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Westalee Design Circles On Quilts Template Set 3 – (2″-12″)

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Circles on Quilts Templates are used for quilting concentric circles. These templates allow you to quilt circles at 1/2″ increments from 2″ – 12″. Can be used to make baptist fans. Using our single pin system, there is only 1 point of rotation, which reduces movement. For use with domestic machines when fitted with the Westalee Ruler Foot.

Set includes: 2” to 12” at 1/2” increments (set of 2) & 2 1/2” to 11 1/2” at 1/2” increments (set of 2)

Instructional Video:

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received this template last Friday. I love all your templates so far but…It would be helpful if all of your templates came with a brief video on a basic design and use. The instructions on the leaflet are barely there like all the templates. I understand there is the option of the University or Youtube but looking through the ones available, there is nothing on this template. For the concept of the ruler, I give 5 stars but I am deducting points for the overall presentation and instructions issues.

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I love all the crosshairs. I’m designing on paper today to decide what I want to do.

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So glad I bought these stickers. I used them on several rulers during Donelle’s class.

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