for beginners and was totally hooked. Donelle explained as she demoed. Tips were great. Ordered the ruler set so I can begin to quilt on my home machine. Thanks for providing a free workshop.

  184. I am enjoying Donnelle’s BtoQ class so much. I was really nervous to begin stitching, but when she told us to “just go for it”, I did, and am feeling more confident now. I just want to do it all. Can’t get enough. Watch all the videos through Sew Steady and have ordered quite a few rulers.

  185. Excellent Instructor: I plan to watch more of her videos. I like the way she teaches/instructs/advises providing explanation as to what can go wrong and why. I am highly recommending her classes to others who want to learn how to use Westalea/Sew Steady products

  186. I enjoyed watching the designs that Ms. McAdams was able to make. Watching it in real time made it seem
    so easy.

  187. I really enjoy her teaching method. There are no wrong questions. Thank you for making it easy for us!!

  188. Love, love love Donelle’s classes. Am taking the beginner class and learning so much. Have been watching all of Donelle’s classes since I found her onl Facebook at the beginning of Covid and must say that I learn something new each time. I finally “bit the dust” so to speak and am taking the learning class to get use of the many templates I have purchased and too afraid to try. Am loving it and getting better with more practice. Donelle is a great teacher and is apatient, articulate and fun teacher. Can’t say enough about her and her daughter Megan. Everyone should take her beginning class,well worth the cost.

  189. I love the online class from beginner to quilt with Donelle McAdams. Donelle is so knowledgeable. She addressed the problem of the viking machine and skipped stitches. I’d had my Sapphire Viking machine in several times to be looked at for skipped stitches! Even put my Viking away to sew on my little featherweight. I had purchased a sew steady table for my Viking when I bought my machine in 2008. Always wanted to take a class on ruler work. Love the online classes. I don’t have to waste time driving and can watch anytime over and over! Thanks so much!

  190. I am taking “From Beginner to Quilt” class with Donelle McAdams (March 2021) and I am enjoying her teaching style. As she allows us to see that you don’t have to be perfect. She also provides tips and quips at regular intervals.

  191. Love Donelle’s classes Nd videos. She is an excellent teacher. She is patient and very good t repeating something . Her classes are very informative Nd would love to attend more of her classes depending on cost Nd subject.. I am currently taking her beginner class and am thoroughly enjoying it. I also follow her and Megan on Saturdays at 5:00. She is the best teacher that sew Steady has.

  192. Thanks for another great class, Donnelle! I’m learning so much every week. Can’t wait to meet you in Lakeland this week.

  193. Donelle is definitely very knowledgeable with ruler quilting! She’s very easy to follow, very thorough and even human when she’s instructing! If something doesn’t go quite how it should, she uses it as a learning tool on how to correct any mistakes. Trying to teach virtually is not the easiest but Donelle has done a great job!

  194. I love Donelle’s classes. I always learn a lot. I am enrolled in her current class: Beginner to quilt.

  195. Being new to ruler work, I can’t tell you how much I enjoy watching and learning from Donelle. She is an excellent teacher. She doesn’t miss a step in her instructions. She is very thorough and her explanations are so easy to understand. No matter how many times the same question is asked, she is always right there with the answer. She lets us see that everyone makes mistakes and is never flustered. I look forward to her presentations, and feel lost when she is not presenting. Thank you, Donelle!

  196. I think Donelle is one of the best, no, not ONE of the best, THE BEST instructor out there. She has a very relaxed attitude, shares lots of tidbits, goes with the flow when she makes a mistake and then shows how to correct it. I think I would have given up trying to learn ruler work if I hadn’t stumbled on to her “Let’s Get Started” video. I watch as many of her lessons as possible and learn so much from each one. Things like thread weight, needle size and type. Many say use a 90/14 needle, but Donelle specifies 90/14 TOPSTITCH needle. Didn’t really know that there was a difference until then and I’ve been sewing for 60 years! I live an hour away from a shop that promotes Westalee and it’s usually an all day class. I love, love, love having these classes online. The camera angles are superb and so much better than sitting in a classroom trying to see what the teacher is demonstrating. And, I can replay the videos to make sure I understand. I can’t say enough good things about Donelle. I wish I could meet her in person!

