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Lorena Corzatt

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Klamath Falls, OR (willing to travel)
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My grandmother taught me to sew when I was 12 and stayed with her for the summer.  I sewed almost all of my own clothes in junior high and high school.  Then of course, as life got busier, I sewed less but in the early 2000s I purchased a BERNINA sewing machine.  I discovered quilting though one of the Quilt in a Day books.  I started in late November and finished two double bed quilts for Christmas.  They certainly weren’t perfect but I am proud to say they are still in service!

Since then, I have worked in a quilt store sewing many store samples and teaching quilting classes as well as working for our BERNINA dealer.  Working for The Sewing Works has led me into teaching our new owner classes and Westalee Ruler work.  I have taught the Quilt As You Go class several times and love the “Aha!” moment when quilters realize they can quilt their own tops and not have to hand it off to someone else to get great results.

Additional Patterns and Courses Available on Sew Steady University By Lorena:

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  1. Lorena makes you feel like you can succeed in ruler quilting. I especially like the way she teaches feathers. Her directions were the first feather designs I saw and was successful the first time! Thank you so much

  2. Wonderful class and a great instructor. Informative and lots of tips for success. Thank you for the class.

  3. I truly enjoyed the class. I want to expand my skills with quilting, and this is a good way to do it. I found many of the patterns to be very intuitive, so I’m eager to purchase the equipment needed to begin quilting. Thank you for the lesson.

    1. My first class with Lorena will not be my last! Wonderful, clear tutorial. As a newbie to ruler work, I took lots of notes. Now to put it to work! Thanks for showing the possibilities that, yes, we can do this!

  4. I really enjoyed Lorena’s class this was the first time I have taken a class with her. I learned a lot, thank you very much Lorena

  5. This is the first class that I watched with Lorena. She did a great job. I got lots of tips from her. Thank you for doing the basic class for us.

  6. Excellent teacher! I have taken a couple of classes now and have learned so much! I’m not knew to ruler work but I still learned things watching this again. You are a definite confidence builder!! Thanks!!

  7. Lorena presented the information clearly accompanied by excellent video. It inspires confidence that “you too” can do it. I’ve had the starter set for years without getting up the courage to try it. I now feel confident that I can start using them!

  8. Lorena is a wonderful teacher. She is easy to follow. She anticipates questions before we even ask them. You are lucky to have her.

    1. The intro ruler class was very good. Instructions and models were clear and easy to follow. I would love to watch the same techniques being applied to a full-size quilt.

  9. It was a wonderful class and I learned so much. Every time I watch it again I pick up something new. I think it will improve my skills but I know I have to keep practicing and practice some more. Thank you again for valuable information

  10. I enjoyed the class very much and thought the instructor did very well explaining the use of the rulers. The only thing missing was actual hands on using the rulers with her guidance. I would love to take this class again, both to meet the instructor and to get hands on practice with her coaching.

  11. I really enjoyed the class. Would love to take more. A little slow getting started, in the first hour. But overall, enjoyed.

  12. I have learned a lot from Lorena. This is my third class with her and I do enjoy being one of her students. She does an excellent job demonstrating how to use rulers/templates to quilt. She gives a lot of suggestions for different ways to do things. Thanks Lorena!

    1. I was blown away by the instruction methods Lorena uses. I am a teacher and she certainly follows the methodology that I have learned throughout the years. Great job, Lorena!

  13. I took the ruler class locally from quilt shop and was having difficulty. This class was wonderful in-depth and made so much more sense. thanks for the great class. Going to start up again and do it right!!!

  14. I thoroughly enjoyed this class. I learned a lot. I’ve purchased the crosshairs ruler and look forward to starting my ruler foot journey. The instructor was excellent and made it look possible that I can accomplish this new skill.

  15. Great class, I learned a lot and have gone back to review her way of starting and stopping. Loved the way she took a mistake and made it a part of the design plan! I haven’t been able to get FMQ, but I think that I can do quilting with rulers. I have been trying out some of her examples. Would certainly listen to another class video.

  16. I have always wanted to do machine quilting myself rather than sending it out for someone else to do but I never knew how to start. Fabulous class – thank you!

  17. Great class, steps and tips from Lorena! Ruler work has been on my bucket list to try in quilting and now I feel like I am ready to go! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and passion for quilting!

  18. It was a very interesting class. I learned several things. I have watched many videos but this was my first live presentation. Thank you for answering all my questions. I have received the ruler package and am excited to start using them!

  19. Lorena was an excellent instructor! I have taken previous classes and I believe I received the best tips yet! I’m hoping this improves my ruler work! Lorena was patient and reviewed issues as requested. If you have a future class, I would certainly take it, especially if Lorena was the teacher!

  20. Lorena was great and very thorough. Went slow enough without losing us. Very good instructor.

  21. First time watching any sort of quilting video and it was great. Lorena did an awesome job of explaining things and why she does them a certain way and also how else to accomplish the same thing. Would definitely watch other videos done by her.

  22. Wow, this is my first virtual class on rulers with quilting. Lorena did a fantastic job and spoke in layman’s terms. Thank you! One of my favorite takeaways is the wiggle and quilters knots. I have experienced the loop on the back side. Now I know it was from using my machine’s thread cutter. I have typed up notes from her demonstration as I will need to refer to them often as somewhat of a beginner.

  23. Loved this class! She did a wonderful job in explaining the reasons for doing this and not doing that. Her step-by-step instructions, really made everyone believe a beginner could do it. I can’t wait to order the items she demonstrated! Thanks for a fantastic class.

  24. Great Class. I have been interested in learning the technique and look forward to working with it soon

    1. she is a wonderful instructor. very calm, very patient; wish I was as good as she is. I’ll keep practicing.

