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Shanna Rendon

Quilting Industry Partner

Promoted Instructor

Grand Junction, Colorado (willing to travel)
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About The Instructor

Shanna’s first career was in hospital laboratory medicine where she spent 30 years doing anatomic pathology and research.  She learned investing and over 20 years advanced through numerous teaching and governance positions, finally retiring as a member of the Board of Directors for BetterInvesting.

Shanna has been sewing most of her life, first learning quilting from her grandmother and friends at quilting bees, and then sewing from her mother, her grandmother, school and 4H.  Her skills advanced until she could do tailoring and teach Stretch and Sew classes.  Then she learned to do machine embroidery, to digitize designs, and to piece quilts correctly.  Her quilting method of choice was quilting in the hoop with her embroidery machine, but when the Westalee quilting rulers appeared at her local quilting store, she was enthralled.

She started teaching ruler quilting classes in 2016 at the quilting store followed by Leonie’s Quilt As You Go series multiple times and most of the project classes available from Sew Steady, Continuum, Janet Collins’ patterns, and a few of her own. She taught a three-day event which included a trunk show, beginning ruler class, and ruler template folder project.  She has spoken to quilting guilds and taught at a guild rendezvous.

Why Westalee Design Templates: “Before Westalee Designs, I didn’t quilt; I pieced quilts.  Now with Westalee Designs I can quilt beautiful and unique designs on my quilts.”

One thought on “Shanna Rendon

  1. I took Shanna’s Beginning Ruler class and found her to be a delightful instructor. She was knowledgable, sharing, organized and allowed each student to progress at their own pace. I would gladly take a other class with her!

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