  197. Donelle is very inspirational teacher and love listening,watching and learning from her and she takes her time to listen and answer questions during classes and would also state that Donelle waits for everyone to catch up Truly an amazing lady and teacher. Donelle has also inspired me to create beautiful quilts and maybe one day to able to teach ruler work. A big thank you Donelle and Sew Steady 😊

  198. I think Donelle does a great job at giving students all the tips and tricks to make ruler work easy and comfortable – like the class title says from Beginning to Quilt. Thanks for the wonderful instruction!

  199. These are my first virtual classes and I’m really enjoying them! Donnelle has a great teaching style and I’m learning so much. I can’t wait to meet her in LLakeland, FL this week. Thanks and great job, Donnelle!

  200. Love Donelle’s classes! She is always so helpful in class as well as outside of class. She is very giving of her time to always help, no matter what time and/or day of the week it is. I have learned the most from her and rate her as your #1 instructor!

  201. Donelle is an excellent instructor! Her handouts are thorough and well thought out. The videos are excellent. I like that she is available outside of class. Thoroughly enjoy her!

  202. I was amazed that when someone asks a question that needs a demo and Donelle stops what she is doing and demos it. You can tell she loves what she does so much that she wants to share the joy. She is an amazing teacher. The best thing is that she GIVES her time outside of class time. She lets class time go over because there were so many questions etc. I find her to be humble as well. Donelle you are very gifted at teaching and I thank you for giving back.

  203. Love the beginner class with Donelle. She is great at giving helpful hints and demonstrating techniques over and over so we get it!

  204. Donelle is an amazing instructor and a great inspiration to me. I always learn something new while watching the virtual classes. I love how she explains and gives the details on what she is creating.

    Donelle is *****!

    Thank you

  205. In my opinion Donelle is one of your top instructors. She is constantly sharing little tid-bits to help you along. She has interesting and useful projects, the camera shots are wonderful. She doesn’t get upset if she makes a mistake – she simply carries on saying “oh well, it’s a great opportunity to show you how to fix this.” Should you need to contact her after or between classes you always receive an answer. This woman lives to teach and it is obvious. I’m always searching for or re-watching her videos. Can’t get enough of her. Excellent, just excellent. I was an instructor in all levels of aquatics for many years so I recognize an excellent teacher. Thanks for finding her!

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    I like her teaching style, voice instruction and how she shows her work while stitching and finish.
    While watching Tables, Circle Sewing and Much More, I opened another tab in my browser and ordered Circles on Quilts, Background fills, Universal Circles & Straights Tool and Ruler Stickers.

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    I loved Donelle’s way of presenting the information. She kept things moving, without sacrificing clarity. There is nothing worse than a slow speaking teacher relating unnecessary information over and over. She worked slowly enough that you could understanding what she was showing, without being boring. I would definitely take another class from her.

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    1. Donelle is so patient! She never sounds frustrated even when she has to answer the same question a couple of times!!!1 Great class. Thanks

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  249. Donelle is an excellent instructor who willingly shares all sorts of little helpful hints. She is thorough and makes sure the viewer has all their questions answered.

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    Thank you so much!!!

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  257. This was the first time I took a virtual class. I am very much a beginner with templates and computers. I don’t know if you had me on the registry or not. I am from Sioux Falls, SD. I was concerned about taking this class as I just had cataract surgery in both eyes one day apart. As Donelle shared her wisdom at my level; she put me at ease. I was excited to be able to go back and review the class, but I have been unable to find it. So now I am bummed. I had already bought some templates and had wanted a class like this for a long time.
    Donelle filled the bill. Thank you Donelle. The last 1/2 hour I had to give up as I was getting a headache

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    Thank You Donelle for all you have shared.

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  283. Donelle was the first instructor I listened to and has become a favorite. I know I can trust her knowledge and experience. Sometimes her presentation has hiccups, but that is real life and she isn’t afraid to live it in front of us! Since I’m new to template quilting, I also appreciate her recommendations for supplies and specific brands. I do wish that her assistant (Megan?) could be louder on the sessions.