  25. Great class. I have worked with rulers before but her explanations answered some questions for me. She is very easy to follow and made it fun.

  26. This was an enjoyable and informative presentation. I was able to follow the descriptions and I have no prior experience with rulers. She makes it seem like something I can learn to do.

  27. Thoroughly enjoyed the ruler class & saw so many more ways to use rulers. I found myself thinking of various projects that I could apply rulers in my quilting. For now, I’m not signing up because I want to experiment with my new knowledge. BUT I WILL look for classes in the future.

    Thank you for making quilting much easier & enjoyable!

  28. Clear and informative presentation of material. It was easy to see what she was doing under the needle. A great presentation for virtual learning. It is more efficient than a face to face event.

  29. After watching virtual class I am ready to try ruler work. Lorena explained everything well. I hope to apply what I learned to my quilting projects.

  30. Lorena was positively fantastic! I learned so much during this segment and hope to hear her again and again. Keep it up Lorena, you have what it takes to be a great instructor.

  31. Lorena has a great delivery. All information was presented in a clear concise manner with a lot of extra explainations to make the lesson pleasant and easy to follow. It was great to get all the necessary information about the rulers, but her extra examples and tips and trips make actually LEARNING proper ways to use the rulers AND builds confidence in all of us beginners. Absolutely love how Sew Steady wants us all to be successful!

    As Lorena said, I am now able to just “relax and go for it”!

  32. Great presentation. She gives very clear instructions and is very thorough. I hope I can take more classes from her.

  33. I can watch and rewatch videos by Lorena and always learn something new. Each time she does a demo = even if it’s the “same” demo she has done before something is a little different and new. She doesn’t leaving you hanging but gives you the information you need to succeed. And explains things in a clear and direct manner.

  34. I thoroughly enjoyed watching and learning from Lorena. I have been watching many tutorials and am amazed I always pick up a new way of executing the templates. Thank you for sharing this “gift”.

  35. Thanks for the class Lorena. I always want to do feathers and you were helping me to learn to do it. I love you to take me step by step what to do. I will watch the class again to get more confidential and try other rulers also

  36. I enjoyed the class. She was very thorough. I feel much more confident that with a little more practice I can master feathers. Thank you for this class.

  37. Lorena is a fine instructor. She gives full explanations for using the templates and how to improve your ruler work. Her Feathers class was very beneficial.

  38. I took the “Feather Ruler Organizer” class. It was very informative and Lorena is a skilled instructor. I was inspired to purchase the pattern, not only to practice ruler work but to have a handy organizer for my rulers. My only critique would be that the pattern does not have a photo of the finished project. That would be helpful in construction and following the directions. Thanks for another great class.

  39. I have had 2 ruler work classes w/ Lorena & have enjoyed her clear, concise instructions. She is such a professional & yet comes across friendly & down-to-earth, w/ helpful hints/ tips along the way. Online classes are not the easiest to conduct & I appreciate someone who is not always having to correct something, go back or repeat needlessly. She does just enough repeat so that we attendees can ‘get’ it – all while paying attention to questions being asked. Now, if only I could make more time or clear my project in progress to start practicing! I look forward to more excellent classes w/ Lorena.

  40. Thank you to Lorena for an informative, detailed, and yet relaxing presentation. I have watched twice and am very pleased at my progress so far. I look forward to other classes with Lorena.

  41. The class helped me understand ruler work. I have only been sewing since October, and was confused on how working with a ruler worked

  42. I thought Lorena did a great job. It gives me confidence to continue with learning ruler work. It is fun, but requires lots of practice.

  43. Lorena is the best instructor have have seen on a virtual class. I am looking forward to more virtual classes,

  44. I want to say thank you to Lorena. She is one if the best, if not the best, instructor I’ve had a class with. Looking forward to more.

  45. I really enjoyed Lorena’s class. I have been trying to master feathers and she showed some tips that I will help me get them to line up better plus all her other tips. Thanks

  46. I really enjoyed Lorena class. I had taken in store classes last year on using the rulers & I felt I actually understood more about how to use them from
    Lorena’s class. She was fun & encouraging & I would love to take another class from her.

  47. Great instructor! Made the elusive feather possible. Love the extra hints and helper tips while showing the correct technique.

  48. Lorena is absolutely the best Instructor I have ever had. As a new Quilter so is so encouraging and inspirational! She breaks it down so well and has helped me feel confident to try these rulers I’ve been buying and ‘storing’. lol I will gladly take any class she teaches..

  49. Watching Lorena use these rulers was very helpful and I’m gaining confidence with every class. Thank you for presenting in a way that is logical and for explaining so clearly what you are doing each step of the way. I’m excited to get my rulers and start working on my own projects.

  50. This class was so informative. The fact of how easy it is to move your fabric when the foot is at the right position and not down too far. I have to practice everything but Lorena explained everything to make the ruler works so much easier. Thank you.

  51. Lorena was great! I am just learning to ruler quilt on my Bernina. I am doing small projects. I wish my finished products looked like Lorena’s. I have finished my organizer for my rulers.
    Can’t wait to sign up for another class. Thank you again!!!!

  52. The feather ruler holder class was amazing. Lorena explained all the steps in ruler quilting and in constructing the ruler holder in such a way I believed I can do it too. Learned so much from her techniques of quilting with rulers. She made it look so easy!

  53. This was a wonderful class not only did we learn how to quilt feathers with rulers but also had something to store the rulers in. Lorena’s precise and detailed instructions made the process seem so easy. I know it is not but with practice I felt I could do it. Look forward to another class in the future.

