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Helen Sullivan

In-Store Instructor

Westalee Design Accredited Teacher

Sydney, Australia
+61 409897622

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I first learnt to sew on my Grandmother’s hand turned Singer machine, making doll clothes with my sisters. I have always loved sewing. I studied Textiles and Design at school and loved making most of my own clothes. I made my first quilt at 12, a simple design of three colours with a 10cm square template made from an ice-cream lid. No rulers or rotary cutters! No actual quilting either, just pieced with thick polyester batting.

I became enthralled with quilts in 2000 and haven’t stopped since. I discovered Westalee Design in 2008 when I saw Leonie demonstrate her new cutting Rulers on The New Inventors on TV. I was hooked! I have always quilted my own quilts. I love knowing that I have made and finished the whole quilt. Using a Walking or Darning foot I wrestled with my quilts on my DSM. I still loved it. I wrote many articles for several Australian crafting magazines for a few years. I loved designing projects and sharing them with like-minded people. The release of the Westalee Design Ruler Foot for Domestic Sewing Machines changed everything again in 2015. I have been using this wonderful foot and templates ever since and love how brilliant they are. I have been demonstrating the Ruler Foot and Templates for a few years on the Australian Quilt Show circuit and love the interaction with fellow quilters.

In 2018, Leonie asked me if I would like to become an Accredited Teacher. I have been drawing on my past of creating projects and writing patterns and have released a number of patterns using the Westalee Rulers. I am happy to travel and teach classes to those who want a hands-on experience. I live in Sydney, Australia.
As a Platinum Accredited Westalee Design teacher, I look forward to sharing my love for, and knowledge of these brilliantly designed products.

Additional Patterns and Courses Available on Sew Steady University By Helen:


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  1. I love your Aussie Christmas Farm. It looks like a terrific pattern. Sadly I missed the sale on the templates but when I do get them I shall purchase the class or perhaps I’ll decide to purchase class and use my spin-e-Fex as a substitute for wreaths. I’ve always enjoyed your classes. I may make another Geometry but turn it into a larger quilt.

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