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Jacquelyn Morris-Smith

In-Store Instructor

Arizona, USA (willing to travel)

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I have been sewing since a very young girl and found my true passion in the world of quilting in 2007. I took many lessons, learned the hard way-made lots of mistakes, had uneven seams, wonky and uneven blocks, forced the blocks together, and still I have progressed. I love to teach others, after all, since I have made all the mistakes no one else has too. My teaching goals are simple: to let students learn a technique and find their way out of an “ooops” moment. There is nothing that can’t be fixed, and I like to see my students having a stress free, fun-filled time and all the while finishing with a positive experience.

I began teaching quilting in 2009 while working at a quilt shop in Green Valley, AZ.  I enjoyed that experience as it forced me to learn even more techniques than I wanted to learn.  One day, in 2015 I was web browsing different organizations and found the Sulky Certification application, which I filled out. Soon a letter from them came inviting me to start in a few weeks their next certification program.  In 2016, I did finish a Certified Quilting certification.

I have been privileged to speak and teach at several guilds in AZ, California and Utah-as well as on cruise ships.

2017 and 2018 I accepted a teaching position with American Quilt Society’s Quilt Week show Grand Rapids, Michigan.

In 2010, my daughter Michelle and I started planning and escorting quilting cruises, as the Program Manager I found an  instructor for each of our cruises, and we have been Stitching and Sailing ever since. I retired as Program manager in 2018, took work with Cathey’s Vacuum and Sewing and taught many classes in that role. While at Cathey’s I also completed certifications with AccuQuilt, and OESD Embroidery.

I have learned to use Ruler Template’s for finishing my quilts. Sew Steady and their Accredited Educators have taught me as I take classes and it was my goal to be able to work towards teaching at an Accredited Store and have worked hard to accomplish this goal.

Jacquelyn Morris-Smith

‘The Stitchin’ RN’

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