Mary Hyatt

Promoted Instructor
South Jordan, UT (willing to travel)
Daily Rate
Varies based on type of event

About The Instructor

When I made my first quilt in 1970, I had no clue of the adventures ahead which challenged me to progress in skill level and variations ever since. I think I’ve enjoyed proficiency in every quilting method out there, with the newest to me being rulers on the home sewing machine.

I love the control, the free motion, and the demonstrated versatility available in every Westalee Ruler.

When I’ve worked and attended shows and conventions in sewing and quilting across the past 14 years (10 years in Houston and 4 in Utah) – and as a store sales specialist and manager – my greatest satisfaction always comes in helping others to find success in using the artistic “tools of the trade”.  That’s where teaching comes in:

  • Having been costume director for 14 plays, and run an alteration business for 35 years, I have answers (and a crazy-but-true story to illustrate!) to nearly any question I’m ever asked. When I come in, I’m a solutions person with a can-do attitude – and happy to spread that to my students.
  • I am an accomplished “5 stars out of 5” instructor with deep knowledge from teaching Embroidery, Sergers, Sewing Machines, and Quilting techniques….
  • A down-to-earth and friendly temperament may betray my past 26 years as a Cub Scout leader, where creativity and ingenuity are survival skills!
  • I have taught students ages 8- 88, accommodating handicaps, language barriers, and culture barriers; after I overcome a learning barrier, I win the students’ hearts as well.
  • I believe that proper tools, with well thought-out handouts, examples, and stories, encourage the best learning. No wonder my students seem always to say, “The clock is bewitched and the time went way too fast!”

Among my favorite classes are

  • “12 methods of machine quilting on your Home Machine” which includes a big session and emphasis on Westalee Rulers.
  • Free-motion quilting for beginners- with a section on Westalee Rulers
  • Quilt as You Go (I’m already in my 3rd class group in June 2018)

I am passionate about the awesome artistic potential in sewing and quilting – and delight in sharing it with others.  Let’s talk about letting me be an ambassador of fun in your classroom!

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