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Lorena Corzatt

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Klamath Falls, OR (willing to travel)
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My grandmother taught me to sew when I was 12 and stayed with her for the summer.  I sewed almost all of my own clothes in junior high and high school.  Then of course, as life got busier, I sewed less but in the early 2000s I purchased a BERNINA sewing machine.  I discovered quilting though one of the Quilt in a Day books.  I started in late November and finished two double bed quilts for Christmas.  They certainly weren’t perfect but I am proud to say they are still in service!

Since then, I have worked in a quilt store sewing many store samples and teaching quilting classes as well as working for our BERNINA dealer.  Working for The Sewing Works has led me into teaching our new owner classes and Westalee Ruler work.  I have taught the Quilt As You Go class several times and love the “Aha!” moment when quilters realize they can quilt their own tops and not have to hand it off to someone else to get great results.

25 thoughts on “Lorena Corzatt

  1. Lorena did a great job with the class. Her instructions were very good. Look forward to working with the rulers and reviewing again the information. Thank you and look forward to more of her classes.

  2. Took the virtual class and thought Lorena was a great instructor – evidenced by the order I placed afterwards. She explained and demonstrated things I had questions about in a very patient and understandable way. Plan to spend this very hot upcoming weekend trying out some of the things I learned.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the beginners class with Lorena! She is a fantastic instructor who broke down the process of quilting with templates to make it simple. Her step by step approach was informative and helped me understand the process and what tools I would need to be successful

  4. Lorena is a good instructor. She explained things well as she went and answered questions. I enjoyed the class and it got me to using my rulers. Thanks for a great class.

  5. Love the simple way she teach, very knowledgeable and her instructions give me the confidence I need to continue learning more.

  6. I took the intro to ruler quilting virtually last week. It was a good intro class and I am looking forward to taking the next one, so I can finally get up the courage to try it on a real quilt. Lorena has a clear and relaxed style, with a wealth of information, and it was easy to keep up even in this new virtual arena. The technology was a little challenging at times, but she kept her cool and worked around it.

  7. Lorena, thanks for all of the info. I consider myself an experienced quilter and I am amazed at all you can do with just a few simply tools. Very well done.

  8. I found the class extremely informative. Lorena is a fantastic instructor. Her instructions are very easy to follow.
    Can’t wait for my rulers to arrive and to see more classes


  9. Lorena was very good at explaining and demonstrating how to use the rulers. She answered questions clearly and concisely. I would line to take other classes with Lorena.

  10. Since I started quilting in 2004 I have taken many classes. My motto – it’s all about having the right tools and knowing how to use them. I resisted trying ruler work for the last 2 years. How could anyone wrangle a full sized quilt AND a ruler on a domestic machine at the same time?!? Lorena changed all of that for me! I just finished the second of her 2 part class and I couldn’t be more excited about all of the possible quilting motifs available with rulers. Lorena is directly responsible for this excitement. Not only was she enthusiastic and knowledgeable she was encouraging and kind. There were no mistakes – just design changes. She brought multiple examples to class and was more than willing to demonstrate templates that were not part of the original class pattern. Lorena’s class is truly the BEST CLASS I HAVE EVER TAKEN.

  11. Lorena is a great instructor! She is very patient and can answer any question you throw at her. Just finished a two day ruler class and I feel like I learned so much. This is the second class I have taken with Lorena and look forward to learning more. Thank you Lorena for all your help!

  12. I learned so much at the ruler class held in Birmingham, Alabama this past Saturday! Thank you for giving me confidence to go foward with my ruler quilting.

  13. I have signed up to take a ruler class with you on Mar 14 in Birmingham, AL via the Smocking Bird. I am very excited to learn this skill and look forward to meeting you. My machine is a Bernina 730.

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