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Westalee Design FAQ's

Westalee Design FAQ's

Q: How do I know what Ruler Foot I need for my domestic sewing machine?

A: We currently have 4 Ruler Feet available. Simply tell us the make and model of domestic sewing machine you'd like it for, and we'll get the correct Foot to you.

Click here to learn more about our options and determine what size you may need.   

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Q: Can I get a Ruler Foot for my long arm machine?

A: At this time, the only long arm we offer a Ruler Foot for is a Gammill. Many long arm machines have a 1/2" ruler foot available.  We have templates available for multiple sizes of feet.  You must confirm with us your size of foot as our standard templates are made to fit a  1/2" ruler foot we can also make our templates to work with a 9/16" size foot.   

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Q: What templates are available for my machine?

A: You have over 400 templates to choose from!  We currently have 3 different thicknesses of template, and the thickness will depend on the machine you're using the templates on. Just let us know what machine you're using, and we'll get the correct thickness of template to you (we even offer templates for long arm machines!).  Spinning Catalog and Non Spinning Template Catalog

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  • Use new needles for best results.We recommend using: SUPERIOR Titanium-coated Topstitch Needles: Guaranteed to last 5-8 times longer than regular needles.

    Needles in this assortment: #70/10,  #80/12 , #90/14, #100/16. We found these especially good with Pfaff Machines.

  • Use a bigger needle for heavier weight fabric (the larger the number, the bigger the needle).

  • When free motion quilting, the quilter controls the stitch length.

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Q: Why do some Spinning templates have a Key and some have a Slot:

The templates where you do not stitch around the full template, we send only with a slot opening. We found that the key is only necessary on some templates. 

Q: Why is my DVD not working on my computer?

A:  It may be that the version of Windows Media Player you are using is not up to date or doesn't have the proper DVD encoder installed. This link has some info on how to get it updated: However, if that doesn't work, you can always use other media players that have the ability to read multiple video file types, such as VLC Media Player. It's free and easy to install and can read most types of video/audio files and DVDs:

Q: Why is my DVD not working on my TV living outside of North America?

A: (International Answer) There is a different type of DVD required for use in international TV's. We have a  PAL version if requested!  In the mean time you can use it in any computer accepting DVD's. 

Outside the US?  Click here to see what version you need to for use on your TV.  

Q: Do you offer Drop Shipping:

A: Yes, we can always ship directly to your customer on your behalf. No additional fee(s) are added for template only orders.  Standard residential shipping rates are still apply.


Pfaff Sewing Machines
When using a Medium Shank Foot for your Pfaff machine, you will need to use either the Spring Free Motion setting for the Expression and Creative range of machines, or put your presser foot into the mezzanine position - free motion position - darning position (refer to your manual).

Bernina Sewing Machines

Using a Westalee Ruler Foot?  We recommend using the #77 Shank Adaptor (the #75 Shank Adapter is too close to the needle plate, making it difficult to move templates as the shank adaptor presses on the templates).

When using the 7 and 8 series machines:

  • 7 Series - Low Shank Ruler Foot, Presser Foot Pressure setting “minus 4”
  • 7 Series - Medium Shank Ruler Foot, Presser Foot Pressure setting “minus 15”
  • 8 Series - Medium Shank Ruler Foot Presser Foot Pressure setting “minus 25" and select Foot #9

These settings may vary slightly depending on the quilt thickness you are using.


Using a Bernina Ruler Foot?  The new #72 foot recommends use of High Shank 4.5mm templates.

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Important information on the care and use of our Acrylic Templates

Hopping Foot

You must use a Ruler Foot when working with Long Arm rulers and templates, stitching directly onto a quilt.

Ideally the Ruler Foot should measure 1/2” across the collar with the needle stitching at 1/4” from the ruler or template edge. This will make it easy to calculate spacing's across a block or quilt.

Nolting, A1, Handy Quilter, Innova and Prodigy machines all have a true ½” round Ruler Foot. Gammil and APQS have a 9/16” Ruler Foot, which will stitch out at 9/32” from the ruler or template edge. We now have a 1/2" hopping foot made for Gammill Machines. We now have our own Domestic Machine Ruler Foot, designed to allow Domestic machines to use our Rulers in all different designs. We have an extensive of purpose made templates for Domestic machines with High or Low Shank Presser Foot bar

At Westalee Design we have been making all our templates since 2008 to suit both sizes. Our templates are made Machine specific and you will achieve the same result for either sized foot.

Template Rules

Always use a ruler base on your machine when using rulers and templates.

Make sure that your ruler base is flat and even with the machine bed, if you have any irregularities where the table meets the machine bed or holes you should apply low tack painters tape to smooth these out or use a Supreme Slider Mat.

When using rulers make sure that your quilt is tension-ed correctly, it is better to have a slightly firm quilt than a loose quilt when using rulers.

Remember that every stitch of quilting that we sew draws in our quilt, so it is always necessary when quilting to make slight adjustments as we go so that our pattern sews out correctly.

When using rulers it is best to slow down.

When holding the template on the quilt do not push so hard that you restrict the movement of the machine

Template Care

Store your Templates flat or in a template rack out of direct sunlight.

Clean your Templates with Isopropyl (eyeglass cleaner) or warm soapy water. Do not use anything that contains ammonia.

Clear Cast Acrylic can break if you drop it.

Template Use

Our 1/4" thick acrylic Templates are designed to work with Long Arm Machines on a quilting frame, fitted with a Ruler Hopping Foot. The Foot has a full circle base (collar) designed to run against a 1/4" thick template. Where necessary, we have provided a drop box containing a list of suitable machines. Our Templates also come in 4.5mm and 3mm for Domestic Sewing Machines using the Westalee Ruler Foot.

The Sit Down Machines can use the majority of the templates sold from our web site provided they have the correct hopping foot.

The throat size on your machine can be a factor in your choice of template, especially the rotating templates.

If you want more information about using templates on your Sit Down Long arm machine or on your Domestic Sewing Machine, go to the Domestic Ruler page or send us an email with your contact number including area code and some details on your machine. Email Here

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