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Star Gazing Pattern by Donelle McAdams

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STAR GAZING PATTERN with Donelle McAdams


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Star Gazing is a fun activity on a clear night around the fire while making s’mores and chatting with family and friends. Making beautiful Star patterns can be enjoyable too, when you have and use the tools designed for making the job easier. You will soon be making stars of various shapes and sizes once you take the Star Gazing class and learn how to plot points with the Outer Rim Tool. Shape and sizes are almost limitless with the techniques you will learn in this pattern.

Tools Required:

One response to “Star Gazing Pattern by Donelle McAdams”

  1. Very Useful ToolI bought this tool but couldn’t figure it out. I watched Donelle use and once it “clicked” in my brain I could use it to design things. Thank you Donelle!!!

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