  284. I have had the beginning ruler set for almost a year and haven’t had the courage to tackle them. This class showed me how easy it is to use them, especially using
    iron off chalk. Unfortunately we don’t have anyone close that has classes on the Westalee products. This was so much better than the youtube videos because you could ask questions. Thank you so much, Donelle.

  285. I have watched multiple presentation by Donelle. She is one of my favorite teachers. Every time I watch her, I know I will come away with new tips I can use in my Quilting. Sew Steady, what a great choice you have made for her to share her knowledge of quilting!

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    Looking forward to another class!

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  289. I am just in awe when I watch Donelle is quilting with her rulers!!! Wishing I could be that good! Also I love when you work with those arcylic rulers I just had to order them. I have been watching the online classes and you make it look so easy!!!!! I have been very sick for a long time and that’s about all I can do right now is watch the classes and I am so thankful I have you to watch!!!!Hopefully soon I will be doing them myself from watching you every day!!!!’thank you for doing a wonderful job for us!!!!😊

  290. This is the first online demonstration class that made me feel that I could actually learn to use the rulers. Donelle’s presentation was easy to follow and went at the right speed. Thank you.

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  295. Thought she was wonderful. Informative, inspirational, entertaining and fun. Would definitely see/watch her again and again.

  296. This was my first quilting with rulers virtual class. I was amazed at what can be done. I watched the live program and then a couple of days later I watched the recorded version. Learned new thing that I missed first time around. I went ahead and ordered the starter pack. Can’t wait to start practicing. Donelle is an inspirational instructor.

  297. I really enjoyed the class with Donelle. I had the opportunity to meet her at the AQS Quilt Show in Grand Rapids in 2019. I bought my ruler starter pack and glide that day. I need a lot of practice but learned some tips that I’m sure will be helpful. I struggled to hook up and missed the first half hour, but it looked like I missed just some general information – I got in just before she started the actual ruler quilting. I’m anxious to give more of it a try and see how it goes. Donelle did a great job in presenting her knowledge to us. I appreciated the opportunity to do the class virtually and hope to see others in the future!

  298. I have watched a couple of the Rulerwork 101 presentations by Donelle. I have learned something new in each presentation. I appreciate that when something doesn’t go just the way it should that she shares how to make a correction. Donelle presents her information is a very succint manner and makes you believe that you can do it to. Which you can, I have listened to her presentation and then been able to do it.

  299. Thank you for an outstanding class. Seeing an experienced teacher make and then handle mistakes is encouraging.
    Her presentation was so informative and spontaneous.
    She is patient and inspiring!

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  304. I signed up and watched my first virtual rulers for beginners class with Donelle as the instructor. She was exceptional. She was skilled at presenting the instruction, and transitioning from one topic to the next. She understood how to use the technology to conduct a virtual lesson. She explained the what/why/how in an understandable manner to us newbies. I enjoyed watching her demonstrate the rulers and how they could be used, taking just the right amount of time so as not to bore the student. I re-watched the replay several times and was able to pick up different tips each time.

  305. All I can say is if you have never watched Donelle live video classes it’s a must as she is an excellent teacher, i look forward to watching her live class whenever possible even when at 10pm UK time. I have done dressmaking all my life but quilting for about18 months, I have learnt so much watching and listening to what she has to say, you can always ask a question and she will always give you a answer, what a GREAT Teacher highly recommend. Thank you Donnelly. 💐

  306. Recently watched virtual class and it was great. I have also taken a class with Donelle in person and loved it. She is a patient and interesting instructor who knows how to keep you attention and deliver expert advise on the products.

  307. Donelle always explains and demonstrates techniques very clearly. She makes everything easy to understand. Thanks, Donelle, for giving all of us the opportunity to learn from you.

  308. I thought Donelle did a great job. The circle tools were cool and she presented information very well. Very organized for a virtual event and did great handling all the questions. As with anything there were a few areas that didn’t interest me but on a whole she did great. Sew Steady speaks for itself. I ordered one for my new Creative Icon! Got the glide mat also.

  309. Greta class. Donelle gave some fun extra tips and designs I’ve never seen. She explains the designs step by step so you can really understand the process.

