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Sew Steady Ruler Work Glider

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NEW Ruler Work Glider creates a slick sewing surface. Polyester mat with micro-suction
technology secures to Table and sewing machine.
  • 12” x 20” removable polyester, round hole pre-cut cover feed dogs
  • Slick topside allows for easy fabric glide
  • Micro-suction technology secures to sewing machine and/or extension table
  • Can be trimmed down with scissors
  • Clean with warm water and air dry to revive
  • Ideal for Free Motion Quilting

Tips and Trouble Shooting for Glider Use:

  • The glider has a clear back that you must peel off
  • It is intended to stick to smooth surfaces, like our Sew Steady Acrylic Tables and Inserts.  It will need to be taped down to textured surfaces, such as a wood cabinet top
  • If it is still not securing to acrylic or smooth surface, and you have rinsed with warm water, you might try using a lint roller to help revive the micro-suction technology.

9 responses to “Sew Steady Ruler Work Glider”

  1. Very SatisfiedI have enjoyed using this mat; it is bigger than the one I already had and has a slicker surface. Would definitely purchase again!

  2. game changerMy little Janome and I are loving the freedom of movement. With a little more practice we’ll be ready to share the results of FMQ and ruler work gifts to family and friends.

  3. Ruler work gliderIt works as advertised. Makes moving projects while free motion quilting and ruler work smoother. I have rinsed it when the back got some dust on it and it works great still. I would like a larger size if it comes available.

  4. Love this ruler glide matI have the regular white glide mat. I was debating this purchase. I love it! It is larger than my previous mat and a LOT SLICKER making it wonderful for fmq. I am a newbie at fmq so the very slick surface makes moving the fabric while maintaining ruler placement easy. Ii use it for both ruler and regular fmq. Considering purchasing another so it can fill the top of my sews steady table by placing side by side. That would be my dream mat one that fully fills a large sew steady table! They adhesion is awesome. Great product and economical. Purchased at event for free shipping, bonus!

  5. Wow.I have the regular mat for fmq, but I purchased this one from a recent virtual event. I am amazed at how much slicker this one is! A big help for this newbie to both FMQ and ruler work. Thinking about getting an additional one to cut up to fill the rest of my sew steady table. My one question is: what is the best way to polish it to keep it so slick?

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