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Westalee Design Continuous Borders

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A series of templates in three width sizes, each with 6 different heights.

Each template can be used for different applications, only your imagination will restrain you.

The templates shown below are listed in 1 inch increments. We can make them at 1 1/2″, 2 1/2″, etc..

2 Sets also available:

  • Small Set (includes 1 each of: WT-CBL 2-1; WT-CBL2-2; WT-CBL2-3; WT-CBL2 3-1; WT-CBL2 3-2; WT-CBL2 3-3; WT-CBL32-2; WT-CBL3 2-3)
  • Large Set (includes 1 each of: WT-CBL 2-4; WT-CBL2-4; WT-CBL2-5; WT-CBL2-6; WT-CBL23-4; WT-CBL23-5; WT-CBL23-6; WT-CBL32-5; WT-CBL32-6 )
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