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Westalee Design Bound to Fit Tool

Product Description

Bound To Fit makes the final seam in the binding easy. For binding cut up to 21/2”.


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Finishing the binding can be daunting, after all the work is done. The final seam in the binding can be frustrating and difficult to get right. Bound To Fit makes it easy. For binding cut up to 21/2”.

5 responses to “Westalee Design Bound to Fit Tool”

  1. This is the best binding tool I have ever used and I have tried many. It is the right size for anything I do and the instructions on it I don’t have to keep watching a you-tube video to remember every step. I highly recommend this purchase.

  2. Westalee Design Bound To Fit ToolLove the Bound To Fit Tool! I had another brand of tool created for bindings, but once I tried the Bound To Fit, I was amazed at how much easier it was to use. Took a lot of guessing out to get that great join. Highly recommend this tool!!!

  3. Stop Wasting TimeI have bound many quilts and you would think I could remember how to finish off neatly. It seems like I’m always struggling for several minutes. Bound to Fit to my rescue. Great tool with instructions written on the tool.

  4. Bound to Fit ToolGreat purchase for the money! Best tool ever for binding! I had to watch the video and make a few notes on the paper (instructions lacked a little information to me) to help in using it the first few times but I absolutely LOVE this tool!

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