  54. I am happy I took the class but really wish she would have covered more of how to put it together. I have mine done except for the hanging sleeve (I know it shouldn’t be hard but I have never done one)and I wish she would have covered the bottoms strips more. I’m pretty sure I put mine on wrong, but its done now. At least the first one, I will be making more.

  55. This was the best virtual Westalee ruler class I’ve taken so far! Lorena got right to it and did a great job of showing what she was doing with the templates while also giving tips on how to do it more easily. She also showed us ways to vary our designs, which I appreciated very much. I’m looking forward to getting my ruler storage bag finished very soon and hope that Lorena will offer more Westalee ruler classes in the future.

  56. I really enjoyed watching how this class was taught. Feathers seem to be easy to do, yet I struggle with them until this class. I think it has CLICKED! Thank you so much for showing and explaining how to’s. A+ demo

  57. I really enjoyed the class. With Lorena’s guidance I think I have finally conquered my fear of feathers! I’m looking forward to doing more work with feathers soon!

  58. This is one of the best virtual classes I have taken. She is an excellent teacher giving plenty of details, helpful hints and new techniques. I’m placing an order because of her instruction. I love that we have a month to watch it over but would love it even more to be able to save for review much later.

  59. Lorena is a wonderful teacher and you can tell a wonderful person! Great teacher, soft spoken, makes everything clear. She is great at what she does! I am glad I have it for a few more weeks!

  60. Great class and a wonderful instructor. I look forward to more classes from her and love the virtual classes. I would not be able to take them otherwise.

  61. Lorena has a great presence on camera! Her instructions were detailed and she did not rush through the demonstrations. I particularly enjoyed the different versions of a feather from straight-line to a circular wreath. As a result of watching her use the rulers, I placed an order and will give it a try. Thank you for this valuable class. Hope Lorena will do more!

  62. I thoroughly enjoyed the Feathered Ruler Carrier class. Lorena showed us every step of the way so we would be prepared to make out own carriers. All of our questions were answered and the details were covered completely. I would enjoy taking more classes from her.

  63. I loved this class. The instructor was wonderful, very clear. Camera angles were great. I especially liked all the notions she used to make the work easier; I just ordered them and I appreciate the class discount. Thanks so much.

  64. This was an excellent presentation by Lorena. Her explanation and demonstration of feathers was great. Pacing was very good.

  65. Thoroughly enjoyed the class. I hope I get my Tyler’s in the mail before the time expires to rewatch the class. I’d love to see it again when I have the rulers in hand.

  66. One of the best classes on feather ruler work I’ve ever attended. I learned so much. Clear and easy to understand. I would love to attend any class Lorena is facilitating. Thank you Lorena. I’m ready to conquer feathers!

  67. Lorena is an excellent teacher!!! She explains everything so good and slow so we can understand how it works!!’I am so looking forward to the next class with Lorena’nn

  68. Lorena has quickly become one of my favorite instructors. She is calm and has a steady approach to her classes. But it is her cheery attitude that I really like and appreciate. Will definitely watch her again

  69. I thoroughly enjoyed the virtual class. She made everything look so simple. I tried to watch every move she made so that I may learn more. I am working so hard at trying to work on the free motion quilting. Thank you very much. I look forward to attending any class in the future

  70. I enjoyed the feather presentation. I bought the feather and spine template, also ordered the pattern for the template organizer. Excellent presentation!

  71. She moved slowly and demonstrated how to do the different things so I could actually understand easily. Seeing things a 2nd and even third time they are presented just a little differently even tho it’s the same thing being done in the demo so always learning and solidifying things.

  72. I learned so much and now feel confident that I can quilt feathers with Lorena’s step by step instructions. I would never attempt them before. Thank you.

  73. Lorena is a knowledgeable teacher who is a clear and enjoyable presenter I was able to easily follow her in class and feel confident I can work on my own. Thank you.

  74. I was very impressed with her class. She is an excellent instructor. She explains how to work with rulers showing plenty of instruction time. She makes it look possible for beginners, which I am. I have the confidence to try working with rulers. The end results are amazing. I would watch any class she teaches.

  75. Every time I watch a class, even if it’s another class on the same topic, things are a little different and new things come up and different light bulbs go on for me. Nice explanations and demos of how to do thing.

  76. I have watched two classes now and find Lorena to be an excellent instructor. I would like to know if there is a way to know the dimensions, etc. of the project so that I could attempt her class at a later date or if this is something we have to purchase.

  77. Very good class. I am inspired to try my rulers. Would definitely like more classes! Thank you for this experience.

  78. Awesome instructor! She made everything easy to understand. I asked a question and she not only answered my question but demonstrated the technique I had asked about. I will definitely be back for more. Thanks so much!

  79. Very informative class. Lorena did an excellent job teaching feathers, sharing tips and techniques with the class. Look forward to more virtual classes with her.

  80. Lorena did a great job at teaching the feather ruler class. Shared which way to use the ruler so we can see what we are doing, thank you for that information!! I have taken a couple classes with her and you always share and make sure we understand why you do it the way you do.

  81. An excellent feather presentation. All points were covered and the explanations were clear and easy to follow.

  82. She did a wonderful job explaining and showing the techniques used in the ruler class. I really enjoyed it but with Christmas I haven’t had an opportunity to go back and rewatch it yet.

  83. Knowing I had feather templates under the Christmas tree watched with great interest. Learned a lot, but need to rewatch now that I can play along. Loved “bunny feet” and “bunny ears”.

  84. Lorena was very good at demoing how to use the feather ruler and was good at explaining what she was doing. She answered questions and made the quilting with rulers look very easy.

  85. Have watched the class a couple of times. Lorena did a wonderful job demonstrating and teaching ruler work. Cannot wait until I receive my items in the mail to try it out for myself. Beautiful work and much appreciated tips and information. Thank you so much. I look forward to more demonstrates in the future. Thanks again. Stay safe.

