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Kothy Hafersat

Promoted Instructor

Oxford, Ct


About The Instructor

Kothy has a passion for sewing and quilting. She started sewing at age 5, and never stopped. Kothy’s extensive background is pattern designing. Writing and producing quilt patterns has given her the expertise to teach a multitude of unique programs. Her latest LOVE has been working with the Sew Steady company and Westalee rulers. Freemotion quilting and thread painting since the 1970s has blossomed into ruler quilting. Kothy’s is an accomplished painter, embroidery designer and quilt patterns designer. She is co-owner of the Simply Everything Company which creates training videos for embroidery software and quilt patterns.

Why Westalee Design Templates: “Having come from the long arm world, I love the freedom of creating with out having to spend tons of time loading and unloading my long arm.”

2 thoughts on “Kothy Hafersat

  1. Hi Kothy, I saw you on the Nancy Zieman show this morning. Your ideas are great, especially free-motion on the background to relieve the pulls and wrinkles from thread painting on the subject. I did some fabric coloring with markers at a quilt show some time ago and now I want to thread paint it to bring out a 3-D kind of look. I just cannot get my head wrapped around how to do it. Any ideas.

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