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Linda Hall

Quilting Industry Partner

North Carolina

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Linda Hall has been making quilts for 31 years and teaching various types of quilting courses for 22 years. She has exhibited her art quilts in local, regional and national juried quilt competitions and shows with several awards and publishing opportunities in magazines and calendars.  She developed her own Quilting courses and taught in local quilt shops, Adult Education courses, Quilting Guilds, Artist-In-Residencies in local schools and was an Adjunct Instructor in the Fine Arts department at The University of Valley Forge in southeast Pennsylvania for 5 years. “Although I have learned the craftsmanship of Traditional Quilting, I always find myself experimenting with fabrics to include in my art quilts – from silk to wool to sheers, synthetics, cottons, hand-painted, upholstery – whatever makes the “statement” I am trying to make with the piece. I use several sewing machines, an Embellisher or felting machine, an embroidery machine, and a sit-down long arm”.

Linda developed the Art of Machine Needle Felting using a Baby Lock Embellisher machine and published a book on the subject through Tacony Corporation, the makers of the Baby Lock family of sewing machines. After attending a Baby Lock company trade show, with her felting work and art quilts on display in the booth, she was approached by the Tacony company to become a National Artist/Ambassador, bringing her expertise to Baby Lock sewing machine dealers around the country.

After a year of travel for Baby Lock she realized there was a need for more and better machine quilting instruction for traditional and art quilters alike to be able to finish their own quilts with their domestic sewing machines. She focused on developing programs to help beginners learn the art of free-motion quilting to be able to sew interesting and complex patterns themselves on their quilts.   She worked with a team of developers to invent The Free-Motion Quilting System to make the sit-down long arm-style quilting machine, with its Stitch Regulator, easier to control the quilt top and stitch regulator at the same time. She continues to travel to quilt shows, dealers and special events around the country for Baby Lock.

Linda currently lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband of 36 years.

Why Westalee Design Templates: “I have been amazed at how the Westalee templates have developed basic pattern ideas into so many finished Masterpieces around the world that couldn’t exist without them.  Each year, the possibilities develop further, new ways of using them are discovered, yet they are always so simple to use.”

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  1. I am trying to purchase your book The ART of Machine Needle Felting but have had no luck. Any suggestions for how to find a copy?

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