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Westalee Design Stable Tape

Product Description

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Get a grip! Be sure all your templates have our Stable Tape attached, to make sure your quilting stays on track!



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Stable Tape is a self adhesive tape to help keep rulers and templates in place. Great for both domestic and longarm users. Comes as a pack of 5 strips or 12 strips.

9 responses to “Westalee Design Stable Tape”

  1. Oh my goodness. The stable tape has been a game changer for me. I was about ready to throw my quilting rulers and templates away when I heard about this product and thought I’m going to try this and when it doesn’t work then I’ll throw them away. However I was so surprised at how well it worked I ended up keeping my rulers and templates and have even got a few more. I’m going to need to order more of this very soon.

  2. Brilliant!Definitely the best for the job – tried silicone dots, tried a bodge job with drawer liner and super sticky double sided tape – but the stable tape really is the best

  3. Stable TapeThis is a great product. It doesn’t last forever but is an essential component to successful use of your Westalee Templates so always make sure you have plenty on hand.

  4. Stable TapeI tell my students I always use stable tape, it keeps my ruler where I want it. I don’t leave home without it and always have some to share. I’m a believer.

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