  86. it was a very good, informative and creative presentation. she was very thorough , had some wonderful ideas. I really enjoyed the circles and straights. really learned a lot. thank you

  87. Lorena’s ruler class was wonderful. She was delightful and her instructions were clear and easy to understand. I picked up so many useful tips. I would most definitely take more classes with her.

  88. Excellent instructor! Great camera angle. Enough repetition to ensure we understood the step. Provided enough detail to understand the importance of the point being made. Great sense of humor. I got a lot of the class and was inspired to try it!

  89. Lorena was a fantastic teacher, especially considering the class was a video/zoom session. She explained everything very clearly. I have been watching a lot of videos this year and she has been the best teacher!

  90. Hi Lorena. Just want to let you know how much I enjoyed your class. Only today I was able to watch it. I am in Portugal and because of the time
    difference couldn’t attend it on Dec.3. You are a very good teacher, calm and through. Congratulations! I am assuming you are in CT were I reside and do hope you will teach more classes. I would love to take them from you.
    Thank you, stay well. Have healthy and safe Holidays.

  91. Lorena Corzatt is an Excellent Instructor. She made the virtual event fun and her instructional presence was great. Honestly I believe the way she presented this class was much better than any in-person technique could have taught me. I highly recommend Lorena and will watch for other classes/events she leads.

  92. I learned so much in the remote class with Lorena. She not only explained everything she was doing but why. Instead of walking away with so much swirling around in my head, I left really feeling like I Can Do This! Thank you for being such an excellent instructor!!

  93. I found the pace of the class to be perfect for beginners. She did a great job of making the technique look much less intimidating. I will definitely look for more of her classes.

  94. This was an awesome class. previously attended a ruler class and purchased the starter set of rulers. However I never get the grasp for the feather and loved your explanation. A very concise class in two hours. Also the video class was actually better than in person because the camera was right on her work as she sewed in the classroom we may be a few seats back form her work and not see you to actually do the ruler work. Great job Lorena.

  95. I am a craft/ crochet junkie. Although I don’t quilt, I enjoyed watching Lorena share her ruler skills. If I didn’t have so many works in progress, I would definitely add ruler quilting to my craft room. Thank you Lorena.

  96. Lorena is a very good instructor. Her explanations are clear. I feel confident enough to finally pull out my ruler set and get started practicing the methods she demonstrated. I am also looking forward to taking more classes with her in the future and am especially happy that I can continue to revisit her presentation as I practice. Thank you all for bringing this opportunity to each one of us especially during this time when focusing on something that taps into our creative side is welcome relief.

  97. Wonderful class with a great instructor. I loved that you started at the very basics of quilting with rulers like how to set the ruler so the stitching is where you want it! It was great to have a ruler introduced then demonstrated on how to use it including a few variations to try as our skills mature. The tips and tricks you tossed in were fantastic.
    I took an in-person class with a different company and there was no instruction or demonstration on how to use the rulers, just a variety of rulers with which to practice. It was very frustrating to practice with something you didn’t know how to use! Your class/instruction was very informative and will give me confidence as I start this new adventure in quilting methods.

  98. As an instructor myself, I really appreciated Lorena’s pace and calm demeanor. Even when she couldn’t put her hands on a piece of equipment, she didn’t become all flustered or speed up her demonstration. Wonderful and informative two hours!

  99. Lorena, You are a great teacher. I have taken another Quilting with Rulers class and you are the best. I felt enthusiasm to get out my rulers & get busy. Thank you so much. I look forward to taking another of your classes. Thank you so much. Jeanne

  100. I took part in the Ruler Work 101 class. I found Lorena’s teaching to be well thought out and delivered at just the right pace. She really knows her stuff and I appreciate the details about dealing with “tails”. Her explanations of the ruler processes were clear and I jotted notes for future reference. The whole “system” of the rulers is so clever and I look forward to trying out these techniques on a project soon.

  101. I thought the instructor was terrific. She had clear objectives about what she was going to teach and was detailed and thorough. What a gift. She was so authentic as a person that it was easy to say I can do this, too. This is the second seminar I’ve attended on ruler work and it was very enlightening. I recommend attending.

  102. Her virtual class was awesome! I think it was better than attending in person because of the camera focused right on the sewing area!

  103. Lorena, I have had my “starter” pkg of the rulers for a few years now. After watching your class, I feel that i can finally actually “begin”. Thank YOU! You are a very good instructor! I would be happy to attend a few more!!

  104. I loved your class, Lorena, and having the opportunity to participate, thanks to The Sew n Sew hosting it. Your instructions were very easy to understand and you gave me the confidence to jump in and try them out. Looking forward to receiving my order. Thanks, Lorena!

  105. I watched the class video, and will do so again before time runs out. Lorena’s explanations and tips were really helpful. In fact, I jotted down notes as I went along. I was excited to see I won a book of designs also, and am very excited to try it all out when I get my order.
    I would highly recommend Lorena for her clarity, informative and relaxed manner.

  106. Another amazing webinar for beginners on doing ruler work quilting. Lorena was so thorough In teaching that no one even had any questions to ask her! She didn’t leave anything uncovered in her explanations of what to do and she was able to explain in full detail how to get started and what to do. I was very encouraged and am excited about getting started with my rulers. Thank you Lorena for such an informative class and thank you Sew Steady for the things you are doing to help get the information out there for those interested.

  107. Very good, so many great tips. I enjoyed watching because you were very informative on what to do and if you oops what you can do to make it better.

  108. I thoroughly enjoyed the instruction. Lorena is a great instructor and I would like to be a part of any future videos she will do.

