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SARIDITTY Crafter’s Notion Necklace

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Keep your notions handy, nearby, and accessible while you design, sew and quilt. Perfect for safekeeping your SARIDITTY Spacer Tool, small scissors, USB drive, and other small items. The removable ring allows for quick ON and OFF access to your tool or notion, which you’ll never misplace again!

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4 responses to “SARIDITTY Crafter’s Notion Necklace”

  1. Saridity crafters necklaceThese are great. Not only use them to keep track of your guage but on scissors, tweezers, and other small essential sewing/quilting tools. Keep hooked around a leg of your Sew Steady table, unhook what item you need, reattach when done. No more lost little items.

  2. Sariditty Crafters notion necklaceThis necklace I has changed my sewing habits! I have one for scissors and my space n gauge. I can always find them!

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