  310. I “stumbled” across Sew Steady’s brand new live Facebook page sessions last March at the beginning of the COVID shut down. The first one I watched was given by Donelle. I have watched every one that she has done on SS Facebook and several of her beginning virtual classes. She changed my quilting life with rulers. I enjoy everything that she teaches and shows us. She is an amazing educator. Her background as a Home Economics teacher shines through. She is concise, informative and so very knowledgeable. She also has a wonderful sense of humor and the time spent with her just flies by. I personally can not thank her enough for the time, energy and talent that she shares with us. Every time I watch, I learn something more!

  311. Really enjoyed the event on line. I understand much better how the rulers work, and am inspired to buy the set! Thanks for your good clear instructions.

  312. Donelle is so relatable. She knows the products completely and demonstrates each step so anyone should be able to understand. These are suggestions, not criticisms (I loved the class): it would have been nice if Donelle had been easier to hear and also, it would have helped if she had a monitor that she could see where the item she was demonstrating in relationship to the camera field of view. Thank you so much for the wonderful class.

  313. Wow is all I can say! what a great class. Donnell’s class was high octane! she knew her products. I am so excited to get my rulers so I can create some beautiful quilted pieces. this was the second time I watched the class and leared so much more. thanks for talking about setting up the machine, needles and tension, circles and more. I learned so much. I took a lot of notes and will watch the class again. wish I could refer to it for longer than a month. She made it look so easy when you have the right tools and the machine set up correctly. thanks again Donnell

  314. I loved the designs shown in the class and the instructions were very good. I do longarm free motion and also on my sewing machine. This technique with rulers just adds to the quilting experience and fun. Great job!

  315. Loved Donelle’s class. She made everything seem so easy, I ordered a set of rulers. Patiently (not too) waiting for them to get here. Hope I can view her videos again once my templates get here so I don;t have to rely on my memory.
    Thanks for the great info

  316. Donelle is great! I am a newbie and was having a problem with using my new rulers. I reached out to Donelle in an email and she responded right away. She was able to help me fix the problem with my machine setup so I could continue my practice. Thanks Donelle!!!

  317. I took a live video class. The class was great. Lots of tips. would definitely take another video or in person class! Great job

  318. Donelle did an amazing class. She explained the use and different options for the rulers on a level that beginners understand and be excited about practicing and masterIng ruler work. I purchased the beginners kit a little over a year ago and have become frustrated. Donelle has motivated me to get out that kit and try again. I personally attended this same class conducted by a different instructor and it was nowhere near as informative and enjoyable as Donelle’s class.

  319. Enjoyed the live event very much. Made me more confident that I can do ruler work. Very happy that information on care and maintenance was included as well as the how-to instructions. Very well done
    I do wish the video would remain available as there are long shipping leads on some of the items I ordered and would like to be able to view the video once I have the supplies.

      1. Thank you for your comments. Which video are you referring to? Most are available later – if not, I can hook you up with a similar video.

        Please let me know.


    1. Hi Cheryl: Thank you for your comments. Which video are you referring to? Most are available later – if not, I can hook you up with a similar video.

      Please let me know.


  320. It was a great class! Being really new at quilting, I learned so much. I loved all of the tips which will be very helpful. Donelle was a great instructor!

  321. Donelle is absolutely marvelous!! Love her teaching style. Would love to take more classes with her. Wished I lived closer.

  322. I loved the class, I don’t feel so apprehensive on trying rulers now. Matter of fact I am pretty excited. The class was very informative and can’t wait to get started on my own projects. Thank you for having this class!

  323. I have enjoyed every class I have taken from Donelle. I have learned so much but still need more practice. Thank you.

  324. She is great to watch but I have the feeling it will take months of practice to achieve a good job. At least, now, I have an idea of how to handle those templates I bought at a quilt show and never knew what to do with them. I’d love to take a live lesson so I can be corrected while doing it. Thank you!

  325. After watching Donelle, I can finally understand what to do with those rulers I’ve had for over a year. thanks.

  326. Just watched the video and was so impressed with the options presented by Donelle. I especially loved some of her quilting tips–the backwards foot pedal technique to regulate speed, the side-threading needles method of burying knots, the Chaco pen marking methods, to name just a few. I purchased a sampler set of templates a couple of years ago and am newly inspired to work with them. I’m also hoping to get the circle mat and tool for Christmas! Thanks for so much great information!