  109. I really enjoyed Lorena’s class on ruler work. I appreciate her using the marking tool. I hadn’t seen that used before, but now understand how very helpful I it is in a quality job in ruler quilting. I also appreciate her sweet happy attitude and the amount she was able to put into the time she had with us. Thanks so very much!

  110. I thoroughly enjoyed the virtual ruler class. The instructor (Lorena) was excellent. She explained the procedure well and made it look so easy.

  111. Excellent class. Lorena gave us a thorough set of procedures to follow to make sure our machine was set up properly. I was amazed at all the steps needed to begin learning how to use the ruler foot with the 12” arc ruler. Although we didn’t learn how to use most of the rulers in the beginner pack, I’m sure that there will be additional classes to follow. Thank you for the opportunity to learn and apply using rulers.

  112. Was very informative now hope they have a class that will show a few more designs. Did a great job even thought the camera messed up. Hope we have more classes in the future.

  113. Lorenas class was one of the best I’ve ever taken anywhere. She stayed on track while delivering an incredible amount of useful information that is not readily available anywhere else. I’m not a beginner but I was enthralled with all the detailed explanations she gave that were easily understood and logical. Understanding the whys and wherefores about a subject leads to more success in implementation & I feel better prepared to do more and better ruler work now. Thanks Lorena!

  114. Thank you for the very helpful information and you made it very easy to understand. I learned a lot and can not wait to try.

  115. Thank you for the very helpful information and you made it very easy to understand. I learned a lot and can not wait to try. Thank you

  116. Lorna has all the right skills and a great personality on top.
    Loved the lesson, learned a bunch. Gave me great inspiration.
    Thx a bunch!

  117. Lorena, Thank you for your instructions about Westalee Rulers. You had cameras based to show the project clearly. You used your little scissors to point out parts as you instructed. Your instructions were clear and easy to follow. It was a pleasure to be part of the class. Too bad the connection wasn’t as good during the second half. I still learned a lot and have been inspired!

  118. The virtual ruler class that Lorena gave on Nov 6th was great. Due to arthritis I have given up hand quilting and started learning free motion quilting (I like to do the entire quilt as I give for gifts). I have seen the ruler quilting and wondered how to use them. This class was a great learning experience and I am excited to step up my quilting game. Thank you for a wonderful class. You presented the instruction in a precise way which was easy to understand and follow. The class was paced great with showing the use of the templates I am waiting for my templates to arrive then will review the video of the class. Thank you again for your time and sharing your expertise.

  119. The virtual sew steady show was very helpful. I liked the instructor’s presentation. It was unfortunate there was an internet reception problem, but thanks to Sew Steady for the free class to help with what was missed during the internet problem. I would definitely watch another virtual event by this instructor. It’s apparent she knows her subject well.

  120. Lorena did a fantastic job teaching Ruler Work 101 on 11/6/2020. I have taken several beginner Ruler Work classes and I still picked up several new tips from Lorena’s presentation. Thanks so much.

  121. Absolutely the BEST virtual class I have ever attended! Lorena is a fantastic teacher who obviously knows her audience’s knowledge levels beforehand and can teach to all levels. I learned so much from Lorena. And here I was thinking these Westalee rulers were just another “gimmick”— not after this class! Thank you, Lorena, for showing me how these Westalee pulers and other notions/accessories can be so much fun and useful! And thank you, SewSteady, for having such amazing products and instructors like Lorena!!

  122. Lorena was very thorough and clear in her descriptions, and the virtual class allowed us to see right into her sewing area. She gave us advice beyond scope of the pure Ruler Work class, which was fitting and appreciated. Also loved the product guidance

  123. This was the best ruler work class that I have watched. I really enjoyed Lorena, she covered everything and made it so easy to understand a very daunting technique. I stayed away from learning ruler work as I never found any classes to be helpful until this one. Thanks so much for teaching an old dog a new trick!

  124. I really enjoyed the Virtual class. Good basic info on using rulers with clear steps on how to do it successfully. I will re-watch this class- thanks for the opportunity.

  125. I really enjoyed the class. I learned a lot. She has a great teaching style. Thank you for hosting this class! I was signed up for your April I class that got canceled and had purchased my rulers for that class. Now I am practicing what I learned.

  126. Lorena is a great instructor. She was very detailed and thorough. She went at a great pace and I feel that I learned a lot from her presentation.

  127. LORENA CORZATT is so easy to listen too. My favorite teacher so far. She uses humor too.
    A wonderful teacher.

  128. I really enjoyed Lorena’s class. She is organized and teaches in exactly the order that the project calls for. Her calm, clear voice makes the class relaxing and her positive spirit encourages those of us who are new to using rulers. Thanks, Lorena!

  129. I just watched the virtual ruler class with Lorena. She was very thorough with her instructions. It was easy to understand and she repeated just enough times that I feel I’ll remember, yet it wasn’t annoying. Really enjoyed this class – thanks much.

  130. I enjoyed the ruler class by Lorena very much. I purchased rulers about a year ago but have never had the knowledge to use them. Lorena did a wonderful job of explaining each step as well as giving tips along the way. Great job!

  131. Lorena is a wonderful teacher. She is so easy to follow on a virtual class. She speaks very clearly which is so important to me because I have a hearing difficulty. You are lucky to have her. Would love to watch other ruler classes virtually with her.

  132. Lorena did a great job of taking us through step by step. Loved her tips. She was patient, calm and answered every question fully. Will watch this again.

  133. Lorena makes ruler quilting look so easy but I know it’s not. She is so encouraging and such a good teacher that I feel like I might just manage to learn this!

