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Shanna Rendon

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Grand Junction, Colorado (willing to travel)
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Shanna’s first career was in hospital laboratory medicine where she spent 30 years doing anatomic pathology and research.  She learned investing and over 20 years advanced through numerous teaching and governance positions, finally retiring as a member of the Board of Directors for BetterInvesting.

Shanna has been sewing most of her life, first learning quilting from her grandmother and friends at quilting bees, and then sewing from her mother, her grandmother, school and 4H.  Her skills advanced until she could do tailoring and teach Stretch and Sew classes.  Then she learned to do machine embroidery, to digitize designs, and to piece quilts correctly.  Her quilting method of choice was quilting in the hoop with her embroidery machine, but when the Westalee quilting rulers appeared at her local quilting store, she was enthralled.

She started teaching ruler quilting classes in 2016 at the quilting store followed by Leonie’s Quilt As You Go series multiple times and most of the project classes available from Sew Steady, Continuum, Janet Collins’ patterns, and a few of her own. She taught a three-day event which included a trunk show, beginning ruler class, and ruler template folder project.  She has spoken to quilting guilds and taught at a guild rendezvous.

Why Westalee Design Templates: “Before Westalee Designs, I didn’t quilt; I pieced quilts.  Now with Westalee Designs I can quilt beautiful and unique designs on my quilts.”

Additional Patterns and Courses Available on Sew Steady University By Shanna:

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  1. Great instruction. Stayed cool when not everything was going her way. Handled it all with great style. Went over the basics – but felt that I learned alot even though I had a little more experience. Have had several comments about how you brought up the bobbin thread at the end of sewing – with the loop around your fingers – that has always fascinated me – and now that I tried it – might want to explain a little more!
    Great class

  2. The pace and the style of the instruction was easy to follow and clearly explained. As a beginner I am excited about learning more of the does and don’t when using ruler works for my quilting. Thank you!

  3. Thank You Shanna for an incredible class, you were so organized and didn’t rush thru the different rulers plus you spoke in a way that was easy to follow. When I watched a second time I set my machine up so I could sew along with you and could pause and back up if I wasn’t understanding the process. I’ve taken a couple other ruler classes and you were amazing. I wish I could save your video for future reference because I’ve learned practice makes “better” and would love to continue watching as I sew as you make it look so easy. I did order the “Janet Collins Designs” book you suggested and it looks like it’s going to be a great reference book. I think it will really help me with the marking for the designs. I’ve had my “Westalee” rulers for several years and never could feel comfortable using them, I was so excited to see you demonstrated every ruler I had and after a little more practice I’m confident I will be able to finally use them on an actual quilt. Thank You so much for giving us your time and this excellent class.

  4. I thought her class was perfectly paced and easy to follow along. She obviously has no trouble with moving the fabric or keeping the stitch length the same. A few more tips on how to do those two things would have been helpful. I liked how she would admit that she’d go back to rip out a few stitches to make the pattern perfect, but also explained that some errors are so minor that they don’t need correction.

  5. I enjoyed Shanna’s class. I have wanted to try ruler work for some time. Now I feel like Shanna has given me the knowledge to try. Can’t wait for my order to get here so I can try it!

  6. Thank You Shanna. The ruler class was excellent. I have never done quilting with rulers and this has inspired me. The class was well organized and very easy to follow.

  7. Shanna presented great information. I really enjoyed seeing the many different things you can do with the rulers. Not just being locked into 1 motif opens the door to so many more possiblities. Thank you Shanna!

  8. I loved the class! After class I tried out some sample sewing of using the templates but it wasn’t as easy as it looked. My stitches were “chonky” and occasionally I let the ruler get under the presser foot because I was pushing too hard. Shanna says to be relaxed and not tense up by pressing too hard and this is crucial!

    Watching a second time I added a lot more details to my notes, which I type up and write so that I can understand in case time goes by between projects and I need a refresher, including a few little drawings.

    Controlling the speed and stitch length takes some time. Be patient! My first many tries were far from perfect but it helps to keep going to build the muscle memory and technique. I have a long way to go but I think I can get there. Watching this video more than once while working with the rulers is REALLY helpful!

  9. I took Shanna’s Beginner Ruler class. She was fabulous. Clear instructions, tons of useful information. The pace of the class was great – quick enough to keep me hooked, slow enough to be able to absorb. She made it seem so easy that I am planning on trying my hand at this. I would recommend her class and would love to take more (virtual) classes with her.

  10. She was a great teacher. Very informative. Got a lot of information out of the class now to practice and get more comfortable with the templates.

  11. I thought Shanna to be a very organized, knowledgable and thorough presenter. She paced the class so that you could absorb the information. I would recommend her class to other quilters. I look forward to her other classes. P.S. She doesn’t have to apologize so much.

  12. Shanna is a great teacher. I really enjoyed the virtual class and ability to watch it multiple times. Shanna’s directions were very clear. It made it easy to understand and follow. She explained the steps and the tools very well so that I could understand easily. I had rulers for a while but I wasn’t able to use them before. After the class, I was able to finish my first project and it turned out to be very satisfying. I am so excited to learn more and look forward to having more classes with Shanna. Thank you so much for providing this opportunity.

  13. Shanna gave an excellent class. Shows us lots of cool patterns and tricks with the basic set and also a bonus of how to do feathers. Thank you so much!

  14. I really liked the virtual class. She makes ruler work look so simple and easy. I would definitely take another class. Thanks!

  15. I found the class to be very interesting to watch. She took it quilted slowly so it was easy to follow along. I I’ve always wondered how templates would work for a domestic sewing machine. I have no room in my house for a long arm. The only issue, was camera glare.

  16. Shanna was not comfortable conveying the information in a virtual setting. It was difficult to follow her. She is obviously very good with the product. Maybe more practice.

  17. I found Shanna to have lots of information about rulers. I needed a beginner’s class to get me started and she did that. I would take more classes from her.

  18. Shanna did an awesome job. For someone who just started ruler quilting, she explained a lot of things I had no idea how to do them. She took her time so that you could understand what she was doing. I have watched it three times. I get something new each time. Thank you so much

  19. Shanna was very inspiring! I can’t wait to get to work with my rulers and multiple quilt tops ready for my “practice!” Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  20. I really liked Shanna’s instructions as she took her time with her teaching. I bought the template set sometime ago and have done very little with it. I now have a better idea what they can do. I would love to see more teaching done by Shanna.

  21. Enjoyed the Ruler Work for Beginners class with Shanna. She was great with her explanations and easy to follow. Ruler Work is something I certainly want to use when quilting. Will look forward to taking more classes with her.

  22. I attended the virtual class. The instruction was excellent, and there were many good suggestions. However, there should have been better technical support. In planning perhaps the class could have been previewed to be sure there was no glare from the camera. also, she should have had more contrast between the fabric and the thread.

  23. Shanna is a fantastic teacher-always patient, gives clear directions and makes it easy to learn to use the rulers. I’d love to take another class with her-maybe Beginning Rulers II?
    Thanks, Shanna for all your inspiration.

  24. I took Shanna’s Beginning Ruler class and found her to be a delightful instructor. She was knowledgable, sharing, organized and allowed each student to progress at their own pace. I would gladly take a other class with her!

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