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Westalee Design Continuous Borders


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***SALE: Both 8pc Continuous Borders Sets now only $70.00 each!***

A series of templates in three width sizes, each with 6 different heights.  Create easy looping designs to enhance any border.  Ranging in 1″ to 6″ in sizes ideal for any border your quilt or block needs.  Also consider edge to edge quilting with these amazing designs.

Each template can be used for different applications, only your imagination will restrain you.

2 Sets also available:

  • Small Set Ideal for smaller width borders up to 3″(includes 1 each of: WT-CBL 2-1; WT-CBL2-2; WT-CBL2-3; WT-CBL2 3-1; WT-CBL2 3-2; WT-CBL2 3-3; WT-CBL32-2; WT-CBL3 2-3)
  • Large Set ideal for bigger width border up to 6″ (includes 1 each of: WT-CBL 2-4; WT-CBL2-4; WT-CBL2-5; WT-CBL2-6; WT-CBL23-4; WT-CBL23-5; WT-CBL23-6; WT-CBL32-5; WT-CBL32-6 )

One response to “Westalee Design Continuous Borders”

  1. Great RulersUsing these rulers has made my borders POP! I would recommend them to anyone who wants to easily add an extra dimension to their quilt.

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