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Paulette Schouten

In-Store Instructor

Surrey, BC Canada (willing to travel)
(604) 200-5333

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I have been sewing and quilting for the past 43 years. I was a stay-at-home mom, raising 2 children. It was then that I started sewing, taking night school classes in every aspect of sewing that I could get. Eventually my specialty was in tailoring and making wedding and ball gowns. As the children grew and were off to school this opened more time to sew and to expand my sewing interests. My other pursuits were bookkeeping and tax preparation. Both allowed me to remain at home. After 25 years I finally retired from work in 2021 to devote more time to my sewing.

My quilting journey started in 2000 when a friend showed me how to make a small, appliqued table runner. I was hooked and started taking quilting classes. For the last 15 years we were snowbirds, wintering in Cathedral City, California. In the RV Resort that we stayed at, there was a quilting group that met weekly, and it was there that my quilting really progressed. I started to give sessions on various quilting aspects and instructing new quilters. There I also started to delve into landscape quilts, thread art, free motion and doing non-traditional quilts. It was also there that I purchased my first set of Westalee Rulers. They fascinated me but it wasn’t until we returned home to Surrey, British Columbia in the spring, that I took a couple of classes to learn how to use them properly. Then I was hooked.

Once we were no longer going south, I realized how much I had enjoyed that teaching. At a sewing course I met two ladies who wanted to learn how to quilt, so I offered to help them out. It took us 9 weekly sessions to make a sampler quilt and they did an amazing job. Shortly after that DragonFly Quilts put the call out for educators. Both ladies called me and said that I had to go and teach there, so I did. My class specialty with the store is Westalee Ruler Work and Free Motion.

I am now teaching in Essem Textiles where I will be able to do even more Ruler classes.

I thoroughly enjoy instructing ruler work and seeing those happy faces at the end of a class knowing that I can pass on my passion for the skills of ruler work.

My Westalee Ruler and quilting journey continues…

Paulette Schouten

(760) 968-0374 – US

(604) 200-5333 – Canada

8 thoughts on “Paulette Schouten

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  1. Paulette is an excellent teacher! Not only is she knowledgeable, thorough, patient, and takes time to answer all of the group’s questions, but her workshops are really fun! I am looking forward to taking her other classes and would not hesitate to recommend them to quilters of any level of expertise.

  2. Great class on free motion quilting, really enjoyed Paulette’s teaching style. She is a patient knowledgeable instructor. Thank you Paulette!
    Hope to take another of your classes.

  3. After taking an FMQ course with Paulette, I took 2 Westalee Ruler classes. I find that Paulette explains things very clearly and provide individual attention. Her classes are very fun and enjoyable. I’m glad that we have her as a resource and have recommended her classes to other people.

  4. Really enjoyed your ruler work course. Thought it might be intimidating but you made it look easy and creative. I have had fun practicing what you taught me. And am ready to move on to do Ruler work on a quilt. I have already recommended to my fellow Quilters to take your course. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skills with us. Keep up the good work.

  5. I give Paulette Schouten 5 stars

    I attended her class, Westalee Ruler Work 101, presented at DragonFly Quilting and Gifts in Surrey, BC Canada on January 14, 2023 (10:30am to 4pm).

    I found Paulette to be very knowledgeable and professional. She presented the class information in a clear, concise manner which was easily understood. She presented her information in a friendly and personable manner. She was very perceptive as to who needed help and she did not hesitate to provide additional instructions to those members of the class who needed/wanted it.

    I would not hesitate to take another class with Paulette (though I hope she finds another venue).

    Beverley Stevens, Abbotsford, BC Canada

  6. Really enjoyed the ruler class at dragonfly. Paulette went above and beyond helping with my problems. She made the class a lot of fun.

  7. Excited to see you officially an Instructor, thanks for purchasing all your templates from Stitch in the Ditch in Canada, Congratulations on your journey.

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