    1. Donelle did an amazing job with this class. I have had the starter set of rulers for a few years now and haven’t done much with them since I couldn’t quite get it right. She has inspired me to try again.

  327. I saw the live event by Sewing Machine Plus and Sew Steady Donelle is a great teacher and gave out alot of tips for ruler work.

  328. I didn’t watch the event live but watched it later. It was very informative and the instructor was very good and patient. She kept on point with what she was teaching even with all the interruptions from questions and announcements. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot.

  329. Wow! I enjoyed and learned a lot from Donelle’s class on ruler quilting for beginners. About three years ago I took a class for beginners using Sew Steady rulers. I even bought the beginners kit. But, I got frustrated and gave it up for “manana”. With Donelle’s class I started trying out the rulers again. I have seen progress and plan to continue. I think that the class I took previously was too fast for me. Donelle was great in teaching slowly and explaining the process of how to use the rulers. I loved all her tips and learned experiences that she passed on to us. I would surely take another class from Donelle. Thank you so much.

    1. Donelle did an amazing job with this class. I have had the starter set of rulers for a few years now and haven’t done much with them since I couldn’t quite get it right. She has inspired me to try again.

  330. Donelle is fantastic! She explained the process so clearly and I feel like I understood. I have been trying to figure out how to use rulers for awhile now without success. She inspired me to purchase the tools she was using. I received them today and cannot wait to get started! Great Job!

  331. I totally enjoyed Donelle’s online virtual ruler event. It was the first time for me to see her teach hints and tips on using the Westalee ruler templates. I now feel confident to use the set I bought months ago. I even felt inspired to buy another set with additional lessons offered online.

  332. I watched the playback. I really enjoyed this class and learned so many things about quilting with rulers that I didn’t know. before. I thought the instructor was thorough and very knowledgeable in how to teach a beginner. I understood her direction and suggestions as she demonstrated clearly and precisely. I definitely want to take more of her classes. In the meantime, I will watch this class again and again because each time I pick up more information than the last time. Thank you Sew Steady for bringing in such a wonderful teacher and much needed class for this beginner.

  333. I too absolutely love every minute of the Donelle’s classes. She is very knowledgeable and an excellent teacher. I have been truly inspired and finally took the plunge and ordered a set of rulers. I’m so excited to start practicing the all those great techniques. Thanks for these great demonstrations! You truly are a fantastic teacher!!!

  334. Even though Westalee isn’t my favorite ruler, she did a good job on the sale. She presented useful information.

  335. Donelle is an amazing I instructor. She is extremely thorough. I learn something new every time I watch her. I love hiw she shares sewing tips not just foe ruler work but in all areas is sewing.

  336. She was very informative & inspiring. Gave my the courage & information to do more than straight lines with rulers
    Can’t wait to order more rulers & play!

  337. GREAT class. Donelle is very clear. I love that she does not goes so fast. I am able to follow along and really learn.

  338. Donelle is a master , so down to earth and generous with her years of experience. I googled her store
    and purchased her Easy=Best Mitering tool.

  339. Love Donelle’s classes. She is an excellent teacher and I have so much to learn from her. Her classes are a gift to all.

  340. Donelle is a great teacher, I watch all her demonstrations, that’s possible. She share’s all tips to help in any way.
    Thanks so much for all the time given during the virus, it was a life save. You are great.

  341. Enjoyed the class and learned some good tips. She makes it look so easy. Would love to see her do a book of patterns as I am not as creative as she certainly is!!

  342. Excellent virtual class. Donelle had a wonderful way of teaching so that I could listen, learn and not feel intimidated. She explained things and followed up with “why” so that I could understand and remember. I would love to take another class that she teaches. I have had my rulers for a couple of years. I took another on-line class, but after practicing I felt intimidated. I am ready now after practicing.