  134. I have had these rulers for a while. Bought them at the AQS show but never used them. I watched Lorena’s lesson on them and boy did I learn a ton of information ! Thank you Lorena ! Great job !

  135. Lorena did a great job, it was so much fun that I can’t wait to get my order so I can put all that knowledge to use. It looked so easy explanations were great. Thanks so much for the class sponsored by Smith Owen and Sew Steady. I look forward to more

  136. I enjoyed the class so much and I know with her instruction I will be able to quilt with the tools. I just have to buy them slowly since it is Christmas time here.
    she was very clear and her demonstration was very clear.

  137. Lorena did a great job explaining the technique, and camera angle was in the right place to see how to do things. The class answered all my questions and now I’m excited to begin quilting with rulers! I would take another virtual class with Lorena!

  138. I really enjoyed this class. Lorena did a fantastic job teaching, demonstrating, and giving us tips. I watched the video 2 days in a row and got so enthused that I practiced using my templates that I purchased 2 years ago but really haven’t used. Thank you so much,

  139. Lorena did a wonderful job!!! I was a little unsure how it would go on line. I learned so much!! My head is still wheeling!
    God Bless

  140. Excellent teacher! Clear instructions, easy to understand with excellent camera angle so we could see everything.

  141. This was fantastic. Lorena was very understandable and knowledgeable. I bought the rulers several years ago and became frustrated so they have been sitting in a drawer. Lorena gave me the confidence and excitement to try again.

  142. Lorena is an excellent instructor. Learned so much about ruler work. Looking forward to working with what she taught.

  143. This was my first time seeing rulers to quilt and I am excited to give it a try. Lorena’s step by step instructions and helpful tips and reminders boosts confidence in trying a new thing. Being able to watch the video multiple times is a real bonus!

  144. A great teacher. Was encouraging and knowledgeable. My first time with this instructor but will definitely watch again 👍🏻

  145. Lorenza did a great job of emphasizing key points. I especially enjoyed how she demonstrated marking your fabric and using the marks as guides.

  146. This Girl Is Awesome. I love her humor and the way she puts her teaching across it’s so easy to learn from her. I wish I could get a DVD of everything she’s ever taught.

  147. I really enjoyed this class. Learned alot. Looking forward to using the rulers. Have been a little reluctant to quilt with rulers before this class.

  148. LORENA CORZATT is an amazing teacher. I could watch her videos over and over.
    Some of of simplest things and huge things she makes it easy to learn. I love her fun and easy personality.

  149. I thought this was the BEST Virtual class I have taken all year. The information about Quilting with a Ruler was exact and concise. She also gave so many “litte” tips (which I thought were GREAT). I would pay to take another class from her.
    Thank you

  150. Lorena explained what she was doing every minute and why. She gave very helpful tips. She broke each step down and made it seem very easy. And she did it slow enough for us to catch on to what she was doing. I think I might be able to do ruler work now. I can’t wait to try. I have purchased other quilting ruler classes online, but none explain it like Lorena did. I appreciated all of the time she took showing us how to do the ruler work and how each ruler worked. She is a very knowledgeable person and a great teacher. I would take a class with her anytime.

  151. Absolutely one of the best instructors I’ve experienced. Lorena was careful to ensure we could see what she wanted to show us & explained what she was doing & what not to do! I have not tried my basic set of rulers yet, but I got some more tools to help me get going. I feel comfortable enough to start on my own now, even though I understand there will be a learning curve. I only started quilting after retiring in 2003, but spend much of my time doing machine embroidery & knitting, but I have pieced a number of quilt tops over the last decade. Thus far all of my quilts have been hand-quilted w/ the help of my quilt group. The group has not met since mid-March due to Covid19, so my quilt is still in the floor frame, taking up a lot of space & depressing to look at! I feel more positive after seeing Lorena’s instruction that I can look forward to tackling quilting w/ the rulers on my sewing machine.

  152. Out of Five Stars, I’d give Lorena SIX! I learned more from her on her virtual class than two two-hour classes locally. Very precise with excellent tips. She was inspirational!

  153. She was great! Easy to understand and thorough! Can’t wait for another virtual class and the $5.00 coupon as I have shopping to do!

  154. Lorena knows what she is doing and how to teach. One of the better of many classes I have attended either live or virtual. Easy to understand and thorough.

  155. Lorena’s virtual class using the ruler foot and templates was really excellent: very clear in both instructions and visually. Now I feel inspired – and more confident – to find the system bought years ago, but not used.

  156. So glad I discovered these classes. Lorena is an excellent instructor. I watch and re-watch the videos. Your company is fortunate to have her as an instructor.

  157. This class was so informative. I bought the Ruler Work Kit awhile back when it was offered and haven’t had a chance to try anything yet. Both classes were excellent. Just need to get up the nerve to get going. Would love more virtual classes showing the many different rulers you offer. This time I will order a couple of the feather rulers because that is a favorite design of mine. And then there’s that new book that is being offered this time with the kit that wasn’t offered last time. Sure wish I was able to take an in person class.

  158. Lorena is very knowledgable about Ruler work. Her demonstrations were excellent and the commentary was clear and easy to comprehend. The only issue with this virtual class was that sometimes the video isn’t clear and there was some glare off of the rulers, which is totally understandable given the issues of filming live. A very good class that is inspirational!

  159. I have participated in other ruler classes but have to admit that Lorena did a fabulous job of making ruler work look simple. I do agree that she would be an excellent in person instructor. Look forward to more virtual videos. Thank you so much Lorena!!!

  160. Our teacher was thorough and easy to follow. I’m going to watch again and again. Thank you so much for this class at a MOST needed time!

