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Adele Scott - Promoted Instructor

Adele Scott - Promoted Instructor

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Adele Scott

Adele Scott Design Studio

Location: Adele lives in the Northeast but doesn't mind traveling anywhere in US or Canada

Availability: Varies - Contact:    |   508-237-1793


Designing and sewing things that other people wanted began for me at about nine years old and has continued for over 45 years.

In my first job working in the sewing machine department at Sears I soon realized sending someone home with a five minute threading lesson [which was more than most salespeople did!] wasn’t enough to really benefit the customer. So teaching “Machine Know-how” classes began. From there I moved to the Singer Co. learning sales, machine repair and store management.

Eventually I combined my machine knowledge and management skills and started Stitched Unlimited in Northampton Ma.; where I was a Viking and Bernina dealer for over 18 years. My shop continued to grow and expand, as we became known for giving our clientele exceptional customer service, through programs like my “Machine Know How Club” program, outstanding service department, unlimited machine lessons, and a consultation program for those purchasing a new sewing machine.

This love for creating and passion for teaching naturally evolved into a lifelong learning about sewing machines, innovative techniques and products, and how to help you to do things easier and better.

Since moving to the Cape I have been sought after as a presenter of my signature Machine Know-how class and have shared my skills and sewing knowledge for many shops, groups and guilds.

My specialty is the breaking down of the process to help you master your machine and the sewing techniques. Patiently I’ll walk you thru a new technique; I’ll approach the process as many ways as it takes until it clicks with my student.

My most asked for lecture, "My Favorite tips, techniques and products", has led to my newest addition to my business, an online shop to help you find all those useful and innovative products!

I'm always happy to hear your suggestions, comments and questions that will make our sewing fun, trouble free and productive.

Happy Quilting and don’t forget to “Ask Adele”, Adele

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