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Kathy Clawson

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Iron Mountain, MI (willing to travel)
(906) 282-3209

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Kathy was raised by a mother who was passionate about sewing and instilled this love into her at a young age.  While growing up Kathy sewed most of her own clothes and designed wallets, purses, and other bags. Then she found quilting and fell in love with the process and working with color and design.  Free motion quilting became Kathy’s passion until she discovered Westalee Rulers and Templates.  Utilizing her many years of free motion quilting set Kathy up for success with rulers and templates and a love of incorporating them together for a unique look.

Kathy owns her own quilt shop, located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where education is the main focus.  Her philosophy is to accomplish three things with her students.  First, have fun.  Second is to learn something with each class, and third is to leave with more confidence.  Her teaching style is laid back and inclusive believing that not everyone learns at the same pace or in the same manner. Kathy incorporates written instruction, demonstration, and hands on approach to a well rounded educational experience.

Additional Patterns and Courses Available on Sew Steady University By Katherine:

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  1. Kathy is a great teacher. I have just completed a month-long Zoom class with her on four SpinEFex templates, great experience. She gave very good instructions, wanted us to learn, have fun and be ready to fly into creating our own ideas. I am getting ready to enjoy her Starry Nights III Zoom class and know that it will be another fabulous experience. If you get a chance to take a class with her, take it!

  2. Taking Kathy’s Spin e fex magic Templee class and enjoying it so much. Love all the blocks that she is designing. She is a great teacher!

  3. Hi Kathy. Met you at the DMAPQ quilt show and you helped me spend some well spent dollars
    on my new table and Grid glider. Don’t know I lived without them. I just read posts about a basting spray? I use so much of it, I am emailing you my request. Try not to miss your LIVE sessions and videos. Jan

  4. Kathy thank you for bringing me back to Starry Nights and also the many amazing things you are teaching us with the Spinefex templates. When I first started Starry Night I became confused and disenchanted. All the instructors were great but for some reason I could not get what they were saying. Now in your revisited class I have gotten it and I am excited and inspired to get going on the Starry Nights. Your teaching is so easy and clear. If you make a mistake (which is seldom) you take the time to show it and then show us how to correct it, this is so beneficial. Your written directions with all the photos and clear instructions are a joy to use. I know this all take much time but thank you so much for all your precision. I for one definitely appreciate it. I am not only learning but understanding all you put before us. You are a great teacher and you make each of us feel special, like we are all old friends. Thank you for all you do for us. I lookward to many more classes with you. Please nevber give up teaching. Your are a jewel. —Barb Hettinga

  5. Enjoying Kathy’s Spin-e-Fex Magic class so much! She’s a wonderful teacher – calm, patient, so willing to help and not hesitant to answer questions and give suggestions to her students. Would highly recommend taking a class with Kathy!

  6. Kathy, I am so enjoying your Starry Nights Revisited class. I fell into the Starry Nights hole last year but I am loving the technique used in your class.

    I love your attitude towards working on projects and look forward to the next weeks and learning from you.

  7. All of your Starry Nights Class instructions were wonderful!
    Thank you for all you did in helping us learn through this process!
    I enjoyed the process immensely!
    Granny’s Stitches
    Sioux City

  8. Kathy is an awesome instructor! She always puts her heart into her work, and it truly shows when teaching and guiding us through her quilting classes. Having her as an instructor feels like we are friends who have known each other our entire lives and is just the sweetest soul. Anyone who has taken her classes can and hopefully will say the same.

  9. Kathy has helped me do more than I would ever tried on my own. She encourages you to try new things and is there to help you along the way.

    Kathy, thank you for being a call or text away. Keep the projects coming😁

  10. I attended a Live class from SewSteady with Kathy and she’s wonderful. She shares what she’s doing and why with all the details. I feel encouraged to try new techniques! Thank You!
    -Keisha Gist

  11. I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to take one of Kathy’s in-person classes. I have also watched a lot of her videos. She is so talented and willing to share her knowledge and gift with others.

  12. Kathy is a wonderful instructor. I started classes with her four years ago and have learned so much! Absolutely love ruler quilting and will continue with classes with Kathy. Really enjoy catching her tutorials on Sew Seady.

  13. I am so very lucky to live close enough to Kathy to attend in-person classes. She is the best teacher to have when you are new to ruler work. Her classes are fun, and I always learn lots! Thanks Kathy

  14. I really enjoyed this class. What a great new way on an older handmade style. I never thought I would be interested in Chenille with ruler-work, but Katherine, made me so excited I ordered my chenille cutter as soon as I finished her class. Can’t wait to start on these beautiful projects. I highly recommend any of Katherine Clawson’s lessons. She keeps you involved throughout her course.

  15. Katherine gave an awesome presentation as always. She always explains things in a manner that makes everything so easy to understand.

  16. I attend two of her classes and I love to learn more from her. She explain everything in a understanding manner. Easy to follow her.

  17. I am so glad I found Katherine’s Chenille class. She is wonderful at walking you through each step. By the end of class I was confident to try on my own. Looking forward to joining her in more classes.

  18. Absolutely awesome! I really enjoyed the class and her instructions are clear and easy to follow!

  19. Katherine is a very good teacher. Her soft voice is calming to listen to while she is instructing her class. I will keep watching for her classes.

  20. Katherine did a really good job at explaining how to do the project. I will be watching her again soon.

  21. Thoroughly enjoyed Kathy’s class with the chenille instructions! Kathy explained it so that even us beginners could understand! Thanks again Kathy for the great class!

  22. This is the first time I’ve seen any education by Katherine. I found it easy to follow and liked her design. She has inspired me to try doing chenille. I definitely would watch another one of her classes.

  23. Very interesting class and informative, she made so easy to see how to work with chenille, I will take another classes with her, her calming voice is what I need on an instructor.

  24. I was very pleased with Katherine’s presentation. It’s nice to have yet another great instructor teaching me how to use the templates I bought and to show me new ones I just have to have.

  25. Excellent instructions, very detailed, speaks clearly, makes things easy to understand. Directions good and makes you feel like you can do the project.

  26. Kathy is an awesome instructor! She leads you step by step with very helpful tips along the way. Can not wait to take more of her classes!

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