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Westalee Design Strand of Hearts 1″ Templates: Jewel Series

Product Description

Wear your heart on a string! Stitch sweet ½” hearts joined together in a circle with the Westalee Design 5pc Strand of Hearts Jewel Template Set. You can stitch 16 or 32 hearts on one circular strand – that’s a lot of love! Show someone you care, and stitch your heart out!



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Westalee Design Strand of Hearts are a continuous line of individual little 1/2″ Hearts traveling around a circle.  The Hearts can be stitched on the strand at 16 Rotations or 32 Rotations on the Circle.

Available in a set of 5 Templates with all the sizes.

Individual Templates are also available:

Template 1 – 10½” (1 size only)

Template 2 – 4½” & 9½”

Template 3 – 5½” & 8½”

Template 4 – 6½” & 7½”

Template 5 11½” (1 size only)

5 pc Strand of Hearts Set

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