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Seam Gauge, Machine Sewing Guide, and Stiletto (Sold as a Set or Seperately)

Westalee Design

  • 2000

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This little Tool makes it easy to hold your pieces in place as the fabric goes under the needle. Great to use when sewing points and you do not want to stretch the bias edges. Sewing small pieces and using the Stiletto lets you easily control the fabric all the way to the needle.

Scant 1/4” Seam Gauge

The Seam Gauge will enable you to position the Sewing Machine Needle to give a perfect scant quarter of an inch seam allowance.

Machine Sewing Guide

Aids in sewing straight seams when machine piecing. The guide easily attaches to any flatbed sewing machine. Can be removed and re-attached as needed.

This piecing package will make easy work for piecing your quilt squares.  Use the Scant 1/4 Seam Gauge to easily identify your scant 1/4 at any needle setting.  Simply lock down the Seam Guide butting up against the Gauge and securing using the adhesive provided on the guide.  Then remove the gauge from the needle area.  This allows you to sew straight 1/4" seams.  Use the stiletto to help hold down small piece work as it goes thru the needle to ensure accurate seams on the smallest of jobs.


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