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TempLeeFuse Fusible

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Low-melt paper-backed fusible web for bonding fabrics together. Prepare TempLee or applique material by adhering TempLeeFuse to the reverse side. After stitching the design, keep it wrinkle-free by fusing the TempLee cutaway or applique to the host fabric. Project stays soft after fusing.

Sold as roll of 15″ x 10 yards.


7 responses to “TempLeeFuse Fusible”

  1. This is not my first-time ordering TempLee, I really Like using this pretty much on anything I want, it doesn’t take long for it to fuse and it lends a very nice structure to any fabric I have used. Even for my High Number Embroidery patterns just perfect all the times.

  2. Lattice quiltFirst time using Templee-Fuse. Love the stuff. Prior to using it I hated the thought of doing anything that required sticking something to fabric and cutting away chosen pieces. It has changed my whole thinkin about it as I learn to use it. Great product.

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