SARIDITTY Crafter’s Notion Necklace

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Keep your notions handy, nearby, and accessible while you design, sew and quilt. Perfect for safekeeping your SARIDITTY Spacer Tool, small scissors, USB drive, and other small items. The removable ring allows for quick ON and OFF access to your tool or notion, which you’ll never misplace again!

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32 reviews «1 of 7»
Review for NEW! Create Bag
Sew Steady Bag

Love this bag- definitely worth the money! Constructed very well, lots of padding and pockets, but most of all, love the color!

Review for Cabinet Insets & Inserts
love it!

My Sew Steady inserts makes my time sewing so much easier, I love this product!

Review for Westalee Design Continuous Heart Border Tool (Small)
Love this one

One of the best things about this ruler is the video that goes with it showing how to use it. It is very clear. Like all rulers, this one takes practice but the clear instructions help immensely.

Review for New Grid Glider
Sew Steady

My new Sew Steady makes my free motion quilting easier. I have my Sew Steady applied to table of my HQ 16 sit down quilting machine. It works great.

Review for Large Table 18" x 24" Table

I ordered this 18×24 table for my janome machine. It arrived sooner than expected and fits my machine perfectly. I was given your info at Quilt Canada in Ottawa by one of the Janome dealers.

32 reviews «1 of 7»
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