  343. Thank you for making this class available and for the excellent presentation. I wanted to learn about ruler work (I sew but don’t quilt) so I looked forward to this class. I was a little disappointed that nearly half of the class time was not about ruler work. I would have liked to have more ruler work material during the allotted time. Nevertheless, it was an interesting and informative class with an excellent instructor.

  344. I absolutely loved every minute of the class. Donelle is an excellent teacher and very knowledgeable. I was so inspired that I went and purchased a set of rulers at my local quilt store and practiced all day yesterday with quilt sandwiches. Awesome job Donelle!! Your a fantastic teacher!!!!!!

  345. This was a great and informative class. I am a beginner but love to get a better understanding on how to quilt. There is so much I learned from the classes.

  346. I have watched some of her other classes and she seems to be a very patient teacher and explains as she goes so no one has the deer in the headlight look for long.

  347. Donelle is a wonderful instructor. During this time of a pandemic, I’m thrilled to learn more about my rulers, through virtual learning. She makes sure that we can see everything she is doing and spends time showing us other things that can be done with the set she is demonstrating. I’m happy for that because I’m not always someone who sees what else can be done, so I stick to the “book” I will be back to watch more.

  348. I absolutely loved this class. I have owned my set for several years but have only used a couple with the simplest pattern. I learned by not only reading but by watching, and yours is the best I have seen, I really enjoyed you sharing tips and tricks with us. I am looking forward to seeing more of your classes and will be watching this one once or twice more before it goes away, this time I will have a notebook and pencil to write things down. Thank again for all your expertise on ruler quilting.

  349. I needed this class so I found it very helpful. Donelle is very knowledgeable and teaches in easy methods that anyone can understand. I look forward to future classes.

  350. Donelle is an excellent teacher. The pace she presented the material was perfect and she had a thorough command of the topic of Westalee rulers. I enjoyed the Zoom presentation very much. I showed me that I too could use these rulers on my own quilts. Thank you for the presentation.

  351. Thoroughly enjoyed the Ruler Work for Beginners class on 8/28/20. Even though I have been doing some ruler work for about 6 months, I learned what some of the tools I have, are used for. This has made me more successful already. The virtual class had a quick pace, so I made quick notes which I am expanding as I view the class again. Thank you for this service. Great class and great instructor.

  352. This was a great class…instructions concise and clear. have been interested in ruler work for awhile but was completely intimidated…no so much now. Now to find a ruler foot that will fit my Brother 2750D machine.

  353. I have watched many online classes on quilting, die cutting, and embroidery since April. The ruler class with Donelle McAdams is one of the best I have seen. She is so knowledgable and explains techniques and materials so clearly that it makes it easy to learn. She manages the class time well so as to cover lots of material and information. Her examples are inspirational and help to increase understanding. Even with the excellent presentation and my notes, I find myself going back to the video to stimulate my memory. As a lifelong educator who has taught teachers and online graduate classes, and supervised student teachers, I have to say Donelle would receive top grades from me.

  354. Donelle did an outstanding job explaining the rulers and how to use them.I am looking forward to to taking more classes with her.

  355. I really enjoyed the Ruler Work class with Donelle. She explained and demonstrated in a way that made total sense to me and now I’m excited about getting started. Thanks again Donelle!

  356. Great teacher. Very thorough and complete instructions. I’ve been quilting a very long time and decided to learn and practice ruler work during the long chilly winter. I will watch the video again as I’m sure there are things I missed. Thank you so much.

  357. I have thoroughly enjoyed your quilting events. Donelle you are a great inspiration to me. I have learned a lot from watching the virtual classes and would love to see more from you. I have also joined your Facebook group and I can’t wait until my orders arrive and dive into quilting some of my quilt tops.

    Thank you for all you for all the quilters!

    1. Awesome class, excellent teacher.New to this so I learned alot. Hope to catch some more virtual classes as works with my work schedule. Thanks again!

  358. I had the pleasure of being introduced to Donelle in Paducah several years ago. She was demonstrating the Westalee rulers and made it look so easy. (I do not do free motion quilting.) I bought the promotion package and have yet to use the table and rulers. I am intimidated about getting it set up correctly. The class helped me understand why it is helpful to use a table with a machine cabinet. Since my machine is in a cabinet I wasn’t sure why I was buying an additional table. After watching the class I was very glad I purchased everything recommended to get started. I plan to watch the class several more times and I am looking forward to taking more classes taught by Donelle. It is my goal to learn how to use the rulers.

