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Sew Steady Grid Glider

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Grid Glider creates a slick sewing surface. Polyester mat with micro suction technology secures to Table and sewing machine.  Now Available in 2 sizes.
  • 12” x 20” (Teal) or 11″ x 14″ (Salmon) removable polyester, hole pre-cut for feed dogs
  • Incudes a 1/4″, 1/2″ and 5/8″ seam allowances, a Centering Ruler and Grid with 1″ spacing across entire mat.
  • Slick topside allows for easy fabric glide
  • Micro-suction technology secures to sewing machine and/or extension table
  • Can be trimmed down with scissors
  • Clean with warm water and air dry to revive
  • Ideal for Free Motion Quilting

“I make mark less half square triangles. Two squares turned on the point and sew 1/4” from each side of the center. Cut them apart and iron open!” – Di Russell

“I too find it fab for HST’s too, removes the need to draw the diagonal line across from point to point.” – Angela Attwood

“​Love my grid glider–game changer for accurate piecing” – Veronica Sews

How to remove the glider from the tube!

Tips and Trouble Shooting for Glider Use:

  • The gliders have a clear back that you must peal off
  • It is intended to stick to smooth surfaces like our Sew Steady Acrylic Tables.  It will need to be taped down to textured surfaces like a wood?
  • If it is still not securing to acrylic or smooth surface and you have rinsed with warm water you might try using a lint roller that also helps bring it back to life.

22 responses to “Sew Steady Grid Glider”

  1. What a game changer! I love my 30+ year old machine with dual feed and adjustable needle position but have struggled with getting a perfect scant 1/4″ seam because of poor markings on the plate. The markings on the Grid Glider solve that problem. It also covers a small gap between my machine bed and table insert that catches perpendicular seams and flips them down. I’m so glad I made this purchase.

  2. The grid glider makes it much easier to FMQ and Ruler quilt, allowing the fabric sandwich to ‘slip’ easily as it is maneuvered/guided by the Quilter.

  3. the only thing I have a complaint about is that the new glider had the cut out for the needle in the center of the Glider. Therefore I had to cut off some of the Glider to fit under the arm of my sewing machine. The glider I had to replace had the cut out to the right so no cutting was required.

  4. This is the best thing I have ever bought. Comes in so handy and you can store it if you want….but why would you, there are so many wonderful ways to use it!

  5. Wonderful and practicalMy Baby Lock Accomplish needle plate is not flush with the bed and caused the fabric to jam against the needle plate. The Sew Steady Grid glider makes it so smooth (and accurate) to sew on the Accomplish because it fits over the raised needle plate. I love this product!

  6. Works GreatI just love the grid glider. It really sticks to my Janome table. I had another brand,but it didn’t stay put as well and I couldn’t see when the bobbin thread was going to run out.

  7. Grid GliderI bought for the markings on the glider. Love how much more accurate my seams are now that I have the guidance this provides. . Very happy with this purchase and I have recommended it to my friends who Quilt.

  8. Works well but..The grid glider works extremely well. It sticks to the surface and doesn’t slide around. It is easy to apply and remove. A lint roller helps to clean up the back. My only issue is that on the second time I used it the corner around the feed dogs has torn. I am extremely careful and don’t know how this occurred. I probably won’t get as much use out of it as I thought.

  9. Love the Sew Steady GlderUntil some recent humid summer weather, I didn’t really need a slider for FMQ. I hesitated on purchasing other sliders. They were big, looked like they didn’t stick well, and one had to cut a hole. All changed when I saw this slider at a quilt show vendor demo. The glider is perfect! It is easy to apply and remove, stores easily and the pre-cut hole is large enough to see the bobbin and leave room for the needle and feed dogs. It sticks easily to both of the tables that came with the Janome 9400 and the Janome 6600P.

  10. Great sliderBought this slider because it’s larger then another name brand one and glad I did. Makes my free motion much easier and love the size, much bigger then my previous one. Love the grid marks as well so I also use it when doing half square triangles. It’s easy to store with the backing going back on and stores in its tube. Also the price is great.

  11. Sew SteadyMy new Sew Steady makes my free motion quilting easier. I have my Sew Steady applied to table of my HQ 16 sit down quilting machine. It works great.

  12. Grid GliderPerfect addition to my Sew Steady table. Really makes the fabric glide with ease. Recommend you have a full bobbin before you start sewing. It covers the bobbin cover and is a bit fussy to change bobbin without taking it completely off.

  13. Great Product!I recently purchased the sew steady free motion slider and I am enjoying it very much. I like it so much better than the previous slider that I was using. It is larger, it’s sticks to the sewing table much better and the opening for the feed dogs is large enough so that it doesn’t chew up the slider.

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