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Westalee Design Tecoma “The Ranges” Book

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This 64-page book includes 25 block designs using the Tecoma Template series, designed by Leonie West. The Ranges guides you through creating a stunning 77″ x 77″ quilt, including Leonie’s TempLee Quilting technique.

Notes from author and designer, Leonie West:

“I first designed the pattern that I used for Tecoma back in the 80’s. It was hand drawn, hand cut using paper templates and hand stitched. Taken from this original design, I altered it to create a template for quilting and this led to the design of my Tecoma Templates. As I was designing the templates I was trying to come up with a name for the them, I was standing on the back deck of my house, looking over the valley and decided that the templates (not the finished designs) looked like clouds or sheep or a mountain range.”

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Review for 12.5

It took a while for me to get used to using it, but now that I have it handy, it is a real gem for measuring and centering borders.

Review for Quilters Storage Bag SALE
Great tote!

I love the size of this tote for my projects. I’m likely to order more for my quilting friends.

Review for Cabinet Insets & Inserts
A necessary table

I have one of these for all my machines. These tables are especially needed when toting my machine to classes. How could one not have one when quilting?

Review for Westalee Design Clamshell Template Starter Set -5 Piece
Clam shells

Very easy to use. Looks great!

Review for DM Quilting - Winding Way Templates
Winding way template

I’ve used it several times already and like the results. I did have to buy a second one because I broke the first one. My quilt got caught up on the lever holding my sewing foot and it crashed down on the template. Ugh! totally my fault.

4 reviews « 1 of 3 »