  161. Lorena was a excellent instructor. This was my first class on ruler work and I found her instructions to be detailed, clear and easy to follow. Thank you for going at a speed I was able to follow!

    1. Enjoyed the virtual class. Learned so much about the rulers and the possibilities of designs. Lorena explained it simply and made it feasible to accomplish with the right steps and tools. Thank you so much Sew Steady & Sew for Less for providing this class.

  162. Loved the ruler online class! It got me excited and hopeful that I can actually do this. Lorena did a great job explaining the steps for quilting with rulers and made it look so simple. What a great teacher. Can’t wait to watch more online classes with her.

  163. I loved the way she showed each step with each ruler. I’m a visual person and understand much better by watching and listening to instructions, rather than reading something. Lorena took just enough time to explain what you do with each ruler and the little tips to make things go easier. Will definitely want to see more of these type of videos. Thank You so much for doing this for all us quilters! Looking forward to more!!

  164. I really enjoyed Lorena’s class. I had no idea that rulers could work like that. I will be trying this in the near future.
    Thanks Pease and Applique. Jennifer

  165. Excellent instructor, I’ve been wanting to try quilting with rulers for a while and this helped me make up my mind to do lt! Thank you very much!

  166. Virtual class was well done. It was my first introduction to SewSteady rulers and I was impressed with the pace she taught at. Never using rulers but wanting to quilt my own projects I am ordering the show special and sitting down to rewatch the video. Great job of providing little pointers and even when there were blips as she worked, she encouraged the viewers to keep going and showed how to correct things. Thanks Piece and Appliqué 2 for giving us this wonderful opportunity.

  167. I am very excited to be attending the in-person class on Oct. 24th at 35th Ave Sew & Vac. This will be my first experience using rulers and I look forward to a great class based on the virtual experience. Lorena made it all seem so easy.

  168. Lorena was great.. and did a wonderful job explaining everything…wish she was sitting with me right now helping me remember all she covered… The entire program was great.. thanks so much… Only thing is.. you have an in store October 24 or so and it is only at the Northern Store.. why don’t you ever have them in the Chandler Store?? or maybe I should say HOW SOON WILL YUU HAVE ONE IN THE CHANDLER STORE…..?????

  169. Lorna did an excellent job. I have registReed for an in store hsnds-on class with her in a couple weeks and am really looking forward to the class.

  170. Great, fun class. Very educational. Great teacher. Learned a lot. Look forward to more classes from Lorena. I have question and would like to email Lorene, is that possible. Thanks

  171. Lorena is an exceptional instructor. She takes the time to carefully explain what she is doing and why, without boring the audience. This is the second virtual class I have participated in with her as the instructor, and each session I have learned new techniques. Her transition from one topic to the next is smooth and easy to follow. She is also capable of managing the technology required to do virtual events.

  172. I’ve attended several of Lorena’s “Ruler Work for Beginners” virtual events. She does a fantastic job explaining things and giving helpful hints. I’ve really enjoyed her enthusiasm and encouragement.

  173. I really enjoyed the virtual class. At times, there was a glare, making viewing difficult. Also when the secondary person would talk, the volume got really loud.

  174. Lorena presented a virtual-friendly introduction to ruler work! I learned a great deal and feel motivated to try this. There were times when the sewing machine light created a glare on the project. I wonder if there might be a way to improve that aspect of the presentation. Thank you for the excellent lesson!

  175. Lorena presented an excellent virtual presentation on how to use rulers for quilting. It was a great introductory class that provided the steps, tools, and various templates to complete quilting with rulers. Lorena has a wonderful style of teaching with just the right pacing. Looking forward to her next virtual class on using rulers.

  176. I was a part of the virtual class “Ruler Work for Beginners” with Lorena Corzatt on Saturday, September 26, 2020. I really enjoyed the time we spent together. She did a great job explaining what the rulers and other materials we used for. She spoke clearly and at a very good pace. When she was explaining something, she had it right there for us to see. Lorena was awesome at presenting all the information she had for us and was not at all off topic. Lorena made it very interesting. I wanted to get my rulers out right then and try them. Thank You Sew Steady for the opportunity and Thank You Lorena for being such a great instructor. Hopefully I will meet you in person some day.

  177. This was my first ruler class and I just loved it and I love the virtual one as you can go back and rewatch. Lorena you were very easy to understand and I can’t wait to get started!

  178. The ruler class was my first virtual class experience and I learned so much. It met all my expectations plus much more. Lorena is a great instructor with a unique way in holding your attention while explaining all the details of the project. I look forward to attending future classes.

  179. The pace of the class was excellent. I like that it was recorded so I could back up and hear something again. Very helpful class

  180. Lorena was a Great instructor. Each time I watch a video I learn something new. I had my templates for a couple of years and just didn’t have enough information to be helpful. But I finally took a class on line and these virtual videos have sparked so much inspiration. I have a new addiction of I want all of the templates lol.

  181. Great instructor, great class. Took away all my fears about ruler quilting. Loved that I can watch the class again.

  182. Excellent instructor, excellent class. She made it look so easy that I signed up at SVQ for a class and purchased all the supplies needed. Will definitely take advantage of any future classes from Sew Steady.

  183. Lorena has a gift for teaching. Her instructions were clear and easy to follow. I enjoyed seeing the various looks that could be made with one ruler. It sparks the creativity. I am looking forward to using some of the products that were demonstrated as well as choosing a few more. Having it viral is so nice and a good way to learn. The discounts on the products is also nice.
    Thanks, Les E

  184. I thought the instructor was great and found the class very helpful. This is the first time I have taken a virtual class and was amazed at how helpful it was. I gave it 4 stars because Lorena started her quilting in the white or lighter area of the fabric and there was a glare from the camera, so although the sound was clear I could not see what she was doing.

