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Precise Pedal Power

Product Description

Precise Pedal Power: speed control accessory


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Our new Precise Pedal Power lets you set the precise speed for your comfort level then push the pedal to the highest speed. This heavy duty acrylic accessory is perfect for free motion quilting and quilting with templates! This is easily attached on most sewing machine foot pedals with the included special tape.



3 responses to “Precise Pedal Power”

  1. Precise Pedal PowerI’ve been ruler quilting for a while, but the machine I use only has a normal or slow speed, and it has been difficult to get consistent stitches. When I saw the Precise Pedal Power, I knew that it had to help, and it certainly has!

  2. Good to have speed controlSo happy I ordered this to limit my speed while free motion quilting. It makes it easier to develop a rhythm when you are as new to thus art as I am.

  3. Game ChangerO.M.G. This new product is a GAME-CHANGER for me. My Babylock Jazz doesn’t have a speed control. I’ve tried everything to slow mt machine down, turned the pedal backwards, taped cardboard on the foot pedal and a few others. When Kate Quinn showed this in one of her FB Live programs, I immediately got on the waiting list for when they came available. As I said, it’s a real game changer. Do yourself a favor and get one!

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