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Westalee Design Stitching Line Discs

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8pc Set: 4 different sizes and 2 of each in the pack.


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To mark quilts for hand quilting or quilting on a sewing machine. Use the Westalee Stitching Line Discs (little circles to draw a 1/4” from the edge of Template – the stitching line) and your favorite marking tool. There are 4 different sizes and 2 of each in the pack.


6 responses to “Westalee Design Stitching Line Discs”

  1. Love these thingsAfter seeing innovating and neat designs using templates “outside the box” I had to have these – love playing with them to see what new things I can come up with, and love using them just to see what I’m doing for sure before I do it..

  2. 4 pc template setI have played with this set on paper, looking forward to doing a quilt in the near future with this set.

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