  359. I attended a class you held in Holland Michigan. This class reinforced the skills presented and expanded on them. Thank you!

  360. Donelle is an excellent teacher. I have some of the templates and have had so much trouble using them. Donelle got me excited to try using them again. She made it look easy. Hope you have more classes taught by her.

  361. Donelle is one of the best instructors I’ve ever seen. Patient, well educated in products and techniques. She goes above and beyond to help students. I wish I lived closer to my new best friend. Enjoy every one of her classes and look forward to many more.

  362. Donelle was an excellent teacher, and made the whole process look so simple! I’m a newbie, so appreciated her explanation of each step in the process, and clear view of how she did all the steps. And I’m very glad there’s a opportunity the view the video after the course since I know I didn’t pick up everything during the seminar. Thank you for the learning experience!!

  363. I first learned of Donelle through SMP Virtual New Product Extravaganza. I then watched her again demonstrate ruler work for beginners. Donelle is amazing and her teaching techniques are outstanding. Donelle makes it look so easy. I am no longer intimidated by the thought of trying new techniques.

    I look forward to her classes as I am sure many other too. Thank you!

  364. I enjoyed her class very much. Clear and concise. So much great information. I’m glad that we can view the class again as I’m sure I missed some of the great tips.

  365. Donelle was an excellent teacher. She obviously knows the business and what she’s teaching. She also had some very fantastic ideas and tips for other tools to use while you are using your rulers, like Chaco pend and Seweze Snips, which I found very useful and have brought. Will look forward to her teaching another lesson virtually soon as cannot get to the USA to attend one of her classes.

  366. I am so grateful for all the virtual classes Donelle has offered this year. She is one of the best instructors I have had the pleasure to view. She is clear and complete and offers the best little tips and tricks along the way. I highly suggest that if you get the chance to participate in a class with Donelle that you don’t pass it up.

  367. Donelle is GREAT!! Didn’t get to watch all the class but plan on watching the recording and can’t wait to see more. I’m a newbie at quilting and am hooked already.

  368. Hate to admit it, but I discovered I didn’t even know what “Ruler Work” is all about as I was thinking it was a demo on all the different types of rulers. I’m new to quilting…could you guess! Anyway I’m now very interested to learning this technique. It was a wonderful class and she is a terrific teacher. Even though I’m a novice, I never felt lost or not understanding.

  369. Donelle is an amazing instructor and I always learn so much from her. She gives easy to understand instructions and I look forward to more classes from her.

  370. Thank you Donelle for sharing all your wisdom. I have either learned new ways or have been reminded of things I have forgotten. Your teaching skills are the best. You not only tell us how to do something but better yet, you explain why which helps us remember. I wish I could save all of your videos so I could watch them over and over but also share them with others. I so appreciate you!!

  371. I love being able to watch these classes online. I watch as many as I can & seem to learn something new each time. I’ve been working on practicing with the rulers, but no actual project yet. Someday… Thanks to Donelle for your expert knowledge & willingness to repeat things.

  372. Absolutely love Donelle, What a great teacher!! So much information and inspiration. I have had the Westalee for my home machine for some time, but never used them. I have now ordered them for my Long Arm and cannot wait to get to “work”!!! I will definitely be keeping an eye out for any tutorials, classes, anything Donelle has going. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

  373. I was so inspired, I dug out my rulers and since my confidence level was so improved, finished a lap quilt that had been ready to quilt for a month. It is not perfect but much better with the tips I learned from Donelle. I look forward to more lessons on rulers.

  374. Great class with very good information for a beginner. I hope to learn more about using my home machine n the sew steady table. I m a very new beginner. Thanks

  375. Donelle, you are the bomb diggity! Your intro class last week was amazing. I’ve got enough quality information now to get busy when my starter set gets here. I especially enjoyed the little tips you inserted in your class. Your willingness to repeat information for the side questions was great. It’s very clear you love what you do and love sharing your knowledge! Thanks for the inspiration to get started!