  185. I really enjoyed class with Lorena. She is very knowledgeable of all products. She was patient and answered all questions to our satisfaction. I learned something new which was exciting for me!!!! Can’t wait to try it out. Great class and instructor!!! Thanks

  186. Very well done. I am confident that I will be able to use the tools I bought 6 months ago! Lorena was clear and organized. The lighting was very good and the close camera was so helpful. I have used her method of bring up bobbin thread after completing a section and will use that method from now on!

  187. WOW really a great learning tool and the best part I can go back and rewatch again and again. My favorite long arm quilter decided to move out of state so now I have to find another long arm quilter or learn to do it myself and this class came at a great time for me. Now I guess I have to start taking ruler class so that I can learn more about rulers and become more comfortable quilting my own quilts.

  188. Lorena went at exactly the right speed for me. She showed me where I’m likely to have issues and how to survive them. I feel much more at ease now to tackle ruler quilting.

  189. Lorena was a Great teacher! Very calm, encouraging and uplifting! Easy to follow along with her guidance! This was a great intro for me to see how to use rulers. Thank you!

  190. She did an excellent job of teaching the class. The only challenge for virtual classes is the lighting, which often affected being able to see some of the steps in her instruction. That was not her doing, just a technical glitch.

  191. The ruler work class was amazing. I’ve never done ruler work and it sounded intimidating. Lorena explains the process well and repeats important information to make sure everyone understands. Great instructor and Great class. I can’t wait to try ruler work!!!

  192. she did sn excellent job explaining what she was doing while she showed us. She answered questions along the way when we needed clarification. Thsnk you so much, I learned a ton and was able to try out my rulers with much success. Definitely recommend taking her class.

  193. I learned so much from Lorena’s class. I’ve always been reluctant to try free motion quilting but she gave me the confidence to give it a go. She was very patient and thorough and anticipated my questions. She’s a very good teacher and I would love to take another one of her classes.

  194. I appreciated being able to take the class Sept 27. I self taught ruler work and this was a good affirmation of all I had learned. The creation of designs was very helpful as I don’t have much of the creative gene and I always need ideas. Using rulers on my home sewing machine, however, showed me that finishing the quilt was something I would like to do on my own and I eventually purchased a long arm machine with robotics so I won’t be using all the rulers I purchased as much as I had planned.

  195. Lorena did a great job with the class. Her instructions were very good. Look forward to working with the rulers and reviewing again the information. Thank you and look forward to more of her classes.

  196. Took the virtual class and thought Lorena was a great instructor – evidenced by the order I placed afterwards. She explained and demonstrated things I had questions about in a very patient and understandable way. Plan to spend this very hot upcoming weekend trying out some of the things I learned.

  197. I thoroughly enjoyed the beginners class with Lorena! She is a fantastic instructor who broke down the process of quilting with templates to make it simple. Her step by step approach was informative and helped me understand the process and what tools I would need to be successful

  198. Lorena is a good instructor. She explained things well as she went and answered questions. I enjoyed the class and it got me to using my rulers. Thanks for a great class.

  199. Love the simple way she teach, very knowledgeable and her instructions give me the confidence I need to continue learning more.

  200. I took the intro to ruler quilting virtually last week. It was a good intro class and I am looking forward to taking the next one, so I can finally get up the courage to try it on a real quilt. Lorena has a clear and relaxed style, with a wealth of information, and it was easy to keep up even in this new virtual arena. The technology was a little challenging at times, but she kept her cool and worked around it.

  201. Lorena, thanks for all of the info. I consider myself an experienced quilter and I am amazed at all you can do with just a few simply tools. Very well done.

  202. I found the class extremely informative. Lorena is a fantastic instructor. Her instructions are very easy to follow.
    Can’t wait for my rulers to arrive and to see more classes


  203. Lorena was very good at explaining and demonstrating how to use the rulers. She answered questions clearly and concisely. I would line to take other classes with Lorena.

  204. Since I started quilting in 2004 I have taken many classes. My motto – it’s all about having the right tools and knowing how to use them. I resisted trying ruler work for the last 2 years. How could anyone wrangle a full sized quilt AND a ruler on a domestic machine at the same time?!? Lorena changed all of that for me! I just finished the second of her 2 part class and I couldn’t be more excited about all of the possible quilting motifs available with rulers. Lorena is directly responsible for this excitement. Not only was she enthusiastic and knowledgeable she was encouraging and kind. There were no mistakes – just design changes. She brought multiple examples to class and was more than willing to demonstrate templates that were not part of the original class pattern. Lorena’s class is truly the BEST CLASS I HAVE EVER TAKEN.

  205. Lorena is a great instructor! She is very patient and can answer any question you throw at her. Just finished a two day ruler class and I feel like I learned so much. This is the second class I have taken with Lorena and look forward to learning more. Thank you Lorena for all your help!

  206. I learned so much at the ruler class held in Birmingham, Alabama this past Saturday! Thank you for giving me confidence to go foward with my ruler quilting.

  207. I have signed up to take a ruler class with you on Mar 14 in Birmingham, AL via the Smocking Bird. I am very excited to learn this skill and look forward to meeting you. My machine is a Bernina 730.

    1. Thank you so much for the insights on the ruler. I’ve attended a lot of classes and some teachers forget to tell you how to get from A to B. I really enjoyed every second! Sometimes teachers can do a really good job and showing us the procedure and then you get home and you can’t do it. Lorena took us through every step by step and didn’t forget anything to tell us I was able to so long as she was sewing and it really worked. Not only did we get information about how to use the rulers, but the additional items that could help us we’re amazing also. I will watch this class over and over. Thanks again for the opportunity!

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