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… And Beyond Virtual Event with Donelle McAdams, Oct 4th, 2021 – Dec 6th @ 11am PT

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The Next Steps Virtual Event with Donelle McAdams


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Class Description:

Are you ready to move BEYOND creating ruler work quilts with the Quilt-As-You-Go method? Are you comfortable when working with templates on medium sized projects such as bed runners, small wall hangings, or baby quilts? If you can answer “YES” to these questions – you are ready for … AND Beyond! In this class, Donelle will take you through the construction of a 62” x 83” quilt (block size: 9 1/2”) during the first 3 class sessions. You will learn how to piece, press, join your blocks and borders, & sandwich your quilt in preparation for easy Template Quilting. There will be 6 additional classes, each focused on Template Quilting a particular part of the quilt. This quilt features only 6 fabrics and you will have the opportunity to purchase fabric kits or select your own fabrics. The pattern is a FREE download and fabric requirements will be shared with you upon registration. Donelle will be using the Weightless Quilter to make management of the quilt very easy while template quilting. At the end of the 9 sessions, you will have a completely template quilted quilt, including instruction on the binding application. Are you ready to move BEYOND? If so, we have a seat for you in … AND Beyond!


  • Class Dates Every Monday for 9 weeks
  • Monday 10/4/21 at 11am PT
  •  10/11/21 at 11am PT
  •  10/18/21 at 11am PT
  • 11/1/21 at 11am PT
  • 11/8/21 at 11am PT
  • 11/15/21 at 11am PT
  • 11/22/21 at 11am PT
  • 11/29/21 at 11am PT
  • 12/6/21 at 11am PT

Click Here for the FREE Benartex Pattern to download.

Fabric Requirements: 

Westalee Specialty Tools Required:

  • Outer Rim Tool
  • Rope Template WCR .75A and WCR 2.5c
  •  Spin-E-Fex Feathers 8 7.5” (This is a template that was used in NEXT STEPS Class)
  • WR-18 x 6 Patchwork Tool (Optional but highly recommended)
  • 12 1/2” Centering Ruler by Sew Biz

Westalee Basic Tools Recommended (you should have these):

  • Sew Steady Extension Table
    • Ruler Work Foot
    • 12” Arc
    • Sampler Set 1
    • Spacing Gauge
    • Echo Guides
    • 8 pt. Cross Hair Square
  • Weightless Quilter
  • Polish Kit

Other Notions & Tools
• Quilt Batt – Light weight NOTE: I use Quilter’s Dream Request (minimum size: 64” x 86”)
• Pounce Iron-Off Chalk Refill
• Ruler Stickers
• Fabric safe markers (I use Frixion Fineline Markers)
• Starch Savvy by June Tailor
• Quilt Basting Spray by June Tailor
• Self Threading Needles
• #80 Universal Needles for Piecing
• #90 Top Stitch Needles for Quilting
• 60 wt. Thread for Piecing
• 40 or 50 wt. Thread for Quilting
• 6 POOL NOODLES if you can find them (Not required but great if you can find  – Usually a Dollar Store item)
• Small SHARP scissors

* Earn 9 Credits towards a Westalee Design Home Certified Quilter.  Check out our Blog HERE to learn more!

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