  376. Donelle is so knowledgable, creative, and a good teacher using both demonstrations and explanations. She really inspired me to try out ruler work!

  377. This was a fantastic class!! Donelle is an amazing teacher and explained everything that I had wanted to know. Still trying to decide on the rulers and know I would have to have a table too so it’s something I have to think about with my limited budget. Been thinking about these rulers for quite awhile – just have to bite the bullet, I think.

  378. Donelle is a GREAT teacher! Her virtual class on the Westalee rulers was didactic as well as inspirational. I can’t wait to get my rulers and start quilting beautiful designs. Thanks Donelle! ♥️

    1. Joanne: I just did that on the Buttons ‘n Bows Part 2 video August 8th. It is on the Sew Steady Facebook page. Let me know if you need more help!


  379. I’ve taken 2 classes with Donnelle, the first with the original package of rulers at QuiltTrends in Columbus; the second, about 3 years later at Red Rooster in Dublin, OH. It was a repeat of the first class but I felt I needed some more instruction & updates. Donnelle is super organized, very patient, responds to all questions patiently & respectfully, and makes sewing with the Westalee rulers so simple. She’s unflappable. She offers many tips (which I also enjoy on the Sew Steady videos). I was having a problem using 2 rulers outside the sampler pack and once she showed me “how to” I was able to use them comfortably when I got home. I’m glad to see her sessions on Facebook. I learn something new each time.

  380. Donelle’s class is the best EVER!! She shared an incredible amount of information in just three days. While she demonstrated techniques, templates, and projects, she provided opportunities for questions and answers. I especially appreciate that Donelle offered personal one-on-one help to individuals who needed it. She is knowledgeable, funny, and oh-so-patient. If I could, I would attend all of her classes. Thank you, Donelle, for a great experience.

  381. On March 4,5,6 2020 I was part of 22 ladies that attended a sew steady class at Heartfelt Quilting & Sewing in Winter Haven ,Florida
    I have been to many sew steady events and have learned and enjoyed everyone.
    But this week the event teacher Donelle McAdams was outstanding .
    I leaned more than ever before, she is a fantastic teacher. Although we had some challenges with fabric , she keep the class on track .
    I feel confident after taking the class with Donelle that I can become successful with my quilting projects.
    So again thank you to Donelle for the wonderful class and it was a pleasure learning all the new ideas and techniques .

  382. Katherine Clawson had a picture of a 9 block project that she had done in a class with Donelle McAdams – Train the Trainers. I would love the pattern, but I can’t find it anywhere. Is this particular class only for people who are going to be accredited?

    1. Stay tuned, Sharon! We have just prepared a whole new list of classes that will be available on-line and at events. Watch the Sew Steady page here and also on Facebook. We will be announcing soon!

  383. Just saw you for the first time on Quilting Arts with Susan. Can’t wait to start getting some templetes/rulers!

  384. We had a fabulous event with Donelle here at High Country Quilts in Colorado Springs! We had 2 days of true education and fun! We are already planning our next event with her! Thank you Donelle!

  385. Customers have been hearing about quilting with templates so it was the perfect time to offer this class. Donelle came prepared with a projector and a camera to make it easier for class participants to see what she was doing. Her samples were impeccable and impressive, her demonstrations amazing and relevant, her lighthearted manner and sense of humor made it all so fun and enjoyable! My customers left not only buying but raving about the experience. Thank you Donelle.

  386. Donelle presented at our shop in the Western New York area (4) Open House sessions over a two-day period. She was prepared, most knowledgeable, enthusiastic, kind, eager to answer questions and so much more . . . in two words, “absolutely amazing”! Since we had never hosted an event such as this, she was invaluable to us as shop owners . . . giving helpful information every step of the way. Donelle definitely wanted us to be successful! Thanks so very much, Donelle!

  387. Donelle was a great inspiration for attendees while demonstrating the Westalee rulers in our booth at the International Quilt Festival-Chicago 2016. She is very knowledgeable about the Westalee products!. Our booth was extremely busy during the 3-day festival and Donelle handled the crowds and questions in a professional and timely manner. GREAT JOB, Donelle!

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